Mumma pls give me Mango Mastani i want Mango Ice cream I need Aam panna I want Aam Papad I need Aam panna I want Mango Mojito This mango is gonna to fulfil the demands of all of them but before that hit 30,000 LIKES to this video first prepare Mango Pulp as this gonna to use in all our today’s recipe so make it little more beat it first beat it at low speed then at high speed for 2 to 3 minutes now add mango pulp in it for keeping it smooth sieve it before use fill this cream in piping bags here I am using different shapes nozzles take some seasonal fruits mixed these chopped fruits in the left over cream mix well pour it in a serving bowl to make a layer now we’ll decorate it put mango pieces in a glass put a layer of Vanilla Ice cream over it then pout Mango shake again a layer of Vanilla Ice Cream for toping add chopped Mango this drink is perfect for summers crush lemon slices and mint leaves you can also use Limca boil half a litre of milk add sugar on the other side mix custard powder in normal milk mix well so as to avoid lumps now pour it into the milk stir it continuously to mix it well once boiled turn off the gas flame now allow it to cool after it get cool add mango pulp in it cook Mango pulp with sugar stir it continuously for about 10 to 15 minutes add Ilaichi Powder for flavour grease a plate evenly distribute the pulp in it this is kid’s favourite for this take put fresh cream, Mango Pulp, Milk Mate in a mixer jar grind well pour it in a vessel cover it with a foil to avoid moisture keep it in fridge for about 5 to 6 hours take Ripe and unripe Mango in 2:1 ratio boil now prepare sugar syrup grind it in a mixer jar sieve it to get smooth paste add that prepared sugar syrup add water to maintain its consistency you can store it in a glass container for about 4 to 5 days it save us from heat strokes cut into small pieces boil it till 2 to 3 whistles after that add sugar now strain it now add for this take mango pieces mix them all with a grinder