– [Jon] Some culinary genius thought to create chicken and waffles, the unlikely food combination
that’s unexpectedly delicious. And now, this pairing is available in a tasty, chewy saltwater taffy that combines chicken, waffle,
and maple syrup flavors. While we were chewing on that, we were also chewing on this idea, could we make the next
chicken and waffles? – So, I guess if we’re going to find the next chicken and waffles, we first need to figure out
what we’re up against here. – Yes, we do. – A little syrup in there, let’s do it. – I’ve got a big bite. – Oh my god, this is why everybody
eats chicken and waffles. – I get it. – [Ben] I get it. – How can you hate that?
– You can’t. – In order for us to
make a fair assessment, we’re going to have to get
really familiar with this, so one more bite. – Yeah, we need to know if,
when you take down the champ, you first have to get to know the champ. (both laugh) – Now, you’ve experienced the real thing. It’s time to experience, – The taffy thing.
– The taffy thing. – Chicken taffy sounds disgusting. Waffle taffy sounds amazing. But, this sounded disgusting to me, – That’s true.
– First, too, so. – I severely underestimated
how good this was going to be. – Chicken and waffles taffy. – Let’s give this a shot.
– All right. – Right off the bat, very syrup-y. – Very syrup-y. – You get that waffle-y. – Who just takes a bite out of taffy? – I’m savoring it. – I’m started to get like
that breaded chicken, kinda. I’m not get an intense poultry. – It’s yeah, very heavy
on that maple-y syrup, the like, sweet, delicious kind-of thing. – It’s got the chicken and
the waffle, just like, just. – So, this was delicious, but I think we need to spin the wheel now, and see if we can come up
with some kind of combination that dethrones the king. – Because, before you
take the down a king. – (laughs) Here we go again. – You’ve gotta just eat that king. (Joey laughs) – I’ll spin first. I’ve got a savory wheel back here. – Okay, looks like I have the sweet wheel. – Let’s see what we can start with. Ooh, barbecue meatballs. – I don’t think I’ve ever had it. Barbecued meatball? – Oh, Joey, come to my
house on Christmas Eve. We’ll eat meatballs together. – Zucchini bread?
– Zucchini bread. – Do you think it’s gonna beat the king? – Joey, if you want to
beat the king, (laughs) (upbeat, playful electronic music) – Ooh, right off the bat,
I’m getting a bad vibe. – Yeah, me too. – This is too much darkness. That’s the wrong word. – Cheers.
– You know what, the smell’s not bad, though. – It smells way better than it looks. – All right, let’s try it. – See if it tastes better. That’s not bad.
– Okay, right? – That’s not bad.
– All right, here we go. – It’s not bad, you guys. – Guys, this works. – Not as good as the chicken and waffles. – Probably not as good as
the chicken and waffles, but pretty good. – Better than I thought. – Way better than I thought. – Three, two, one. – [Both] Chocolate eclair. – And,
– All right. – Summer sausage. – I don’t feel like this
is going to be horrible. – Here we go.
– Three, two, one. – I lost a lot of my meat. I don’t know that it’s bad. It’s just so strange. – It’s not bad. No, it’s bad.
– It’s bad. – It’s bad.
– It’s bad. (laughs) We’re going to go ahead
and definitively call that. – The more I feel like
there’s shit in my mouth. – Yeah, that’s not good. I think the chocolate’s ruining it. Chocolate and meat. – I can’t put my finger
on what’s wrong with this. It’s the chocolate.
– That’s what I said. – It’s for sure the chocolate.
– I know. – I really like the sausage, though. – I think we failed on this test. – Here we go. – Cinnamon roll, ooh.
– Okay. – I feel like this could
be a really good one. Oh, I gotta spin, too. I was like, we just get a cinnamon roll. – Cinnamon roll and what? – Blackened catfish.
– Blackened catfish. – And cinnamon roll? – Joey, I don’t know. – So, we’ve got icing and fish. – I don’t know a lot of bakeries
that also serve seafood. – Yeah, there aren’t a lot. – I think there’s a reason. – Yeah, I think you’re right. – Oh, nope. – I don’t even want to look at it. – Nope, no.
– I don’t even want to, I just smell it, and that’s enough. – You know what, I can say right now, this is not as good, next. Oh, the smell’s weird. – I don’t know, I kinda like it. – You’re into it? – I’m into the smell.
– Oh, Joey. – You know what, I’m going
to give it its best chance. I like the middle of a cinnamon roll the best.
– Okay, fair. – All right, got the
heart of cinnamon roll, and the side of a fish? – All right, let’s try it. – Here we go. Oh my gosh.
– Oh, it’s getting worse. No, no why? – Why?
– Why? (cries) So, this is a big no. – Ready?
– Yep. – [Both] Country fried steak. – I’m feeling like, might be a winner. – Show me glazed donut. – We got it. – Here we got it. Oh, I Babe Ruth’d that. – I’m not looking forward to this. – I’m not looking forward
to this one at all. It’s kind of exciting. – Here we go, here we go. I don’t hate it. Am I crazy to not hate this? – I don’t hate it. I’m not saying I like it, though. – I don’t know, there’s
something about it. – I feel like it’s instantly
just clogging parts of me. – I’m liking it more and more as I eat it. – It’s really tough. – It’s so tough. You’re supposed to eat country fried steak with a fork and knife. I do think would be improved
with better quality meat. – I also feel, if it had cheese
on it, it would be better. I think, a little more savory. – There’s ways to improve. I give it a C. – We didn’t fail, but we’re not getting into grad school. – Our parents are not
really happy with us. – They’re not mad.
– Not mad. – [Both] Just disappointed. – I think everybody should
go to community college. – As long as we don’t get Spam, I’m happy. – Me too, or clams. Dang it, Ben. That is the worst one. – Fried clam.
– Cocktail sauce. – Cocktail sauce. You know what, let’s
see what you get, first. – Nothing goes with cocktail
sauce but seafood, nothing. Oh, this is going to be awful. Brownie?
– Brownie? Oh no, oh no. You don’t see a lot of dessert seafood. – You don’t.
– You really don’t, I don’t know why that is. – I think, after we eat this, we’re going to be absolved of
anything bad we’ve ever done. – Oh, that smell is not good. – Like, rubbery clam. – Smell it, it’s even worse. It smells worse than it looks. – It smells way worse than it looks. – It somehow smells worse than it looks. – Ready?
– No, I’m trying to stall. – I’m going for it.
– Gosh, here we go. – No.
– Aw, it’s like somebody threw up in my mouth. – It’s so rubbery, there’s so much bread. – The brownie like melted into pudding. The clam is so chewy. – Oh man, that is rough. – Crunchy, it’s like
a piece of bubble gum. – And the fried breading, I thought would actually work with
the chocolate, it does not. – That was an experience. Really bad one. It should not exist. – Don’t do this at home. So, chicken and waffles has
beaten this attempt, at least. – Oh, yeah, this should
never happen to anybody. – The king continues his
long and prosperous reign. – Forever ruling over the lands
as far as the eye can see. – This is it, we create the next chicken and waffles right now. Don’t be any seafood. – Pot roast.
– Pot roast? – I like pot roast. Come on zucchini bread. – Zucchini bread and pot roast? – I think it’d be all right. – Pot roast and cinnamon roll. – Pot roast and cinnamon roll? – Oh no, oh, okay. – I thought it was going back. – I think we got something. – It’s not doing bad things. – That’s not doing bad things, at all. – It’s not doing bad things. – All right, here we go.
– Three, two, one. – I don’t hate this. I like this.
– I love this. Oh my goodness. – Cinnamon roll and pot roast. – This is really good, guys. – Guys, I feel very, very happy right now. – It’s unbelievable. – It’s so good.
– It’s so good. – All right, let’s cut,
so you guys can try this. – Let’s do it. – Well, Joey, we tried a
lot of weird combos today. – And yes, they were mostly disgusting. – They were, I guess chicken and waffles, maybe, can’t be beat. – If anything could beat it, though, I think barbecued meatball
and glazed donut could, maybe. – Ooh, that sounds like a thing. – I want to try it. – Could we just try it? (upbeat electronic music) – Oh.
– See. – See, this is what I’m talking about. I think this has potential. – I really do. – All right, let’s try it. – I don’t hate it. – I don’t hate it, either. – It tastes a lot like a corn dog. A lot like a corn dog. – I think we just made a corn dog. – This is how corn dogs are made. To each their own, but, in my opinion, chicken and waffles wins the day. – I think chicken and waffles, yeah, finished the day as the champion. Long live the king. – All hail chicken and waffles. Despite the interesting choices, nothing beats chicken and waffles. Try it as a taffy, and shop hundreds more gifts at Vat19.com. ♪ Vat19.com ♪