– When you’re in Madrid, you have to go for tapas
along Calle Cava Baja. It’s the most famous street
in the capital for tapas. But here’s the problem. Along this short stretch of road, you have up to 50 tapas
bars to choose from, and some are tourist
traps, and some are great. So which do you choose from? Well stick with me,
today I’m gonna take you on a tapas crawl to my
seven favorite tapas bars on Calle Cava Baja, so
(speaking in foreign language). Let’s go. (mellow techno music) Hey guys, I’m James Blick, and welcome to “Spain Revealed”. This channel’s all about
helping you understand and explore Spain like a local. And I was in one of my
favorite tapas bars, Casa Toni, the other
day, and someone said, they were going to Cava Baja
for tapas, so I thought, man I haven’t done a video on Cava Baja, this amazing street, and where to eat. So I thought, well, we’re gonna do it. Yoly’s behind the camera,
she’s gonna be filming, and tasting some of the dishes. And here’s the thing, it’s
right now, it’s 12:30. The bars close about 4:30. So we have four hours to hit seven bars. Can we do it? Stick until the end to
see if we can make it. Let’s hit our first bar now. – I’m Coorie.
– Ah. – I think I saw your videos. – YouTube videos. – Yes, three days ago, we’re from Denmark. – Okay, first stop is Taberna La Concha. Now I love this little bar
here, in Calle Cava Baja. It’s where I always start my
tapas crawl on this street, because they do the most amazing Vermouth. And as you know, I’m a Vermouth lover. Vermouth, just to me,
just tastes like hope. It tastes like expectation. The expectation of the
wonderful tapas crawl that’s still to come. So here they do it, they
serve it in a martini glass. You can see it here. They spray the glass with Gin, to give it a little more kick. They put the Vermouth in. It’s their own Vermouth, their own recipe, from Reus, in Catalonia, where
the best Vermouths are from. And then they put a little campari in it, gives it a little bitterness, a little orange peel, a little olive. And that’s what hope tastes like. Oh my God, it is so good. And this is the Vermouth. They actually sell the bottles
of Vermouth here, so you can, if you fall in love with it, you can buy a bottle of
Vermouth to take home. Here, they do a really elaborate tapa, so here a delicious cheese and an olive. They really spend a little
bit more time on it. And actually, this is not that elaborate, compared to what they often do so. Perfect combination with the Vermouth, the bitterness of the olive. The vinegariness of the
olive, I should say. I love it, I’m obsessed. – Whoa, so excited. – This is actually my favorite
drink for a day like this, you know, like a tapas
crawl in cava baja, perfect. A bit dangerous, you know,
you have a second one you will never make a
lunch, but it’s great. (bar patrons chattering) – One thing I didn’t mention
about Taberna La Concha is that they have an amazing wine list. And so they really have great
wines from all over Spain, but we’re are gonna go
to another wine bar now, just across the road, and it’s
a place that opened in 1992, one of the original tapas bars
and wine bars on this street. And we’re gonna drink some amazing wine, and we are going to start
eating food ’cause I’m hungry. So this place, Diaz Y Larroy, a really hard name to pronounce for me, it opened in 1992, when
there really wasn’t that many tapas bars in this
modern sense, in this street. There’s only a few others, so these guys are the old guard. And what I love about
this place is they have about 25 to 30 wines by the glass. So you know I often say that
Spain has wonderful wine throughout the whole country, and you can just stick with
(speaking in foreign language). You know the classics,
and they’re wonderful too, But you wanna find a great wine bar, if you love wine and
you wanna drink a lot, and if you can drink by the
glass, you can drink a variety. So I’m having cava, it’s still early. A vermouth cava. I’m going to do the double aperitif. I’ll do vermouth, I’ll do
cava, then I’ll hit the red, maybe a white in between. With seven bars, I don’t know
how we are gonna plan this, but salud. This place is fantastic and
famous for their tostas, which is delicious things on bread, got one coming now. All right, because Yoly’s filming today, she doesn’t get to drink as much as me, so Yoly your turn. Go on, here you go. – This is kind of hard
work, really, you know? I don’t get to drink too
much, but hey, salud. Very yummy. – Okay, so one of the things that I love about this place are the tostas. Now tostas are effectively, to say, delicious things on bread, and it’s such a local concept
here in Madrid, for tapas. And here what I’ve got
is one of my favorites at this place, it’s a tosta of a (speaking in foreign language), aioli, and roasted red peppers. So, you know what aioli is,
you know what red peppers are, you can imagine. What is (speaking in foreign language)? Effectively it’s pork, that’s been fried in its own fat, and a
whole bunch of spices, and then left to get cold, traditionally in a clay jar,
and then it preserves itself, in the fat, and it is so delicious. So, I’m going to dig in, Yoly, then you’re hitting it after me. – [Yoly] Yes please. – You need to try some of
this Yoly, it’s really good. – Let’s see. So good, then you get some of the smokiness of it, beautiful. I love the roasted peppers are delicious, the meat is gorgeous,
and the alioli, yeah. – Okay I can already
feel the wine starting to surge through my veins,
I’ve got energy, I’m excited. One of the things I
love about this street, is its history. And its history explains why there are so many tapas bars here. So I’m going to head to this place La Posada de la Villa, this building has been here since 1642
and help you understand why there are so many tapas
bars in this magical street. So I love this place,
La Posada de la Villa. It’s actually more a restaurant, a real roasting restaurant. I actually made a video here, about eating its fabulous roast lamb, and I’ll link to it above. But sometimes, when I’m on a tapas crawl, in cava baja, I love to come here and just hang out at this bar downstairs. What do I love about this place? It’s just the history,
it is just so full of it. There has been an Inn or
Posada here since 1642. And that word Posada, is really important to understand the history of the street. So let me take you back, a thousand years back into mid-evil Madrid, when the city was ran right
along where the street is now, and where cava baja is,
you’ll see it curves around, was effectively the mote, that
was outside the city walls. Then if we roll forward a
couple of hundred years, from the 15th to the
19 century, this area, and this street was where
a lot of the muleteers and traders would stop
when they arrived to Madrid from the villages outside, and the provinces, with their
goods, to take them to market. And so when you come to
Madrid with your goods, you need somewhere to
refresh, to eat or drink, and you need somewhere to stay. Hence, this was a street where there were a lot
of posadas, or inns. Posada la Villa, there’s even another one opposite called Posada del Dragon. And so all these places were inns, where people could eat, drink and sleep, and that tradition has held on with the wonderful tapas bars here today. So, this place is just fantastic,
I love to come in here. I’m drinking white wine. Why? Well, we’ve got still 4 bars to go, so I’m going to hit the red soon, and they just give you just
a wonderful little tapa here. I’m not gonna order anything, I’m going to keep it simple, but I wanted to share this with you guys. Also, I’m going to show you
something really magical, at the posada right across the road. So, let me finish this
up, Yoly will have a sip, and then we will head there next. All right, last one for
you, Yoly last bite. – All right now. Just like my mom’s mayonnaise. – [James] Really? – Delicious, homemade,
homemade, 100%, beautiful. – So from the depths of one dark posada, to another one, right across the road, La Posada del Dragon, let’s go. (upbeat music) So guys, remember how I said that the mid-evil city walls
ran through Calle Cava Baja? Well here in the La Posada del Dragon, you can actually sit above those walls and see them beneath you. Right beneath me here is a glass floor, and beneath it you can see the city walls, it’s a really magical experience. To sit here and eat the wonderful food, and have that patrimony right beneath you, so do check this out,
it’s a real hidden thing. They don’t advertise this, but if you come into the restaurant you’ll
see it, very very cool. So here we have this wonderful salad, that they do at La Posado del Dragon, which is five different tomatos, from all over Spain,
marinated in olive oil, it’s got shallots on it, and it’s got a thick marmalade as well. It sounds kind of, like a
lot of tomatoes, and it is, but it’s wonderful, ’cause
each tomato has its own kind of special flavor. This is the mother load
of tomato salad, so salud. – Just many different nuances, you know, in the tomato flavor, beautiful. (upbeat music) – You might notice that we’re not getting two glasses of wine at each place, but with seven bars that
we have to hit today, we have to share. – [Yoly] We have to
refrain a little bit, yeah. – [James] And, Yoly, you
got to keep the camera steady as well. – [Yoly] Very steady, yeah. – We don’t have a steady
cam here, so three quarters for me, one quarter for Yoly. – Thank you. (upbeat music) – Okay, so we just left the second posada, we’ve hit four bars so far, time check, we’re about two hours in,
we’ve got about an hour and a half to go, and
we have three more bars. So I think we are doing
pretty well for time. Are you feeling good Yoly? – [Yoly] Yes, more or less. – All right, next bar to hit Casa Lucas. – Okay and the other thing
I wanted to point out, we have only moved about
twenty meters so far, and so we have probably about
two-thirds of the street to go, but I find my
favorite ones are focused at the front end. So now we’re going to hit
three that are further down. But just, the street is so
beautiful, just the look at it, the way it
curves, I just love this, and today is such a gorgeous
day, the beginning of spring. You can tell I’m in a good mood. – (laughs) Yeah.
– I’m in a good mood, it’s not just the vermouth. – Little notable mention,
La Perejila, here and behind us, we’re not gonna
include it in this route, but it is a great little bar. Beautiful inside, great place to eat, some good tapas, and drinks
and wine and vermouth, and things like that, so La Perejila behind us, check it out. Okay so we’re at stop
number five, Casa Lucas. Now this place is famous in the street. It’s tiny and it’s always heaving, so you’ll almost never get a table here, but you come in and you have
to use your best tapa skills to get some real estate on the bar. What do I love about this place? It’s really an institution in the street, and it’s famous for its tostas, which are the delicious things on bread, and its (speaking in foreign language), which are those larger, sharing plates that we have in Madrid. They have an excellent wine list. And you know what, I don’t
have a lot more to say, it’s just amazing food here, just be ready to squeeze in when you get here. So I’ve ordered the (speaking
in foreign language), the bull’s tail stew, which they do, and it’s really, really good. Pablo here is the owner, serving up the (speaking
in foreign language) it’s just a great little spot, so this is one must-hit place. And the food is a mixture of
kind of traditional and modern, so really, really good. Pablo, the owner’s
gonna show us something. He was just telling us, follow him, I don’t know where we are going. (upbeat music) Oh yeah. Left here. I have an idea of what
we’re maybe gonna see. Oh wow. What Pablo is showing us
here, it’s incredible. What is left, the
largest piece that’s left of that mid-evil wall,
I was telling you about. So you can see, these neighbors, who live in this building
have this piece of history, right here outside their
window, it’s incredible. 12th century wall, this
was the wall right up until about the 16th century,
Madrid became the capital, in the 16th century, and
then it was torn down, as the city grew, so. Magical to have this here, this is the same thing we saw
beneath, La Posado del Dragon. (speaking in foreign language) – And the food’s ready. – [Yoly] Hey. – Perfect timing. Little mid-evil wall, while
you’re waiting for you lunch. (speaking in foreign
language), bulls tail stew, and here they, do it really special, they do it Cordobes style, style of Cordoba, and that’s
where the dish was invented. And what they do is, they stew the (speaking
in foreign language, the bull tail stew with vegetables. Also in there is raisined
cherries and pistachios. I mean, it sounds amazing. So I’m gonna get it, Yoly you’re gonna have to
help me with this I’m sure. Wow. Oh yes, that is grandma
food, that is home food, that’s home cooking. The meat is so intense,
the flavors are so intense, it’s so deep and rich,
I’m glad I have wine from (speaking in foreign
language), a big read wine. This is amazing, this
is really, really good. Casa Lucas, you gotta come here. – Potato on the delicious
olive oil with parsley. The layers of flavor, it’s
like amazing, oh my God. Nyum. – We’re five bars and
we have two more to go. When I started this tapas
crawl, Yoly, as you know, I was worried about time. I’m not worried about
time anymore, I’m worried about my stomach, it’s
getting really full. We have two more, I know
we’re gonna have a big dish at one of them, so I don’t
know if we can make it. Yoly, update, How are you doing? – Ha, I’m very stuffed myself,
but I think we can make it, totally make it.
– All right. – Let’s go, you’re ready? – [Yoly] Yeah. – Team us, let’s do it. (speaking in foreign language) They were friends, who
we saw at the first bar. They didn’t think we could hit seven. We’re surprising everyone,
including ourselves. (speaking in foreign language) So, guys welcome to bar number
six, Taberna Tempranillo. I mean this place is an
institution, for me and Yoly, when we first moved to
Madrid, what eight years, was it eight years ago? You know we used to
come here all the time. We used to hang out with
Oscar, the waiter here. He was always our waiter, he’s still here. And we come here, and we just order food and we drink wine, because these guys have a
fantastic wine selection. I’m sipping a Priorat. And they just have excellent
food, they have a lot of tostas, and they
have some really yummy, just more elaborate dishes. What I love about this
place, is just the decor. Like, I mean behind me,
look at this huge wine rack behind us, it’s darker
in here, it really feels like a wine bar, where you
can crack open a big juicy, deep, Spanish bottle of wine, and just spend the
evening or the afternoon, as it may be today, just
drinking it and eating and enjoying the decor, I love this place. So the food has just arrived. Duck thigh, that’s been grilled. I mean, my job is to stand here in front of the camera and tell you that I’m eating duck thigh, and then eat the duck thigh for you, and that makes me the
luckiest person in the world, I think, Yoly you’re lucky too. – [Yoly] Not quite so lucky. – Not quite so lucky, you did
get to film a little more. But the ability to sit
here and eat duck thigh, we have it with salmorejo,
which is that tomato, that thick tomato puree
that is served in the south of Spain, with a light
mayonnaise, and some potatoes. I mean, duck thigh, I’m getting in. – [Yoly] Duck thigh’s the word. – Duck food, it’s hard. Oh yeah, duck thigh. Can I say duck thigh anymore? This is really good,
perfectly cooked on the grill, on a plancha. The mayo is really creamy,
it’s a perfect combination with those potatoes, duck
thigh and wine from priorat. You had me at duck thigh. Cheers. (duck quacking) Yoly would you like some duck thigh? – Yes please. Going for the duck, duck thigh. – [James] Duck thigh – Duck thigh, neat. – The duck thigh has met
with Yoly’s approval. By the sixth bar we tend
to get a little bit silly, as you know, but we
still have one bar to go. So we’re going to pay up, we’re going to finish
off of this duck thigh what we can, does that make sense? And then we’re gonna sip
the rest of the priorat, and then we’re gonna hit,
(speaking in foreign language), Lucio’s eggs. Okay guys, if stomach
space was a resource, well it’s in very short supply right now, but we have one more place
to hit, the seventh place. And this place is called Taberna Lucio. Let’s go and get in. It’s heaving as I thought. By this stage, 4:15, these
bars are out of control, but their kitchen here is
open for another 15 minutes. We just made it, bar number
seven, we did it Yoly. – [Yoly] Yes. – Time to order this dish, this famous dish, let’s do it. Remember what I told you
about Spain being famous for its tomatoes, well look
at these guys over here. These are called oxheart
tomatoes, I believe, and they’re enormous and so
juicy, I mean they’re like this. While we wait for our food, I thought I might mention
the wine that I’m drinking, from Riberia Sacra, which is a (speaking in foreign language) a wine region in Galicia, in the north west of the country. And it’s mainly mencia grape,
and it’s called La Lama, and wines from that region,
red wines are fantastic. They’re a little lighter in
style, the region is beautiful, And it’s so light and so crisp. Here we go, the eggs are up.
(speaking in foreign language) So guys, I have in front
of me, a plate, yes I know, Kiwi’s, Aussie’s, Brit’s out there, you’re thinking, egg and
chips, isn’t that breakfast? My God, that’s not Spanish tapas. Well, you know it is, this is something that is truly Castillian, and here in Lucio they
just do them so well. It’s a free range egg, a couple of eggs, that are perfectly fried,
and just kind of break over the yolk drips right
through the chips, and you dip it all together with the oil. You can get it with ham on
top, with chorizo on top. I just love it plain. And when you feel like this dish, it is like the only thing
that will satisfy you in the world. And if you don’t feel like
it, it’s the worse thing in the world. These are the best, they’re
really, really good. And I just love this place. Oh my God, the way the
yolk mixes with it, Yoly you need to get in there, it’s your turn. – Wonderful amount of salt,
which I always appreciate. There, you know, cooked to perfection, the chips are great, so
yes, very simple dish, but gorgeous, beautiful. Salud to Lucio, this
great, very, very happy. Guys, Spanish lesson, that I think is particularly
appropriate for today’s video. Yoly, we are glutenous,
how would you say that? (speaking in foreign language) Well I think that is particularly perfect. We’ve been here, soaking up the
egg yolk in this last place. We have killed all these
plates, we’ve eaten them all, we’ve drunk the wine. – Yes. – Very proud, guys come to
cava baja, come to Madrid, and see if you can hit these seven places. (speaking in foreign language) – Seven, see if you can do it,
send us a message, Instagram, on YouTube.
– You are. – If you manage to achieve
it we would love to see it. Love you guys, we love Spain and salud, we’ll see you next time. (speaking in foreign language)