hello yeah I found this 6 pound banana split in Santa Barbara it’s free if you eat the whole thing by yourself the restaurant claims it’s like 10,000 calories wait you’ve already done it son of a– welcome back to another episode of freak eating it’s been a while it’s been a long while this is the last challenge in my recent trip to the bay area on the way back we drove through morro bay to see the big rock and san simeon see hearst castle and finally we went through santa barbara and downtown LA before trekking home to Victorville during her stop in Santa Barbara we pulled into Harry’s plaza cafe for dinner after eating a tuna sandwich I decided to tackle their banana split challenge actually the menu doesn’t call to challenge it’s just their banana split with a note that it’s free if one person can eat all by themselves with no help it’s a huge band split so I doubt very many people have really gotten it for free it comes with nine scoops of ice cream two entire bananas three dessert toppings whipped cream nuts and cherries that’s a mouthful if you’re lactose-intolerant you probably want to steer clear of this one or you’ll be clearing out a lot of rooms if you know what I mean you Harry’s cafe isn’t an ice cream parlor so your flavor options are limited you’ll be getting three scoops of chocolate three scoops of vanilla and three scoops groups right and three scoops of strawberry ice cream you can’t argue with the classics right you could probably switch out one of the flavors but I want a variety and I wanted to enjoy this as much as possible it’s dessert the topic big out with strawberries chocolate syrup and marshmallow cream nothing crazy here just a whole lot of sweet dairy and cold what I remember most was just how cold the entire giant banana split was getting 32 it was a testament to willpower it’s not that there was too much food it was just too much cold and dairy interact with your body in weird ways too much dairy is never a good thing even if you happen to love ice cream and you don’t have issues with lactose intolerance very tends to cause stomach disturbances and in any event I’m sorry if that’s TMI but it’s the truth you’re going to be going to the bathroom I wish someone told me beforehand that this thing weighed six pounds I knew it was big just not that big maybe I wouldn’t beat the tuna salad sandwich and french fries beforehand then again maybe it was good to put some protein in my body before hitting it with so much sugar this huge desert challenge packs in about 10,000 calories so clearly anyone looking to gain weight or avoid a daily caloric deficit would do well to take this challenge I’m kidding of course no one should be eating this amount of ice cream unless you’re personally testing your limits try to answer that age-old question can I do Harry’s cafe also serves a half sized version of this challenge called the coward’s portion but it isn’t free if you finish it then again who the hell wants to order something called the cowards portion your friends would never let you forget that you’d be in the retirement home and Johnny would remind you that one time you were scared to eat too much ice cream so you ordered the cowards portion I’m curious how many people actually order the cowards portion that’s just a terrible name this challenge is simple with no fanfare no BS and no stalin’s you eat it all you don’t pay 30 bucks there’s no t-shirt there’s a picture and there’s no wall of fame it’s just another day it’s just another delicious day thank you for joining me on another freaking video if you love ice cream make sure to hit that thumbs up button and share this video with a friend I’ll see you next time so stay in school don’t do drugs Nate like a freak you