Edible Minecraft trees,
a sweet Roblox gingerbread man, or a cake fight just like
in your favorite online games! Watch Minecraft vs Roblox candy challenge
in our new video! Stevie and Ben are die-hard MMO game fans! Ben lives in the Minecraft universe,
and Stevie is a legend at Roblox! It’s the battle of game empires! Ben makes a checkpoint
and continues the game on the bookshelf area. And Stevie gets settled on the couch location. The guys compete over the best result! Which game is cooler? Roblox or Minecraft? Mrs. Gonzalez comes to the game club!
It’s time to have a snack! But it’s impossible to pull
the boys away from their phones! The game occupied their minds completely! Mrs. Gonzalez is the main creator
of a game called “Feed A Teenager”! And she knows what to do!
Regular food is not for gamers! You need to look for inspiration
in what they are interested in! Video games! Mrs. Gonzalez googles some ideas, then creates a perfect snack
for a Roblox player! Microwave three and a half ounces
of the sugar substitute isomalt for 2 to 3 minutes. Melt it until it becomes liquid. Add green food coloring. Thoroughly mix it. Pour the emerald caramel onto wooden skewers. Shape a round green lollipop. Mrs. Gonzalez gives Stevie a lollipop treat! This is a tree from Roblox!
But it’s edible! Awesome! Stevie can’t resist! Oh, so Mrs. Gonzalez has a favorite now?! Ben also wants a lollipop!
But he gets a regular Chupa Chups. No way, that won’t do!
Ben wants a signature Minecraft treat too! Bake 3 apples cut in half in an oven.
Scoop the flesh out. Mix it in a blender
to get a puree consistency. Add 2 ounces of water
to one teaspoon of agar-agar. Thoroughly stir it.
Put in 9 ounces of sugar. And cook on medium heat
until you get thick syrup. Add one egg white to the apple mash
and mix it with a blender. Pour in the sugar syrup. Mix it. And add green food coloring. Put the puree into a confectionery bag. And squeeze it onto parchment paper
into rectangles. Let it harden for a few hours. Join the flat sides of two pieces. Coat a waffle cone with melted milk chocolate.
Let it harden. Attach the green crown to the wafer trunk. Mrs. Gonzalez brings out her masterpiece! These are Minecraft
With square tops made from delicious apple marshmallow! Try it, Ben! Wow, it’s so tasty!
The marshmallow tree melts in your mouth. And the chocolate trunk hides a crunchy wafer! If the entire interface was this sweet,
playing would be much more fun! Stevie is distracted by the Minecraft munching! He wants a delicious marshmallow too!
But he gets a regular one! It’s not as much fun! At last, Stevie wins! Yay!
It’s a remarkable victory! Stevie is dancing a coach jig!
And Mrs. Gonzalez gives him a well-deserved prize! It’s a Roblox gingerbread man! Cut a Roblox character head
out of rolled out gingerbread dough. Bake it for 5 to 7 minutes
in an oven at 300° F. For the glaze, mix five
and a half ounces of powdered sugar with a teaspoon of lemon juice. Whip an egg white with a fork
and pour it into the mixture. Thoroughly stir it.
And beat it with a mixer. And food coloring. Apply the glaze onto the gingerbread
using a confectionery syringe. Make purple hair. Add blue eyes and eyebrows.
And a smiley mouth. Make accents on the hair with a darker shade. Stevie really likes this sweet present! The gingerbread
is as charming as Stevie himself! Just look at his victory smile! Ben is jealous of his rival!
He shows Mrs. Gonzalez the Minecraft universe. And asks her to make the same gingerbread for him! Sprinkle the surface with flour
and roll out ready gingerbread dough. Cut out a Minecraft sword
and character shapes using a template. Bake them for 5 to 7 minutes
in an oven at 300° F. Cook colored glaze
just like in the previous recipe and coat the cooled down gingerbread with it. Paint clothes. Add details. Shape a square with a toothpick. Make geometrical eyes, hair,
a nose, and a mouth. Make a colorful square pattern on the sword. Squeeze out a drop of glaze
and stretch out the corners with a toothpick. Mrs. Gonzalez is a cooking winner! She turns a picture into real gingerbread
right away like she’s in a videogame! And it smells so nice. Mrs. Gonzalez lures Ben from the bookshelf and he falls from his high arena
when he smells the yummy! Time to take a break and have a snack! The guys argue over
which gingerbread is better! But Ben plays with his gingerbread
and doesn’t want to bite it! He loves Minecraft characters too much
to heartlessly eat them! He hides his gingerbread for later! Mrs. Gonzalez is at a huge culinary project. She’s cooking an epic cake! Whip five egg whites into puffy foam. Keep beating and put in one cup of sugar. The mass should turn whit but stay liquid. Beat 5 egg yolks in a separate bowl. Add a cup of sugar without stopping the mixer. The mass should increase in volume. Pour the yolks into the white mass. Put in 3 cups of flour. Mix a sponge batter. Carefully stir it
from the bottom to the top. Add turquoise food coloring. Coat a cloud silicone cake mold
with vegetable oil. Pour in the dough. Spread it out. Bake it for 45 minutes at 280° F. Put ready wafer marshmallow trees
and gingerbread onto the ready sponge. Decorate it with sponge crumbs
and Kinder chocolate squares. The guys are discussing
their mission in the game! But all of a sudden something magical
starts happening in the room! A mystery box appears out of thin air!
It must be another game task! Ben knows what to do!
This casket is from his Minecraft Universe! He will quickly break it
with a special pickaxe! There’s a treasure inside!
It’s a sweet Minecraft cake! Wow, it’s awesome! Ben has never reached
such a level in the game before! Making a real treat appear on the table!
Ben tastes his Minecraft cake! But Stevie is not allowed to eat
a cake from a different game! Put the Minecraft tree back! Poor Stevie! He also wants
a personalized treat! Roblox cake? Roll out white fondant. Cut out letters to make the word ROBLOX. Coat a ready sponge cake
with strawberry topping. And spread 5 ounces of whipped cream over it.
Apply an even layer. Pour out more topping. And cover it with another sponge cake. Sprinkle a board with cornstarch
and roll out red fondant into a thin layer. Wrap the cake in it. Cover the fondant with vegetable oil
to remove cornstarch traces. Dampen the sides of the cake with water. And attach a strip of white fondant. Add the title on top. And stick in a gingerbread character head
on a skewer. Decorate it with lollipop trees. Mrs. Gonzalez made a present for Stevie! A soft sponge Roblox cake!
Now the boys don’t fight! Because each gamer has his own cake!
Stevie and Ben eat their desserts in peace! Come on, guys! Share your cakes! Okay, then! Ben and Stevie taste sweets from different games! This is how they make up!
And meanwhile Mrs. Gonzalez takes away their gadgets! No videogames at the table! Did you like our sweets from the Roblox
and Minecraft universes? Then write in the comments
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