Salut YouTube today I wanted to do a
video based on some of the habits that I’ve picked up since I’ve been living in
France because for some reason or another after five years I’ve been in
France surrounded by French people lo and
behold you start to do with French people things. The first French people
habit that I’ve seem to have picked up has to do with the sounds that French
people make in the words that they use as well so I’ve definitely picked up the
classic bahhhh so for French people when they’re looking for their words or their
thinking they tend to say bahhhhhhh and I now I’m differently like there’s also what I like to
call the huff and puff like that and I do this too something’s not going well
or you know the bus is running late or whatever. There’s also a few connecting
words what French people use all the time that I’ve definitely picked up and
a classic is allez hop for example if someone says hey can you please pass me
the bread and you pass them the bread and you’re just about to put it on their
plate you’ll say allez hop like there you go another kind of word that I use all
the time is Oup là like for example if someone throws you something and you
catch it you’re like Oup là or if you need to jump over something you’re like
Oup là. Another thing I do now that I never used to do is group numbers by two. The phone numbers over here are like 06 67 57 18 09 you know by the way that is not my number but they group the
numbers in two and in New Zealand it’s not the case so if you have a cell phone
number you’re like 027 266 7003 and now if I’m speaking to friends and they’re like what’s your number I’m like 02 73 09
and yeah it doesn’t really work. Speaking of speaking with native English speakers
another habit that I have picked up from French people is the way I sound when I
speak English so I’ve actually had a lot of comments on my youtube channel saying
are you are you a Kiwi are you a French person talking about New Zealand a lot
like I’m confused what are you yeah to be honest I have noticed that my accent
has changed a little bit and the way I speak has changed a little bit you know
for example were like yes why not and that’s very much like the French
“oui pourquoi pas?” I also use franglais all the time. The French use après, ensuite and they translate it to after often when
they’re speaking English they’ll say after next you know after I will after I
don’t know if an and so I’ve definitely picked up that habit I say things like I
propose you that we go to and you know I know if it’s not correct but I’m just
absorbing my environment I think it’s kind of natural you start to imitate and
pick up the habits that other people have around you I also start a lot of my
sentences in English with in fact of course it’s from the French people
always saying all fit unfit to know when they’re about to explain something to
you another habit that I’ve picked up of
course are the famous French facials your face can say so many things without
using a single word you just have to read between the lines you’ve got the
face which is a little bit like mmm okay if you say so much a little bit like
it’s kind of like okay I hadn’t heard of that but I guess I believe what you’re
saying like the other classic sort of saying what like surprised what like or
kind of like whatever what like of course there’s that I don’t
know don’t ask me I’m gonna do the lips as well as like with if you’re thinking
about something you’ve got to do the lips Oh mm okay and if you really don’t
know the answer to something you can always do the inflated tick which is
like the next thing I’m pretty sure any French learner can relate but when
someone asks now for my name I give them my surname because in France you’re
always asked for your surname first and it’s called Nam which looks like name so
Kelly votre nom when someone’s asking for your name and English you want to
say merci but I say McCarthy so or McCarty in French the H just seems to
have randomly disappeared so now in English if someone asks for my name I’m like McCarthy and I like yeah but your name McCarthy. Another thing is that
French people always write surnames and capital letters like caps-lock so it’s
like Rosie MCCARTHY you know it’s like in caps lock screaming at people and now
we never have a form to fill out like I can’t not put them in capital letters
like my name now will forever exist in capitals.
Another habit I picked up is telling the time in 24 hour format because that’s
the way they do it over here so I mean in New Zealand would be like 6
a.m. 7 a.m. 6 p.m. 7 p.m. whereas over here they’ll say like dix-huit heures, vingt-deux heures and they write it with a little H so
it’s like it’s like 22 H for 10 p.m. and so now even when I’m emailing people in
English at work I’ll be like can we please have a call at 10 H 30 you know
for 10:30 and yeah mixed up. Another habit that I just cannot kick is
finishing each meal with something sweet. so in France you usually have
very sweet things for dessert after lunch and after dinner you always seal
the meal with something sweet so I yogurt a fruit a cake whatever it is but
you seal it off and now like do not talk to me in the afternoon if I haven’t had
my sweet thing after lunch like I need it and I crave it and I can’t really
live without it. Another habit which I’ve picked up which I explained in much more
detail in my video on the ways in which France has fundamentally changed me I
definitely picked up a little bit of the French mindset which means that I always
have to sort of see things with a critical eye so I’m like yeah it was
great but or yeah it was awesome the only thing and I always have to kind of
balance her then give a more rounded perspective now I’ve noticed in France
as well that complaining kind of feels good and it’s cathartic and a lot of
people get together and complain and it’s a kind of way to bond and so I
definitely complain more you know we can complain about anything the weather the
temperature how hungry you are anything anything is open you do pick it up
honestly I mean which is fine when you’re amongst French people because you
don’t come across as any different but as soon as I go back home people like
whoa. The last habit I’ve picked up I don’t really know how I feel about it
I mean when you go out to restaurants in Paris you usually eat pizzas and burgers
and ribs and these kinds of things that I’m
used to eating with my hands you eat them with a knife and fork usually I
mean I’m talking about in general and I got a lot of hate for saying this in one
of my videos before and they’re like well you obviously hang out with a
really rich really snobby people and no when I got to restaurants and I’m
talking burger joints I’m talking just standard casual restaurants I never
really see people like picking stuff up with their hands and eating it and now I
feel two things either I feel like a complete snob when I’m around friends
who are eating with their hands and I’ve started eating with my knife and fork
and it’s sort of like Oh I’m so precious and then on the other hand I mean I feel
ridiculous when I’m in France because I’m like this is a pizza or these are
nachos or these are ribs like and you really want to pick them up with your
hands like a lamb chop or something but you kind of know that it’s not really
the done thing okay so I’ll leave it here for this
video have you guys ever lived overseas do you expect something in France are
you French people who have lived abroad let me know if you picked up any of the
local habits what they were I love reading the comments I love
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the next video I’ll see you then à bientôt!