Hi a huge welcome to Steve’s Kitchen, I had
a bit of a challenge this week from a good buddy of mine, a youtuber called
Stephen Halbhuber he’s a lot of fun and I’ll put a link down in his channel he
said ‘could I make a chocolate chip cookie, a chocolate brownie, a banana cake,
a pumpkin pie, s’mores, a M&M cookie, a New York style cheesecake
and an apple pie but all in one tray’. Well Stephen I’m going to go for it and
I’m going to make all my own ingredients. Now I know you can do this with box
ingredients but if you want to actually do all homemade ingredients I’m going to
list them all up on my site, it’s too much to go through in one video but on
the vlog on Steve’s kitchen all the ingredients will be there but feel free to
go with box versions of these ingredients. I know it’s going to be a lot
of work but I can tell you it’s also going to be a lot of fun, so come on let’s
get going. Just spray a little oil onto a 11 by 17
baking sheet and we’re going to line that with some baking paper. We’re
starting up in the top left-hand corner with a beautiful chocolate chip cookie
dough and just want to square it up and work out approximately where the 8th of
the corner is. Up next is the M&M cookie and we’re using this to square up the
two desserts either side of it. Now don’t forget all the ingredients can be found
on my blog at Steves-kitchen.com. In the bottom left-hand corner you want to lay
down a base of a graham cookie or something similar, on top of that we’re
going to put some delicious chocolate and cover that over with some marshmallows.
That’s our S’mores out the way. We’re now going to take some chocolate fudge
brownie mix and pop it above the M&M cookies and I just want to square this
one up as well. On the far side of the tin you’ve got to lay down a shortcrust
pastry and we’re going to build up the walls of the shortcrust pastry to
contain two different types of pie. In the top right hand side I’m going to put a
delicious spiced pumpkin pie mixture. Don’t forget all the ingredients are on
Steves-kitchen.com. In the bottom right we continue with the Americana theme and
we’re going with a traditional apple pie filling. You cannot beat a lovely moist
banana bread, so I’m going to join the two sides together with a beautiful
banana bread batter and last but by no means least, we’re going to line the
surface again with a graham cracker or something similar and we’re going to top
this off with a New York style cheesecake.Pre-heat your oven to 150
degrees Celsius that’s 300F and you want to bake the whole tray of desserts
for about 1 hour. Let’s bring our 8 desserts out of the oven, now you’ll see
that the chocolate chip cookies have over flowed a little bit, I probably should
have used a little bit less batter but I’m pretty pleased with the results. You
want to let this completely cool down and then we’re going to cut it up, just
divide it up into little finger sized morsels. Thank You Stephen I hope you
appreciate the work I went to to make this, I wish I could share it with you.
Which piece would you go for, come on answer down below in the comments. I know
what I’m going to do, there’s a crossroads here, where four really great desserts
meet and that’s the one I’m going to go for. I’ve got the M&M cookie, the New York
style cheesecake, a little bit of banana bread and some fudge brownie, it’s got to
taste good. Here goes, where do I bite mmm that is so good, the cheesecake is
delicious and I can tell you this is a conversation piece at any dinner party.
It’s worth the effort, it’s a lot of fun if you decide to make it, send me across
some pictures on social media. Don’t forget to share the love, give this the
thumbs up, share it with your friends and family. Be good, I’ll see you in the next
fun episode of Steve’s kitchen, take care.