[Jaiden]: So James from theodd1sout did a video about his “7-Day Vegan Challenge Baby (solves all yo’ problems)” and if you go to the end of his video, he actually nominates me to do the “7-Day Vegan Challenge Baby (solves all yo’ problems)” If you haven’t seen James’ video, you should
really watch it because he covers some important points in it. But I accept your challenge, James. I will not eat or purchase foods that
contain any animal products in it. I give to you all: my “7 Day Vegan Challenge
Baby, (solves all yo’ problems)”. So… here’s a secret. Eating vegan is easy. It’s so easy. You might think it’s hard, but it’s easy. Look, one half cup non-dairy milk. One half cup oats you blend in flour. 1 banana, blend together, boom! Breakfast pancakes. Tomato, avocado, cucumber, greens,
hummus, Sriracha, BOOM! Lunch sandwich wrap. Black beans, rice, sweet potato, more
Sriracha, greens, BOOM! Dinner! BOOM! FOOD!! I thought it’d be boring to post a video of
me just eating food for a week, so to actually bring you guys entertainment,
James and I bought a bunch of weird vegan substitute foods to try together. soooo yea. Here’s that instead. [James]: Okay! 😀 So we bought these “Vegan-flavored foods”. [Jaiden]: Yeah. [James]: And we’re going to try and eat them. So I got this veggie burger. And it, like, has no instructions on how
to cook ’em, so we’re just gonna stick it in the microwave, see what happens. [Jaiden]: Do you need scissors? [James]: nnnnNO! Ugh!>:O [Jaiden]: That’s a weird texture. [plate sounds] There they go! [James]: Five minutes.
– Five minutes?! [James]: Messing with you. [Jaiden]: So while those are “cooking” in
the microwave, [James laughing]
– We’re gonna do the bacon. mhm. I mean, it kinda looks like the same texture
as the burgers.
– Yeah. We also, as these things are cooking and stuff,
we got these baby things. [both laughing] – Just because it says-
– Purely because of the box. Just because it says “VEGAN” and there’s
a crazy baby on it. [James]: This isn’t Photoshop, you see this
baby is actually excited for his crackers. [Jaiden]: This is the reaction you will have when you eat these… crackers. [James]: No dairy, no eggs, no yeast, no salt,
no cholesterol no preservatives, This is nothing. You’re eating NOTHING. Yeah.
[crack] [Jaiden]: Whoa! I wasn’t expecting that
crunch. [crunching, Jaiden giggling] [James]: Me niether. [Jaiden laughing] [James]: Babies don’t even have teeth, how
are they supposed to eat this?
– Yeah these are for teething. [Jaiden]: Do you just like, saliva on it? [crunching] Oh. [crunching] ASMR? [James giggling] [crunching] [both giggling] [James]: Not on my Top 10 Favorite Foods. I don’t know if the bacon is supposed to look
cooked or not. [Jaiden]: Is it almost ready? [James shrugs] I mean, technically we’re not cooking out any like, salmonilla or anything, we’re just
heating it up, I guess. We don’t know all the buns that are over
there have like, non-vegan stuff like cow milk. So we’re just gonna use normal bread.
[giggling] Alright, and then we’re gonna go crazy
and we’re gonna put the bacon on it too. [James]: mmm, a bacon burger. [Jaiden]: yeah. We’re putting together the perfect, uhh,
vegan sandwich. Hey Jaxen. [James sniffs loudly] [James]: Huuuagh! [crunching] [giggling] How do you feel? [Jaxen]: I don’t like it. [James and Jaiden giggling] [James]: What do you- what do you taste? You shouldn’t be tasting any soy or
cholesterol. [Jaxen]: it doesn’t taste good :/ [James]: Alright, bye Jaxen. [Jaiden]: Only babies can enjoy this. Close these masterpieces. [crunching ASMR] [Jaiden]: Is it good? [James]: mmm, yeah! [Jaiden]: Is it really good? Yeah, it is good! [James]: Glad we made two. [Jaiden]: Yeah! This is our lunch, we
just made lunch. [James]: We didn’t even have to hunt anything. [Jaiden]: Yeah! There is no killing in this sandwich. Just Tofu and plants and happiness 😀 [James giggling] [Jaiden]: We also have: bologna. [James]: Boloagna. oh. [Jaiden]: OK, so here’s the little package. [James]: mhm. [Jaiden]: Like little disks.
– Ugh! [James]: I’m just gonna eat it like this. [James sniffing] Doesn’t smell like bologna. [Jaiden]: It doesn’t? What does it smell like? [James sniffing] Like peace? [James]: Like- [both giggling] no killing. It actually does kinda taste like bologna though. [Jaiden]: Can I try some?
– Yeah. [crunching] This makes me uncomfortable because it
actually does taste like- [James]: It’s pretty spot on. [Jaiden]: It’s VERY spot on. Like, uh, a lot of
people on YouTube, they say like: “Oh, are you gonna eat… weird vegan food?” and he’s like: “aaugggh! this is diSGUSTING!!1!1” I mean, I don’t know what they bought,
but this is pretty good. We’re having a grand time! [James]: We need to start, like, faking our
reactions. uughhhg! D: [Jaiden]: It says, right here: 100% vegan, cholesterol free, non-GMO,
uhh, that thing? [James]: That thing. [Jaiden]: A lot of protein, kosher, and gluten free. So… [James]: So what IS made out of it? – Ingredients:
– Plants? Water. soy protein. Flip it, flip it like: “woo! :D” [Jaiden]: I don’t think I can. [failed flip] ah! [laughing] [James]: I just saw one little “boop! :3”. [giggling] If this tastes like chicken, then like, why
even eat chicken again? [Jaiden]: Yeah. OK, so as these cook, [James]: A-huh. [Jaiden]: We’re gonna try these things. [James]: Ooh! [Jaiden]: It might have coconut and banana,
but it’s green so… I’m not sure. [James]: This looks like bird food. (Ari Foreshadowing) Oh! [Jaiden]: Look how cute! c: Cheers. boop! :3 [crunching] [giggling] [James]: oh! [Jaiden laughing] [Jaiden]: Oh! [James]: I think we found something. [Jaiden]: It’s get- It’s like changing as we eat.
– Yeah. [James]: Like the Willy Wonka thing. [Jaiden]: Eww, it tastes like a candle! [James giggling] [James]: This is banana and coconut?
– It tastes… ugh! I probably look really gross from this angle. [Jaiden]: The chicken is warm now, so we’re
gonna make chicken wraps. [James]: mhm. [Jaiden]: And James is cutting tomato. [James]: Welcome to our vegan house. We should- oh! We should it like a parody vegan cooking show. [old voice] Alright, so what you wanna do is you
wanna.. dice these tomatoes up, make sure they’re not too thick, not too small, kinda li-
[/old voice] oh. [Jaiden giggling]
[James]: [old voice] kinda like this, mmm. [Jaiden laughing] very ripe. Ooh, hot! ♪ Ooh hot, ooh hot! ♪ ♪ Ooh hot! ♪ [pan hitting stove] Oh gosh, ugh! i’m good. [Jaiden]: Alright. [James]: [old voice] So what you wanna do
is you wanna put the chicken in the wrap. In like so. uhh, uh. [Jaiden laughing] this one needs more. You microwave the bacon, it’s really hot. Leave this just, there. okay? [Jaiden laughing] [Jaiden]: Look at that. That actually looks good. [James]: I’m just. A big ol’ bite! [Jaiden]: Is it good? that fa- I can’t tell by your face. [James]: The chicken tastes like how I thought
it would taste. [Jaiden]: Which is… [James]: Not real chicken, but it’s sorta there? [Jaiden]: But is it good? [James]: Yeah, it’s good! [Jaiden]: Rate it. [James sniffing] [James]: 5 out of 7. [Jaiden]: Jax is back for more! [Jaxen]: What is it? [Jaiden]: It’s chicken! 😀 [James]: Mhm. [Jaiden]: Without any killing. [James speaking, inaudible] [Jaiden]: There’s no murder in this chicken. [James]: Doesn’t that just make… Doesn’t it bring a smile to your face? 😀 [Jaxen]: no. 🙁 [Jaiden]: Come on! There’s no- no murder! [James giggling] [Jaxen]: It’s better than the other one. [Jaiden]: So now that we have all this gourmet
food, we’re gonna wash it down. [James]: With milk! [Jaiden]: With some beverages. So, that was the almond milk. Now we’re trying
rice milk. [milk shaking in box] [James]: I don’t like we- I said 4 out of 10. What’d you say it was? [Jaiden]: I said 7 out of 10. Pour that rice milk! Get ready… [cheers!] Oh! That tastes like… [James]: Vanilla-y. [Jaiden]: It’s sweet! Yeah. [James]: Yeah. [Jaiden]: Oh wait, we got vanilla flavor. [James]: Oh! [Jaiden]: It tastes like rice krispies… and then it tastes kinda weird. [James]: mhm. So what would you rate it? [Jaiden]: 4 out of 10. [James]: Really? ‘Cause I was about to say seven so it’s
floppy flopped!
– Really! [James]: Hemp milk. This is the one that you can get
high off of, right? [Jaiden]: Ooh. [James]: Looks different. Looks gro- it looks like nu- meh put water, and le- ooh, I put a lot in there. and flour. [cheers!] [Jaiden]: Let’s do it. [Both]: Ugh! [Jaiden]: Oh my god, it’s really bad! [James]: oHHH, I hope we didn’t pay too much for this. [Jaiden]: Oh my god it tastes like water-
– Water and flour. Yeah! It tasted exactly like you said it would. [James]: How do people eat this?! [Jaiden]: Oh my god, that was the worst one. 0 out of 10. [James]: I was going to say 1 out of 10, just in case
this is WORSE and I need to do 0 out of 10. [Jaiden]: I mean, OK, 1 out of 10. 1 out of 10. The last one… It’s- [cup smacked on table] [James]: Hit me up. [Jaiden]: Wat? Oat milk. It’s yellower? [James]: A-huh. [Jaiden]: And also like, thin. You know how- Oh! [Jaiden giggling] [James]: How did that happen? That is the same color as eggnog. [Jaiden]: It does. Merry Christmas! [cheers!] [Jaiden]: mmm! [James]: OK, not- [Jaiden]: Oh. It tastes like oatmeal. If you, like, ate it and spit it out. 3 out of 10. [James]: Yeah, 3 out of 10. AND NOW THE PIECE L’RESISTANCE! [Jaiden]: yeah. What’s the dessert that we have? on the menu? [James]: *wooshhhh* It looks like this Reese’s Puffs cake. the- the insi- [Jaiden]: ooh. [James]: That seriously is a Reese’s cup. [Jaiden]: I was expecting it to be better. [James]: Me too. I’m disappointed. 5 out of 10. [Jaiden]: I was gonna say 5 out of 10. [James]: mhm. [Jaiden]: So this is what it looks like to be vegan! Yay!
[James clapping] And that was that! I made it through the “7-Day
Vegan Challenge baby, (solves all yo’ problems.)” I had an optimistic view going into it, and that’s probably
what gets people the most when they try it. I think the worst part about vegans are really just the
stereotypes. Which, I mean, yeah, there’s gonna be crazy nut jobs out there, but when you think about it, there’s crazy nut jobs in all communities. You wouldn’t assume that all gay people are Flamboyant
or that all Asians are martial arts masters that are good with math and chopsticks. People are gonna get triggered if you think like that.
Vegans just get stuck with the crazy stereotypes. [Viewer]: Jaiden, what about the people on YouTube
constantly preaching about optimism and blabberty
blah blah bleh. [Jaiden]: Yeah, they preach because they’re activists. they take action. that’s activism. Like, OK, step back. When people hear “vegan”, a
common thing to think of is: “Oh, they won’t stop bringing it up that they’re vegan
all the time.” But how often do you actually hear people doing that
in real life? It’s kinda come to the point where someone can’t even say that they’re vegan without other
people freaking out. “Do you want some of this burger?” “Oh no, I’m good.” “What? Oh come on, don’t be modest, you want some.” “Oh, no I’m, I’m really good. I actually don’t eat meat. “You don’t?” “No.” “Why not?” “I’m vegan.” Oh come on, you know I’m exaggerating. kind of. So, I guess I should challenge someone to do the
“7-Day Vegan Challenge Baby (solves all yo’ problems)” too. Well, I mean, if you wanna do it yourself, then go ahead.
I’m not gonna stop you. But I’m gonna nominate TonyvToons and itsAlexClark. So yeah! That was that. Thanks for watching. and go eat a sandwich that has no murder in it. or pasta. pasta’s vegan. Lots of people don’t know that. Go eat pasta. 7-Day Vegan chips- [exhale] 7-Day Vegan Challenge Baby, s-solves. 7-Vay.. ds ugh. 7-Day Ve-egan Challenge… ugh. This- the 7-Day Vegan.. Challenge.. baby… [giggling] James, why do you have to make it so hard to say… The 7-Day Ve-hegan cha-hallenge ba-haby. So, the bloopers I recorded for the end card didn’t give
me enough time to showcase the amazing fanart you guys make for me. Like, what in the frickin’ heck! You
guys are more talented than I am. That’s not fair! So I’m recording a little bit more audio so I can have
more time to showcase more artwork at a decent speed, Otherwise it’d be like “fyewwwm, fyewwwm!” like goin’ way too fast. But honestly, thank you to everyone sending me drawings. It’s awesome. I really wish I could show them all, as you can see I’m
trying to do as much as I can. So I apologize if I can’t put your art into a video. Anyway, thank you guys so much, blah blah blah, Jaiden, that’s enough talking, we just wanna see the secret end clip that’s at the end of the video. I mean, what? [James]: This is for views, this is for all of you who
stuck to the end of the video. [Jaiden]: He’s gonna drink, what one are you drinking? [James]: This is the hemp one. The 0 out of 10.
– The hemp one, the worst! ahh. (reviewed captions? credit here! please?) [Jaiden giggling] [Jaiden]: It’s… [James laughing]