Here are 6 of the Nasties Foods in the world:
This topic was requested Lista Del Mundo: So here you go Lista I hope you have an empty
stomach # 6
This first one’s pretty nap ski friends, so grab your bark bag and buckle up! Greenland isn’t known for much except that
it has a lot of Ice or something. But it turns out they created one of the nap
ski it, most towel, stomach-turning meals on the planet! It called Kiviaq and it takes about 3 months
to prepare. First you take 500 bed birds. But not like nice roasted chicken. We’re talking whole, feathered birds and
stuff them into seal fin. Then you sew up the skin doing your best to
remove as much air as possible. After that, you rub the skin with seal bat
which repels flies from the fledgling meal. Now I want to do a quick digression because
the word fledgling has two definitions. It means both the be undeveloped and but it
also means a bird that just got it feathers. That is a double pun people. I wanted everyone to know that that was intentional
and how hilarious I am. Aright back to the thing. So they rub it with pat to repel flies. Cause of course you don’t want flies on
your seal carcass, that just nap ski! Now here’s the kicker, they don’t actually
cook it! The birds ferment in the skin and the meal
is ready to serve in about 12 weeks. In terms of practicality that does make sense
because you can make it in the fall and eat it in the Artic winter when food sources are
scarce. But still, bleh. The taste of Kiviak is said to be similar
to a strong Gorgonzola cheese. So definitely never eating gorgonzola again. Traditionally its served during special occasions
in Greenland such as birthdays or weddings. So if you ever see a person on Tinder from
Greenland make sure to swipe left! # 5
Typically when you think of caviar you picture old white guys with cigars and monikers eating
at a fancy restaurant and discussing the best way dump their factory’s waste into the
town river. Right? But there’s a whole new twist on caviar
coming from south of the border. To the Tasty Green goes it’s called “Mexican
Caviar” or “The Caviar of the Desert” but in Mexico its simply called Escamoles. I’m crazy pale so for the rest of the video
it’ll be “Mexican Caviar” Now traditionally the term caviar refers to a spread or garnish
made of Sturgeon eggs from the Caspian or Black sea. Sturgeon can take years to develop their eggs
and then collecting those eggs is quite difficult, typical greedy sturgeon. This is why the price for caviar tends to
be exorbitant. Mexican Caviar on the other mano eschews all
fish eggs in favor of a more accessible ingredient. There are plenty of fish in the sea but for
inland Mexico, there is no sea, so they came up with a clever substitute. Ant Larvae!! The dish uses larva exclusively from the ant
known as Liometopum apiculatum . But locally they ant is known as the “Party Ant”. I’m totally not making this up, they call
it the party ant and they eat its eggs. They get their colloquial name from the putrid
aroma that emanates from their next during the larvae harvesting process. Just like traditional caviar, Mexican caviar
is very expensive and has become an opulent treat for the affluent members of Mexico’s
upper class. That’s totally fine, the rich can have all
the Ant larvae they want, I’ll take the Al Pastor. # 4
This next delicacy comes out the Philippines, and it puts the “no” in Filipino. It’s called Balut and makes me want to Bal-boot. It feels like one day a guy in the Philippines
thought to himself, I like eggs, I like chicken. Maybe I should try the in between and Balut
was born! Technically born may be a misnomer because
Balut is an 18 day old developing bird embryo. Producers of Balut incubate the eggs by placing
them in the sun or burying them in the sand. They allow the embryo to partially develop
before sampling their shells and devoting the incipient poultry. Over the years the younger generation of Filipinos
have become increasingly averse to Balut. So in an effort to build predilection for
the snack, schools will teach students about the anatomy of birds using Balut and then
have them eat the compressed bird beak, main and developing wings within. I think I’ll pass on the extra credit thank
you. In a spoke of actual irony, I looked it up
and up portion is like super eel eagle in the Philippines but yet they’re incredibly
pro toys when it comes to delectable duck feet us is. # 3
Thailand if famous for its elephants. There’s statues of them everywhere, they
have elephant sanctuaries up and down the country, there most popular tear “Chang”
has two elephants on the logo and technically you haven’t been to Thailand until you post
a picture with an Elephant. Now the Thais have taken their elephant worship
to the next level with…hot…piping…elephant soup coffee! So if you like a nice earthy blend with undertones
of do to then hop on the next flight to Chiang Mai! It’s actually a bit messed up, the producers
of Elephant Dung coffee force feed the elephants coffee beans and then wait for the pay dirt
to squirt out the back end. Once the beans pass through the elephants
they’re roasted and packaged. Because its labor intensive and hard to scale
production, elephant extra mint coffee is very expensive. People are throwing down big bucks to get
their hands on that sweet nectar. Personally I’m torn, traditionally I’ve
had an antipathy for feet call matter in my beverages, but it’s still better than Starbucks! # 2
The Yukon in Canada is a weird place. It is so far north that in the winter they
only get about 4 hours of sunlight and in the summer the sun only goes down for 3 hours! That type of sun deprivation followed by over
pose can really wreak havoc on the mind. Nowhere is that more clear than Dawson city
in the Yukon. Located in their downtown is a quaint little
hotel creatively named “Downtown Hotel”. What the hotel is famous for isn’t their
low rates, central location or their excellent amenities. They are known for their trademark famous
cocktail that contains a human toe. You did not read that wrong and you heard
me right. The bartenders at the hotels restaurant serve
a beverage called Sourtoe stop tail. Legend has it that the bars tradition of putting
human toes in their drinks started in the 1920s when a miner named Louie Liken had his
toe amp you tightened due to frost tight. Liken preserved the appendage in a jar of
all Cole hall in his cabin for memories. Remember when I stubbed you on the coffee
table? Haha good times! Louie Liken perished but the lonely toe was
preserved in the all call hall for 50 long years until a local resident was cleaning
out the cabin and found it. So being the totally normal Yukon guy that
he was, he brought the toe down to the local tavern and started dunking it in everyone’s
drinks and pres-TOE the Sourtoe stop tail was created. These days the bar carries out the tradition
of serving the revolting beverage, although the first toe was lost after seven years when
a local miner Garry Younger accidently swallowed it. Talk about putting a foot in your mouth? Over the years 7 more toes have been donated
to the bar which are dehydrated and preserved in Salt. So if for some ridiculous reason you find
yourself in the Yukon you can stop by and enjoy the cocktail for yourself. Just make sure to bring plenty of Lotrimin
in case you get a bad case of athlete’s foot on you lips # 1 The number one meal on our list comes straight
out of Cambodia and would have Peter Parker horrified and likely in tears. That dude always gets so emotional, ah uncle
ben is bed, ah I have all this power and responsibility. It’s like grow up buddy, you’re 17, act
like it. In the street markets and restaurants around
Cambodia you can find the popular local snack of Fried Tarantulas! Chefs will fry them up with oil and flavor
them with a little Garlic, MSG and Garlic. Then cook the arachnids until the legs are
stiff. Most people stick to eating the legs and head
which are said to have a crunchy exterior like a Ferrero Rocher Chocolate and a bland
inside like chicken. The more adventurous or disgusting eaters
depending on how you view it, will also consume the body which is filled with a brown paste
consisting of organs and extra mint. No one is positive how the practice of frying
Tarantulas started but some have posited that Cambodians may have started eating them due
to desperation during the years of the Khmer Rouge rule when food supply was scarce. With the tourism booming in South East Asia
all of the regions countries are competing to draw visitors into their borders. One way to do that is to serve the best food
around and the ultimate goal is to get a leg up on the competition. Well Cambodia has eight.