Barbie at the beach, in a stylish room,
at a fashion show, or on the set of Game of Thrones! Let your Barbie try any role
with amazing themed backdrops! Find out how to arrange a creative photo shoot
for your dolls in our new video! Barbie model scout Ginger is working on
new projects in her photo studio. Samantha has heard a lot
about the famous photographer and wants to arrange
an exclusive photo shoot for her dolls! She isn’t satisfied
with the décor Ginger proposes her! Her dolls deserve outstanding backdrops! Then Ginger suggests producing
an exclusive interior design for Barbie! Paint a square piece of Styrofoam pink. Coat another piece with darker shade. And decorate it with patterned paper. Hot glue a base for a backdrop. Paint a paper clip case gold. Add an artificial flower. A bright wall is a perfect example
of up-to-date design. The vase and the flower look amazing. But there is definitely
something missing here. Then Ginger adds a coffee table and a clock! Cut a circle out of Styrofoam. Hot glue it to an empty thumbtack cup. Stick golden thumbtacks along
the edge of another styrofoam circle. Draw dial hatch marks using markers.
Add hands. The clock makes a fine wall centerpiece, but the table and the flower still
look lonely in this room. Then Ginger gets down
to business more seriously. Samantha really likes this sketch! Prick the top fastening of a broken globe
stand using a heated awl. Hot glue the stand. Spray paint it gold. Open a clear plastic ball. Fasten chain to one half.
Hang the piece onto the stand. Hot glue a strip of jersey fabric.
Turn it right side out. Stuff it with cotton.
And hot glue the cushion. Dip a pencil into fabric paint.
And make polka dots on the cushion. Cut a carpet out faux fur. Take out the inside part of a golden cap
of a face cream container. Put the cap onto the table.
Fill it with pompoms. Add one more cushion to the backdrop. Ginger created a fashionable living room! Samantha would love to have
a room like this for herself! And the doll swing chair
is a perfect accent for photos! Samantha appreciates this idea! Ginger needs creative inspiration! She scrolls through different locations
and she finally finds it! The photo artist creates a summery backdrop!
It’ sand and sunshine! Cut wooden snack forks. Hot glue them to two coffee stirrers. Fasten a base for a sun lounger.
A seat and a back. Hot glue pieces of coffee stirrers
to make frames. And attach them as the lounge chair’s legs. Cut wooden ice cream bar sticks. And glue a little beach table. Cover a cocktail umbrella
with decorative straw. Trim the straw along the edges. Paint a base of a little globe stand white. Stick in a cocktail straw.
And put in the umbrella. Cut a big box. Tape a printed picture of a beach to the side. Pour in some sand. Decorate the beach with seashells
and a toy flamingo. Place the furniture.
The chaise lounge, the table with a tiny drink,
and the umbrella. What a hot photo backdrop!
It’s so detailed! Just look at this comfy sun lounger,
a little table, and even an umbrella for shade. Samantha’s doll immediately wants to lie
on the comfortable lounge chair! Hold on, these shoes won’t work on sand!
You need slide sandals! Trace the soles of doll shoes
on a makeup sponge. Cut them out. And hot glue pieces
of elastic cord to make slide sandals. Barbie changes her shoes.
But her beach look isn’t complete yet. Put on a bright hat
to protect her from the sun! Trim a plastic sink filter
with a heated knife. Coat it with bright acrylic paint. Attach a satin ribbon
and an artificial flower. Now you can stretch out
on the comfy lounge chair and relax under the beach umbrella. And in order to cool down your drink,
let’s make a cooler bag! Coat a little travel salt
and pepper container with acrylic paint. Label it «Ice». And attach a strip of faux leather
as a strap for the cooler bag. The beach photo backdrop is all done!
We can shoot now! Ginger made a sparkling photo backdrop! A doll in a pale pink dress
will be out-shined by it! But it will be perfect for a stylish Barbie
with turquoise hair in a purple dress! Take a ready corner photo backdrop. Cover the sides with gold sequin fabric. Add a logo attached to a piece of Styrofoam. Fold a piece of purple fabric in half. Cut out a neckline.
And glue a triangular cut. Put the long dress onto a doll. Gather it around the waist. And fasten it with a strip
of a golden foam rubber sheet. The fashionista doll looks excellent
on the glittering catwalk. Which easily transforms
into a beautiful sky with stars and a gold moon in the clouds. Take three sheets of book board
or medium-density fibreboard. Two rectangles and one square. Cover them with grey cardboard. And glue them together
to make a corner backdrop. Coat the edges with silver acrylic paint. Cut a moon out of Styrofoam. Paint it yellow. Coat it with white glue.
And sprinkle it with glitter. Secure the glitter with hair spray. Cut a cloud out of grey cardboard. Coat it with white glue.
And attach cotton. Make a few clouds. Wrap them in LED lights. Hot glue fishing line to the pieces. Decorate the sides
of the photo backdrop with stars. Tie the moon and the clouds to a ruler. And put it onto the corner of the backdrop. This sky photo backdrop would be perfect for the romantic redhead model
in a pale pink dress! It’s so dreamy! But Ginger’s talent combined two looks! The top model
and the dreamer strike poses together against the bright magical backdrop! The dolls aren’t the only ones dreaming
about a photo shoot like this! Even regular girls dream about it too! Samantha has an unusual doll!
She’s the star of “Game of Thrones”! Her dress and hairdo deserve the throne for sure! Fold blue fabric in half. Cut it. Fasten two strips with clear hair ties. Make two straps using wire. Put the dress onto a doll. And fasten it with a chain to make a cross. Braid the hair into Daenerys’s iconic hairdo. Cut a big sponge. Hot glue it to make an armchair.
Cut an oval back. Put the foam rubber throne onto paper. Cover the seat and the arms
with thin strips of double sided foam tape. Stick a few plastic snack swords into the back. And cover the entire surface
of the back with them. Use hot glue. Decorate the arms
and the bottom of the throne with swords. Cut out the paper following
the slanted strips of tape. Coat the throne with black spray paint. Add accents with a brush
and bronze acrylic paint. Place a plastic paper tray vertically. Cover it with fabric. And put the throne
and the doll onto the backdrop. Daenerys takes her throne by right. Samantha suggests adding a few dragon eggs! Ginger disagrees,
since dragons are unpredictable. Maybe a seashell from the Narrow Sea?
Nope. A little dragon for the queen of dragons? It’s cute, but too much!
Then Samantha sneaks in a spider. AAAAA! Ginger hates it!
The queen’s look has to be neat! Daenerys shines on her throne! Ginger looks through the photos! And remembers the start of her career! Back then she could make a backdrop
out of whatever she had lying around! For example, out of fruits! Coat 12 inch squares of Styrofoam
with acrylic paint. Hot glue them into a backdrop base.
And fasten them with toothpicks. Stick toothpicks into the wall. And attach pieces of orange, grapefruit,
kiwi, and pineapple onto them. The secret is that you have
to arrange fruits into a nice composition. Be sure not to stain the doll model with juice. The photos turn out so summery.
And Barbie looks so happy! Ginger used to do origami.
And she could turn herself into a queen in just three seconds! This proves she’s a talented photographer! Because she can easily turn paper
both into a crown and into a star-studded backdrop! Draw strips divided into same segments
on colored cardboard. They will be star templates.
Cut them out. Bend a strip at the marks. Fold it into an accordion.
And glue it into a star. Trace the silhouette of a different star
on a glittering foam rubber sheet. Cut it out. Glue the stars to a sheet
of thick white cardboard. Attach little light clay balls
inside the star. Coat the inside of the next star
with white glue. And sprinkle it with glitter. Color the inside of a few more stars
with acrylic paint. Bend the bottom of the backdrop. Glue it to another sheet of cardboard. Bend the cardboard so that it stands still. And glue a block folded
out of cardboard to the back. A few more details,
and the star-studded backdrop is all done! And Ginger will open her own photo salon! Did you like our stylish Barbie backdrops? Then write in the comments
what kind of photo shoot you would arrange for your dolls! And don’t forget to give
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