so I thought today I would take you guys
through a typical morning routine it’s been highly requested we’re gonna get on
into it when I wake up the first thing just being honest I do like a little
mini work out a little ab workout it’s a YouTube video I lay down and I do it in
my PJs I don’t even change it to workout gear but just being honest yeah let’s go
ahead and do it so the first thing I like to do when I get up is some
movement and if you guys see my Instagram you know I love doing this
quick 10-minute app video and I’m gonna link it down below but it’s a great way
to just get you energized then I turn the water on and I start making lemon
water really great for a digestion in the morning gets your whole system going
and really helps to hydrate you too after you’ve been sleeping next I do
some meditation so I do about anywhere between 10 and 20 minutes depending on
how I feel that day and this is a time where I let my lemon water cool a bit
slowly sip it and deal with my meditation and I really find that
meditation really starts the day off right there’s a huge difference not only
in my focus but productivity but also like my gut health when I do meditation
so I really recommend it and I just use the app heads then I like to do my gratitude
journaling this is just the five minute journal you can find it in most
bookstores also Amazon and just gets you to listening to great before what would
make today great and kinda like a daily affirmation and then I like to start my morning with
learning something so whether this is a book or a podcast something online but
I’ve been reading this book and so far so good it’s about a new meditation
technique which I will try out and let you guys know if it’s good but yeah I
spend time in the morning really doing movement meditation and learning
something so after I’ve done my movement my meditation and then some learning it
is time for coffee definitely I need a pre-workout before spin and either I’ll
have a bulletproof or I’ll just have plain black coffee
depends what I’m feeling or if I feel like my body needs that like MCT oil
fuel to get me through my workout but either way coffee is a great pre-workout
it’s one ingredients you don’t need those like fancy chemical ones like the
powders people get um black coffee works it just really great so we’re gonna go
ahead and make a coffee so for my coffee I just measured out my fresh beans and
then I use my espresso machine just to make a very basic kind of like a long
black it’s not even fully and americano and this is such a therapeutic part of
my morning I love coffee and I really love taking the time to make a good one so I’m gonna drink my coffee and then
I’m going to be going off to spin comment down below if you’re a morning
or evening workout person I’m 100% a morning even like compared
afternoon or evening morning workouts or where is that so then I slide on my
shoes and I go to a workout class by their AP Pilates or soul cycle just
something that’s more of a workout than the one I did before when I get home I
of course need to shower because I sweat and I see the contrast shower every
single morning where I do one minute hot and then 58 seconds three times
and this is just what I use in the showers because they’re all natural they
don’t have fragrances or anything and this is a baseball shot you again it’s
important to use stuff that doesn’t have to go phalates fragrances or any kind of
harsh stuff like that and this is the body lotion and spray use a lot of the
time I do use a dry shampoo after because I don’t wash my hair every day
so I throw some of that in put on a little bit of face at the makeup and
we’re good to go so then I just get dressed I have a day
full of filming so it’s just the really like summer comfortable outfit yeah and
one of the last things I do in the morning is I like to set the tone for
the day by putting my diffuser on a diffuser is a lot better to use than
candles because a lot of candles have fake fragrances that not only cause
headaches but aren’t really good for your health
so I’ll do a really refreshing diffuser blends and with citrus or mint to really
wake you up and kind of diffuse that throughout of the day as well and then I
just need to write down my to-do list I’m a person which I really like writing
things down my hand I supposed to putting it in a
phone or on my computer I don’t know let me know down below if you’re like that
too but I read it to do this and just get my agenda see what’s going on for
the day and everything I used to do so I’m gonna show you my breakfast even
though I have it a little bit later in the morning cuz it’s still part of my
morning I’m gonna have chia pudding chia pudding is one of my mainstays it’s full
of healthy fat Omega 3 is fiber it fills you up honestly nothing fills me up as a
breakfast more than chi pudding but have some green pink or NOLA and some fresh
berries it’s gonna be delish so for breakfast I’m having some chia
pudding it that I prepped and I’m gonna leave my chia pudding video down below
where I gave you the secret how to make the best chia pudding and so many of you
guys agree with me so I’m so happy about that and then I’m just lighting up some
organic strawberries really important for your strawberries to be organic
because they’re by far the dirtiest fruit and/or vegetable so it’s really
important to buy this organic and because I’m gonna get comments I watch
them all when I get them so these are already washed slice those up and then
I’m adding on paleo a Green Bay granola but I will list a recipe down below
where I make my own it’s really easy to do I just had completely finished it
because it was so good and I ate it so fast so I kind of gem breakfast and this
is the first time where I’ll kind of go on to Instagram or anything like that I
don’t go on when I wake up or first thing in the mornings is kind of my
first opportunity just to take a look for a few minutes a while
I use my breakfast so I hope you guys enjoyed this video on kind of got an
insight into my morning I’m going to leave some other videos here on the
screen that you should definitely check out after watching this I hope you guys
are all having a great day and I will see you in my next video