I saw a young man getting robbed and I
jumped out of the car tried to grab the guy and he started running but he had
robbed the guy so I’m just gonna grab the guy he tried to run a shot me and I
saw I saw how he turned and I kind of turned my body to make a smaller target
and it went you know just messed my vertebrae and I was like “Wow!” war Veteran. I come back to Memphis helping somebody And I get shot. I was like “Wow!”. I felt
like it was a stereotype. –*Ed Introduces Show— We’ll get you on this show, talk about your dreams
aspirations, goals, whatever you want to discuss that’s gonna help somebody get better. Thank you guys for tuning in to the Unlimited Power show. Today is what Friday.
It’s Friday and Miguel has chose to come to this show right now. It’s Friday, He could
be doing anything could be anywhere in the world but he’s here and that’s
because he actually cares about his community and exactly what we’re gonna
focus on in this episode of Unlimited Power We want to show you why should you
use your success or why should you use the grind for the betterment of your
society. So what I like to do is I don’t like to introduce people because I never
want to get anything wrong so I’ll have Miguel introduce his self. Wow’s it going
brother thank you.. Miguel: Absolutely Ed: Well very nice having you on this show. How was your morning thus far ? Miguel: Outstanding! Just to be here with you. met Edouard a couple of weeks ago ,we were training at the beach “yeah” and I found
out we had a lot in common he asked me when I come on his show and absolutely
I’m a big proponent of that a little bit About Me: Miguel Pilgram, CEO of a Pilgram Group, a real estate investment, family owned ,
veteran owned business. We own a number of companies.. New York Subs and Wings is
a brand, New York Subs Wings and cheesesteaks actually. We’re adding a
like jazz lounge fort lauderdale We are opening at about 2 or 3 months from now We specializes real estate or innovation acquisition, hard money lending and we
opened our newest real estate office Downtown FortLauderdale right next to
our new restaurant and jazz lounge which is opening we’re trying to say october
november of this year 2017 as well as a clothing line “The Miguel DuVon Collection”
High End or mid level to high-end designer menswear coming
hopefully spring. Shout out to Tanya Marie Design helping me with that, and
Integrity International and Here I am with Edouard Gilles at FAU. Ed: That was a lot of things! Miguel kinda sounds like me in the future. *Laughter I’m Just saying that because I just always have so many ideas I’m like one day I’ll do all these things “yeah ,yeah” . Now seeing him
doing it, it’s just like high motivation for me “mm-hmm” Our work out at the beach was
kind of beast mode workout “yeah yeah” it was really a lot of fun yeah that was
some that’s very interesting you know workout routine. Miguel: “yeah it’s a
little bit different but it keeps you with your core strength, as you know
without core, nothing else works if your core isn’t strong ” yeah” but nothing works
for long yeah it gives you your sprinting ability, your pulling ability, your
pushing ability, push ups in the sand it’s just a different sort of vibe
that’s why you can only do it a couple of times we did it on the weekends gotta
recover during the week but it was a lot of fun. Edouard: That’s what I’m saying,
it was amazing. yeah one thing you said about the core, The core is a foundation
with everything and we’re not just talking about this core.. or
you know this core.. we’re talking about pretty much the core of your
character. If you don’t have the right Core it’s really not much you could do to really like be extraordinary no you can’t and I
think you’re adding to that your core has to be right physically your core has
to be right mentally and spiritually and it’s so imbalanced for most people and
you have that right balance everything is possible and the discipline is
maintaining that balance your career your family your relationships your
spirituality keeping that balance that’s your core keep those things in balance
and everything else is gonna fall in line but most people they don’t they
have a spiritual spirituality of theory what they’ve read right or what
someone’s told them of what they’ve been raised in right and that’s the same
transcend to your business life in your professional life we don’t go in for
ourselves we go about what people tell us and even when we go to school and
great institutions like this one it’s a theory, when we come to the operational
aspect of it it’s totally different and I had the reverse then I went back and
started to learn more about my craft all that’s your core and you have to balance
that Edouard: application . But one thing I do know
about the core is it takes building up Miguel: yes oh yes You have to build that core, you don’t just
start by using BOSU balls and on the beach in the sand.. Miguel: no no I’II knew you you
were in shape so I would have told many other people hold on a minute now you
just can’t jump into this because it’s yeah it takes somebody who’s had a
certain level of conditioning I jump into that sort of Beach training so tell
us more about that buildup because I remember he told me where a trainer back
when you’re younger yeah Wow yeah and then you stopped and to move on to other
ventures Miguel: what I have to say I started getting this shape I think in high
school and I was really slim they actually called me a nerd because I read
voraciously as we were having a conversation earlier I’m a voracious reader and that
was my escape because my mother was very very religious very very religious and
my father was from the street a different side of the tracks right so I
had a wonderful balance of both which didn’t always jail but my escape was
getting in shape and fitness because my mother’s religion wouldn’t permit me to
play any sports other than basketball and I wasn’t a big basketball fan so
getting in shape and reading with my escapes and then my father and
grandfather many other members of my family were Navy. so that was like can’t
afford college cuz my grades weren’t good enough.
“alright” so my mother was like well you’re only doing one thing that’s the
military and that’s having access to all that weight training equipment some of
the best trainers gave me a great foundation for the things I was doing
wrong and then I spent a couple of years at Tennessee State shortly after and
played with some of the best football players up there and really really got
heavyweight discipline in that and I realized huh then I got into martial
arts and a number of other things so it’s pretty diverse and I think that was
a foundation as I’ve gotten older I’ve realized you know what that doesn’t work
for me so well as that you know I condensed that and that’s what we are
now It’s like.. a lot of things really starts by finding an escape, finding
something that make – you like feel alive, or away from
your situation absolutely and I think that’s what got me into sports – when I
was like a kid so it was my escape I never wanted to be really home yeah I
live with my stepmother and like things weren’t always like I wanted to be
mm-hmm in sports And I was also a nerd yeah like school is
one of my major things mm-hmm you know I managed to keep a very
high GPA always like Top of my classl okay okay up until I got like to college Then things started going down you know.. but I had a 5.2 in high school mhm andI have like a 2.1 now “okay
okay” I’m gonna change it up in two years but however I realized that a lot of
people never find that it’s that thing you know no that’s the thing yeah how do
how do we find that sometimes you know do we have to do besides read a book you
know maybe it’s like what do you think is that pathway to finding that other
thing as far Miguel: “as the other thing as far as your purpose?” as your purpose yeah or what keeps you
motivated or it could be something you just like like a passion of some sort Miguel: you have to experience um I’m on my third career, my Navy career was
phenomenal I loved what I did and didn’t start to actually flunked out of my a
school which is a very advanced school for the military and I flunked out of it
and they put you at a very menial job in the Navy all right I worked my way back
up and it told me I do like this thing but I like it on my terms
and that was electronics I love electronics, engineering about it did it
and the Navy did it in high school when I got to college, I realized I don’t want
to spend six years and chemical or mechanical engineering and then get out
and spend another two or three years working a menial job in order to really
enjoy what I’m doing right so much to the disagreement of my mother who is very
well-educated my sister my brother I dropped out of college
I knew that my purpose was different and if I want to get where I wanted to go I
wanted to travel and I didn’t want to be in the military under somebody’s orders.
how do you do that with no money right that’s the question and I knew that was
part of what I wanted to do and that’s what I said about doing and by 2000 I
got out 92 by roughly eight years later by 2001 I was traveling the world as a
my profession and that’s because I believe that the country’s was too small
where I was from was too small and I wanted to more experiences you know the
change of that environment and that has given me experience so many different
experiences to so much stuff That I realized what my purpose was and you
don’t have to travel all around the world but it helps because the world is
a book and if you’re just stuck in one place or one country, you’re just reading one
chapter because there’s nothing that I can tell you about Africa unless you’re
there and I can show you – “right” and you can experience it and smell it
and taste it and see it there’s nothing I can tell you about Brazil if you’re
not there to see it and experience it and say you know what real yeah Wow
I don’t know about – ED: “or if you still saying Brazil” yeah yeah exactly exactly so
that’s how you find your purpose. ED: It’s really stepping outside of the
comfort zone. – absolutely. So True. Your environment . Always. Get away from people that
look like you, smell like you sound like you talk like you get away from the food
that you’ve always eaten try things differently everyone have been in Africa
I went recently my daughter Edouard. She has such a great incredible experience there at the age of 17 that she said to had the food tastes so good here so fresh
why is that it’s real food not genetically engineered, it’s real food
and now she can say I know what real food tastes like right so just
getting out of your your familiarity and doing
things differently. Challenging yourself absolutely. ED: yeah
so what happened next.. what was the — so you went to the Navy and I’m
sure that taught you a lot of pertinacity, a lot of like dedication and
just focus which we was talking about a little bit earlier. “Dessert storm, War
veteran” right so what happened next Miguel: um after I got out of college dropped
dropped out of college yeah took a security job because
everybody in the military is qualified to be security “everybody’s not” but I
took a security job and paid four dollars an hour and the guy said oh I’m
thinking I was making a thousand dollars every couple of weeks and I’m making $4.25
an hour and the guy was very nice he said hmm because you’re ex-military I’m
gonna give you an extra 25 cents an hour I knew at that point that I had to be an
entrepreneur one day I knew it I have to start my own business I said I can’t do
this because if I’m working for the government and I’m guarding these
million-dollar top-secret areas now I’m guarding the National Civil
Rights Museum in Memphis Tennessee the extra duty, he gave me a graveyard and I’m
getting paid $4.25/hr what has more value? the National Civil
Rights Museum or going over fighting someone over oil.
– right – that’s when you start to find your purpose. Nothing against brothers
overseas and Wars or what-have-you but please understand why you’re fighting
exactly because this country is not under attack. so after that drop out of
college great job paying $4.25/hr has a
security guard yeah I got into the casino business why? Two things: at that
time the gaming business was really really blowing up and I knew without a
college degree I had to go a different route to get to my success so I start
working the casinos and I’m working for the top of my level by the time I
was 28 29 I had become a manager of one of the major casinos and in Mississippi
but it wasn’t enough and on the side I was managing a club on Beale Street has a
security guy and the bouncer and sometimes the night manager and Beale
street was called legends on Beale Street club closed down but he gave me
some ideas and I knew one day that I had to run my own lounge or club or
something on those lines but I wanted to be very relaxed, very enjoyable and that
was on my bucket list so all these experiences in the back of
my mind like I’m gonna have this one day I’m gonna do that one day
but how do I get there from here and I knew I had to go overseas, a buddy of
mine.. Gambling was blowing up around the world
China, Asia was blowing up Edouard… I mean making Vegas look like it was small
being as compared to Macau in the China And you’re referring to gaming as far
as in the casinos “gambling ” yes absolutely absolutely and that was my venue I got
in with security that I took over as surveillance compliance and got to talk
to my game within eight years I made manager,
which there was I found out was big on a lot of different levels. A friend
call me and say you know you’re the only African American surveillance managing
all of Mississippi and there were like 20 or 30 casinos at that time so I said
no I didn’t know that so and then someone else came from Chicago that made
two of us so we kind of and we kind of worked together years ago because I
traveled excessively to get the knowledge I needed to get to being a
manager in eight years then I heard that that casino might close while the top of
my game where I was gonna go operations maybe no I want to travel buddy of mine
said hey Miguel I know this company Star Cruises and they’re hiring but I took a
pay cut and right after that I was leaving it this is personal, you guys
wanna hear this.. I was leaving one night the lounge I was working for, I’ve
gotten a job overseas that a Chinese company taking a step down but I wanted
to travel. I saw a young man getting robbed and I jumped out of the car tried to
grab the guy and he started running and he hadn’t
robbed the guy so I’m just gonna grab the guy and he turned around a shot me and I
saw I saw how he turned and I kind of turned my body to make a smaller target
and it went in and out just missed my vertebrae and I was like wow War veteran
I come back to Memphis helping somebody might get shot I felt
like it was a stereotype, like the system had failed me or I failed a system
laying in the hospital bed I had a daughter that was what 41 years old at
the time maybe one and a half my son was like 6 or 7 and then I was like man that
means you’re not supposed to go take that job and I said no it only means
that I should have taken the job a long time ago it’s time for me to go so I
left everything I knew still scars down my stomach to take a
position because they held a job for me and their to me was an obligation to at
least go over there and when I got there.. CLICK LINK TO WATCH PART 2