Hey, gimme that! Gahh! Oh, man. Don’t worry, check out these fun to ways to reuse old toys! Alright, I have a snack and a fresh video to watch. ugh, why wasn’t I born with a third hand? I’ll just set the phone down here. Hey! Oh, c’mon, just stay! Okay, there has to be a way for me to watch this video on my phone. Nope, nope, uh uh… Wait a second! Take a toy dinosaur about this size. Now apply hot glue around the entire edge of the cut. Perfect. Now apply a small suction cup right onto the wet glue. Make sure to press it on nice and tight. Once the glue has dried, you can go ahead and stick your phone right onto the suction cup! Perfect fit! OMG, this is one of my favorite episodes! Haha. These girls are hilarious. Nothing quite as exciting as putting away laundry, right Mia? Wait, these totally don’t match. Hey! That’s not supposed to happen! Ugh. Actually, now that I take a look at this thing, it’s looking a little dingy, isn’t it? Ooh! Check it out! Little toy dinosaurs! You know, instead of hiding them in here, hey might actually give new life to this boring set of drawers! First off, let’s give these drawers a new coat of paint. I’m really digging this dusty shade of purple Mia chose. Now it’s time to attach some hardware. Take a bunch of these little toys and toss them into a bin along with some paint. Shake it all up and… Voilá! Pick the toy you want and place it wherever you want the new knob to be. With a screwdriver, stick a screw into the toy. You may have to push a little hard to get it through the plastic. Check out your new dresser, Mia! Well done! Hey, Amy, whatcha got there? A new giraffe? He’s so cute! That looks like a great spot to keep him. Looks like it’s cleaning day! Time to dust off Amy’s knick knacks! And let’s get the top there —oh! Shoot! Did I do that? Oh man, Amy’s gonna kill me! Well, let’s see if there’s any way to salvage this little guy. Oooh, yeah, this is pretty bad. Hey thanks for cleani—hey!! How could you be so reckless! He was brand new, Sophia! Okay, I think I have an idea. Take a broken half of a toy like this giraffe here and sand down its edge with a piece of sandpaper. Once the area is smooth, put a good amount of hot glue to the broken stump. Before it dries, stick a small dish like this one right on top of the glue. In the middle of the dish, put some more hot glue. Now take the head of the toy and stick it right on the glue. Once it’s all dry, put your favorite candy or snack right onto the dish. Gummy bears? Nice choice. Hey Amy. Wow! Well, everything gets better if you add a little sugar to the mix! So cute! Mmm, this looks so good! Okay, Sophia, I officially forgive you. So you want to meet up later and grab some pizza? Oh no! My earring! I’ll call you back. Aha! There it is. Hey, what’s this thing? Wait a minute, I have a brilliant idea. Wish you could make good use of these little guys lying around the house? Start by cutting one in half. Put a dab of hot clue on where it’s cut. Stick your earring stud to it. Once it’s dry, pierce the other half of the dino with the earring. Pretty nifty, right? Oh hey, Mia! Notice anything different about me, today? Check ‘em out! I’m glad you like them because… I just so happen to have a pair for you too! For me? Yes! Wow! These are my favorite colors! Okay, let’s try these suckers on for size. I feel cooler already. This definitely calls for a selfie. Do you mind? Cheese! Oh man, mornings are rough. Ouch! Who left this guy on the floor? You can sit right here and watch me brush my teeth, sound good? Oh no! Can anything go right this morning? Well, that’s definitely broken. I wonder what I can keep my toothbrush in now? Wait a second, this dinosaur may be more useful than I thought! Put your tooth brusk against the toy’s chest with he bristles just above his edge. Mark where where it sits on the dinosaur’s top and bottom. With a blade, cut through where you just marked. Be really careful where you place your fingers, you don’t want to lose one! Once you’ve done it to both spots, stand the toy up on its legs. Grab your toothbrush and stick it through where you just cut with the blade. Now take the repurposed toy and stick it right onto your bathroom counter! Why thanks for holding my toothbrush, little guy! My pleasure. Ooh, this new lipstick shade really makes my look pop, doesn’t it? Oh geeze, my stuff is all over the place. I wonder if this jar can come in handy? Screw off the jar’s lid and set the glass part aside. Take a little toy like this one and flip it onto its back. Take either hot glue or regular white glue and put some on the undersides of all the toy’s feet. Once you’ve done that, flip it over and stick it straight onto the jar lid. Make them uniform by spraying them with your favorite color paint. We chose a nice shade of blue. Once it’s all dry, screw this stylish new lid onto the jar full of Q-tips or whatever else you want to put in there. Super fun, right? Okay, gotta study for this mid-term. Ugh, just wish it wasn’t boring me to sleep. Hey! I was reading you! Kind of… Ugh, where was I? Hmm…think Mia, think. Have an old Barbie doll you never play with anymore? Take a sharp blade and cut across her legs, just under her knees. A little gruesome, but it ends well, I promise. Cut down no further than an inch. Watch your fingers! Sorry, Barbie. Get a piece of paper and slide it through the leg you just cut like so. Don’t forget the other leg! After you’ve prepared the arms the same way as the legs, add them onto the paper as well. Woah, looks pretty freaky, doesn’t it? Just wait til you see what you’re gonna do with it! If you’re in the middle of reading a book, take your new bookmark and stick it right onto the page you want saved. Ha! It looks like you have a little Barbie stuck in your book! 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