when it comes to diabetes most people
would probably say you have to give up on sweets but really that’s not true
you just have to be a bit more careful and maybe keep it to a minimum sugary
treats can affect a person’s blood sugar sure but they’re not the only thing that
causes a person to develop diabetes carbohydrates are the culprits when it
comes to raising blood sugar levels keeping this in mind here are some sweet
treats you can enjoy if you are those you love have diabetes you know what
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sweet stuff here’s why desserts can be a problem when someone is diabetic when
you’re diabetic your body either has to deal with not being able to use insulin
correctly or your body doesn’t make enough insulin in some cases diabetics
can experience both issues insulin is a hormone your body produces to put sugar
where it belongs once it enters your bloodstream if you have problems with
insulin production or your body doesn’t know what to do with the insulin that
means your blood will become too sugary which is why avoiding sugar is important
we’ve talked about sugar on this channel before but it’s really hard to eat foods
without added sugars sugar is everywhere and avoiding it can be really tricky
that’s why we’re giving you this list today of delicious treats that diabetics
can enjoy – in moderation of course dark chocolate when it comes to the diet
world chocolate seems like it’s a bad word but really a dark chocolate has
many health benefits like antioxidants for those with diabetes however you’ll
have to be extra diligent when it comes to checking the labels many companies
like to throw in the dreaded added sugar when it comes to dark chocolate so
you’ll want to make sure there’s not any extra hidden in the ingredients try to
go for 70% and higher to get any of the health benefits frozen grapes and
bananas sometimes it’s best just to keep it simple fruit does contain sugar but
it’s natural sugar and you won’t have to worry about any of those troublesome
added sugars either eating frozen bananas or grapes is a great way to cool
off in the summer time you can even blend the bananas together to make an
ice cream consistency the frozen grapes will also have a sort of slushy
consistency as well you can lay out the frozen bananas on a cookie sheet first
and then transfer them to an airtight container and the grapes can go right
into a bag or container kept in the freezer until you’re ready to enjoy
make your own frozen yogurt there are lots of yummy sugar-free yogurts out
there and if you take one that’s more of a desert flavor like key lime pie and
throw it in the freezer you’ll have your very own frozen yogurt dessert top it
off with some fruit and you’ll have a gourmet treat ready to impress grilled
peaches many of the desserts on this list are tailored to the summertime but
really you can enjoy them any time of year grilled peaches are another
delicious dessert that has none of those pesky added sugars to worry about when
peaches are halved and placed on the grill the flavor really comes out you
can also add sugar-free whipped topping for extra decadence sugar free hot
chocolate this is a great once in a while treat especially when the weather
turns cold try sourcing out some sugar free hot chocolate along with that sugar
free whipped topping we talked about earlier for a delicious hot beverage you
can add some cinnamon or peppermint for a little extra spice as well sugar-free
jell-o gelatin is a fun dessert that you can make into Wiggly shapes it’s
something everyone can enjoy and you can flavor it with sugar free whipped
topping or add some fruit as well just like these gelatin desserts you can also
make any sugar-free pudding delicious by adding the same sugar-free whipped
topping and some fruit like blueberries strawberry lemonade popsicles this is
another one that you can make at home which means that you can control the
sugar content stevia is a sweetener that comes from a plant and is extremely
sweet without the negative effects of sugar the key to having sweet tasting
popsicles is fresh ingredients you’ll want organic freshly grown strawberries
and freshly squeezed lemon juice blend it all together and leave them overnight
to freeze strawberry shortcake again you’ll want fresh strawberries for this
one so they taste nice and sweet you can make your own angel food cake sponge
cake or biscuit as the base for this dessert and use some sugar-free whipped
topping to top it all off the more desserts you make at home the more
control you have on the sugar content make your own ice cream you can choose
your own recipe but blending frozen fruit together with minimal added
ingredients can be a great substitute for ice cream and a much healthier one
to boot peach raspberry banana the combinations are endless you can choose
your own flavors depending on what is in season and really get creative fruit
based ice creams are packed with calcium and antioxidants depending on what
fruits you use and are great for those in your life who are lactose intolerant
as well as diabetic remember keeping healthy as a diabetic requires you to
stay on top of managing your blood sugar in insulin levels cooking at home can
really help you control what goes into your body especially when it comes to
all those sweet treats we’ve mentioned on this list are you a diabetic
what’s your favorite sweet treat why not let us know some of your favorite
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