– Happy Thanksgiving everyone! (light rock music) We’ve started off our day
yelling at each other. Look at this! This, is pink! I am not being manipulative. – Yes you are! – Everyone is mad. Oh, Chad, get outta there! Everyone’s down each other’s throats. But we’re okay, right? I don’t even feel like vlogging. Happy Thanksgiving. (car engine rumbles) (piano music) Abby, did you wash my white gown, with Shari’s red dress? – [Abby] I didn’t put them in together. – This is pink.
– No it’s not! – Abby, are you colorblind?
– It’s pink. Look at this!
– It’s not pink. – This is pink!
– That is pink. That’s pink.
– It’s pink. – [Ruby] This was brilliant white, it was the most expensive dress I’ve ever purchased.
– That’s pink. – And it’s gorgeous and it’s pink! – Hey, you what mom? I had people on my Instastory’s tell me that they actually thought the clothes were cuter dyed halfway pink, so maybe you should be grateful. – [Chad] Okay, it does
look like rose gold. – It does actually look really great. – [Ruby] It looks like it’s dingy. – It looks really pretty.
– I like it. – I like it too.
– It looks like rose gold. – [Kevin] Okay, I’m goin’ out the van. – [Ruby] It’s just,
you’re not pickin’ it up on camera but it’s more blotchy, it’s more pink right here and then it’s less pink on the back. It’s not even consistent. – It’s still, it’s like it’s sort of like a tie dye sort of thing, I really like it. – [Ruby] I’m not, you ruined it, Abby. – When I do laundry my wife is probably going to be like, “Russell!” (solemn music) – Okay, we’re good. – [Ruby] Did you get
everything you needed? – Yes and I got you a peace offering to calm your frayed nerves.
(laughing) They’re frazzled.
– I am frazzled! Thank you, you do love me. – [Chad] That’s being manipulative. – I am not being manipulative. – Yes you are, yes you are. – He loves you because
he gave you a candy bar? – I’m placing undo meaning on a candy bar, but, I do appreciate the gesture. – It’s the thought.
– Thank you for the thought. This morning and last night have been whirlwind. – [Kevin] Bonkers! – I’m gonna cry, I can’t, okay, so this video is being edited and posted the next day, so this is real time folks. The video you’re watching
right now, we just filmed. However, in the coming week and two weeks, the videos you’re watching
were filmed last week and some huge, major, life changing things happened in our family
that I’m still trying to wrap my mind around. – [Chad] We all hit
puberty at the same time! – And it wasn’t that all the kids hit puberty at once, although, that threw me and floored me. (sighing)
It’s nice to have all your babies at once because then you’re miserable all at once. You’re getting them all
in car seats at once, you are wiping up throw
up off your shirts, like, all at once, you
just get it all over with. However, they do all hit puberty at once, but, they all leave the house at once, so that’s nice, that is
not the big news we have. It is the other news
that is rocking my world. But, we’re okay, right? You okay, have I scarred you? – I’m ready for hibernation for winter. Yeah, this week has been nutso, nutso. I’m ready to check in for a week long trip at a spa or something. – Bring on the holidays!
(sirens blaring) – [Kevin] Someone’s
having a bad Thanksgiving. ♪ Over the river and through the woods ♪ ♪ To grandmother’s house we go ♪ ♪ The horse knows the
way to carry the sleigh ♪ ♪ Through the white and drifting snow ♪ – [Ruby] We made it.
(uplifting music) Oh, it smells amazing. – Smells like Thanksgiving.
– What’s up guys? – Hi, there all here!
– Bunch of teenagers. – Hey, we were just talking about you. (inspiring music) – [Ruby] Oh my gosh, you guys! Mom bought a new tree. Is this the first nice looking tree we’ve ever had?
(laughing) – [Chad] Grandma, I like the pine cones. – That why I put it up in November. – Every year, since we’ve been little, we’ve had little. – Charlie Brown trees.
– Charlie Brown trees. This one looks like one out
of a Macy’s or something. (crowd chatter)
It’s so pretty. What made you not wanna do the homemade ornaments we
made when we were three? – Oh, I just couldn’t bring
’em out one more time. (laughing) – Where did you get the licorice? – From Julie.
– Go get me one. Could you go sneak me one? Go sneak me one. Thank you. (“Hark! The Herald Angels Sing”) – [Ruby] Look who’s here! Aunt Linda’s here to the party! Hey, how are ya’?
– Okay. We have some snow, merry Christmas! – It is not Christmas, Aunt Linda. (laughing)
It’s Thanksgiving. Merry Christmas anyway. We are ready to start getting Thanksgiving on the table. My mom has renovated her garage. She redid the floors, she put this enamel on the floor and she’s set, this is her garage. She’s redone her garage. She even put Christmas
trees in the garage. My dad’s motorcycle. And she set up these tables. She got a ton of card tables and just put ’em all together
with this tablecloth. Look how cute this is, all of the kids have crayons, I think my sister Julie brought this. And then, that way everybody
can sit at the table. I don’t know if my whole entire family has ever sat at the table
all together in years because there’s 30 of us. Crazy huh? (orchestral music) – File away, you know
where your name tags are. – [Grandpa] Dinner time! – [Ruby] Mom, this looks so good. – I think I want to cry. – [Ruby] Look, mom even put a wall here so you can’t see the rest of the garage. You did so much work.
– Thank you. – [Ruby] Oh, I’m so proud of you. – Well, you brought the turkey. – I brought the turkey. (crowd chatter) Have you ever seen this many people be able to sit at the table all at once? – This is so full! – [Ruby] This has been a
dream come true for you to sit everyone at the table. – Every one of us, in our home! (applauding) – [Ruby] Grandma needs a hand! (cheering and shouting) – She’s been looking forward to this day for months. – [Family Member] How
much (mumbling) on this? (whistling) – All you guys down there, shh. (laughing) Okay, thank you, thank you, thank you. Can you hear me down there, Cody, Clark and Russell? Clark, can you hear me?
– Yes. – Okay, thanks for coming guys. And we’ve asked Aunt Julie, our Julie, big Julie, to give our blessing. – [Julie] Oh dear gracious holy father, we are so grateful for
this day that we have, to be able to celebrate Thanksgiving and come together as a family. (“Deck The Halls”) – Thanksgiving dinner, a success. I saw Ellie passing around
some Advil for dessert. Mom, do you want some Advil? I’ll take two. Two over here.
(crowd chatter) – This is gonna be the
easiest cleanup ever. The kitchen’s not ever that messy. (piano music) (inspiring music) – I don’t know why.
(laughing) – [Julie] That was funny stance. (crowd chatter)
(laughing) – Welcome to the family snowball fight where the adults laugh and the kids cry. Crush each other. – Is Russell left or right handed? – [Ruby] Left. – Well, no wonder he can’t hit anybody. You have to learn to throw right handed. – [Kevin] He can’t throw with either one. – [Grandpa] They’re not
holding anything back. – [Ruby] Oh no Chad! Chad, get outta there! Oh no, oh no! (squealing and laughing) – The uncles need to go out there. Yes, Landon! – Get Chad!
– Get Chad, get Chad! (squealing and laughing) Yes, yes!
(laughing) – I thought he was hurt.
– I hope no one gets hurt. Where’s Joel?
– This is how someone ends up in the ER ever Thanksgiving. – [Julie] I know, I was gonna say. Oh, there’s Jackson. He was hiding under the trampoline. – [Ruby] Jackson. Jackson’s hiding under the trampoline. (laughing) ♪ We wish you a merry Christmas ♪ ♪ We wish you a merry Christmas ♪ ♪ We wish you a merry Christmas ♪ ♪ And a happy New Year ♪