– Hi, everybody, it’s Kristin here as evidenced by the fact
that no one else is here. So I’d seen this thing online,
I think Vogue has done it, also Colleen Ballinger’s done it, too. People just answer really
quick, rapid fire questions about things that they
don’t think people know about them. So I’m gonna do that
today, and if you like it, then other people will do it too, but today it’s just me
’cause I am the guinea pig. Off the top of my head, here are 57 things that you don’t know about me, and Brittney’s gonna keep track of them, ’cause I’m just makin’
this up as I got along. To start off, number one, I am afraid of the dark. I am also incredibly
afraid of the Babadook. I know the Babadook isn’t real. I have been told this before, and yet still I am afraid of him. I am also very afraid
of the movie The Ring. For years, I would not sit in front of televisions at night
because I was afraid of haunted video tapes. I don’t understand why people
are afraid of tiny holes. I love granny panties,
above all other panties. They are the dominant panty and you cannot convince me otherwise. It’s really hard to do
a flirtatious wink and you’re like, “I love granny panties.” (pinging) I only sleep on my stomach. I don’t know how people sleep on positions other than their stomach. I don’t like tacos. I know. I know. I know. I’ve tried really hard. There’s just something about a taco that doesn’t satisfy me. I love burritos. A burrito is basically just a taco but with more gift wrap. – I know, I know. I already regret saying that. I’m open to the possibility of tacos, I’m just not a fan. I love hummus. Majority of things I
eat are chicken and rice in various iterations. My first word was banana. I’m only at 11? This is gonna take forever. I was born with a full head of hair. It’s like basically
impossible for me to get up before 8:30. I do it, but like, man, it is a strug. I just finished playing
Super Mario Odyssey and it is awesome. I talk a lot about how I don’t like pants, but I actually hate shorts more. When I cut my hair really
short, it gets super ringlet-y, and I kind
of look like a clown. My favorite game as a kid was
hide in a corner and read. I didn’t learn how to snap
until the summer after college. The thing is, I can only snap on one hand. Like, this one, is kinda, I can’t do it. So really, I only
half-learned how to snap. The summer after college, I
got huge, fake acrylic nails because I thought it would
impress a boy in my improv class. It did not work. My shoe size is seven. I have very wide feet. What am I up to? – 21? When I was 15, I broke
my right foot by falling off a bus at a speech tournament. And then I still competed. And got second place. When I was nine, I won a poetry contest that a bookstore was hosting. When I was a teenager I was on
the swim team for a few years and I wasn’t terrible at it. I only have one ovary. I think I’ve talked about that, in case you weren’t paying attention. I only have one ovary. The door handle on my
driver’s side car has been broken for about three years now, and you can only open it from the outside. I can get it fixed, I
just haven’t done it. When I was a kid, my
first pets were rabbits. When I was seven, I asked
my mom for a dress up dress for Christmas, and I
wanted it to have these, but I didn’t know what they were yet, so I just said, “I want
it to have big puffy “pillows in the front.” So basically I asked my mom for a dress that included boobs, for Christmas. When I was a kid, my parents
took me to San Antonio but they didn’t realize
that all the theme parks were closed, so we just went
to missions for several days. I’ve seen every mission in San Antonio. I went to three different
elementary schools, because I moved a lot as a kid. When I was I was
five-years-old, I asked my mom if I could tell her a
secret and then I had her come close and then I
whispered in her ear, “I hate you.” She was very sad. I felt very badly about it. But don’t worry, she reminds
me of that all the time. If a dessert doesn’t have chocolate in it, I consider it to be somewhat pointless. I know, that’s a very
controversial opinion. I love Tabasco. I sriracha. When I was in Kindergarten,
I was so afraid of getting trouble that my
mom suggested to my teacher that I should just get in
trouble randomly one day, just so I could see that
it wasn’t a big deal. Also when I was five, I drooled
on my mat during nap time, and I was afraid I was
gonna get in trouble for it. I considered it to be my
most closely guarded secret until I moved. I remember being six and being like, “They’re gonna come get me
in my first grade classroom “because I drooled on my mat one time.” My ears used to be double
pierced, but then I never wore earrings, and they grew back. I am incredibly allergic to
epoxy and I found this out because one time my glasses broke, and we fixed the bridge
of them with epoxy, and then I was broken out
in hives for like a week. I don’t like rosé. If someone offers it
to me, I will drink it. If someone gives it to me
as a gift, I will accept it, but I will never choose it for myself. I have really bad astigmatism,
so my lenses all have to be high index lenses in my glasses. I’ve worn glasses since I was eight. I have a graduate degree
from Northwestern University. Go Cats! Go student loans! Yay! I have a master’s in fine
arts in screenwriting, a thing I cannot even
say without laughing. I never got a detention in
high school, to my remembrance. I hope someone doesn’t look this up and is like, “Yes you did.” When I was seven, I tried to
forge my parents’ signature on a test that I failed, and
the way I did this was I had them write a signature out
on a blank piece of paper, and then I tried to cut
around the signature so I could glue it onto the test. This did not work. I am deathly afraid of spiders. I know spiders are good for us. I know they eat bugs. I am incredibly afraid of spiders. Don’t send me spiders in the mail. Don’t do it. I love honey mustard. I’m really good at
making up words to songs off the top of my head, which is why I’m always singing in videos because we don’t have
the rights to any songs. I don’t have any tattoos, and I don’t want any tattoos, either. That’s why I wasn’t in the tattoo video. I have never stolen
anything, except on accident. When I was a small child, I
was holding onto an object in a store and my mom wheeled me out and I didn’t have a chance to put it back and she discovered I had the
object, in which she was like, “You stole.” And I was like, “I didn’t
even get out of the cart.” I prefer heels to flats. Homestretch, homestretch. I have not kissed a celebrity. Well that’s not really a fact. It’s like saying, “I have
never ridden a dinosaur.” Did you know? Fun fact. I play too much Candy Crush. I know, it’s 2018 and no one
does that, but here we are. I hate driving, which is
bad, ’cause I live in LA. My favorite city in the world is London. Up until recently, I did not like cats. I thought cats were kind of boring until like three years ago. I’m sorry. Until I started on Ladylike, I had like five pieces of makeup. I had a lipstick that I use as a blush, and then I would just do
mascara and like foundation. Okay, that’s only four. I had four pieces of makeup. For the first Ladylike video we ever shot, it was one where we did
each other’s makeup. I didn’t have a lot of
makeup, and I didn’t have a makeup bag, so I went to
the store and just bought a bunch of makeup and
mixed it in with the makeup I was using and I felt
so silly and ridiculous. So now I own too much makeup. I still wear my Crocs. I know is shouldn’t, but I do. I’m sorry.
(laughing) And that’s 57 things about me. Let me know in the
comments who you wanna see do this next. I hope you all do not
hate me too much now. Now that I’ve told you
all my childhood stories. Thanks, alright, cool, bye. (upbeat jazzy music)