A notebook dress, a sharpener backpack, tape instead of a skirt, and a paint sofa! We made accessories
for Barbie out of school supplies! Watch our new video to learn
how to sneak your favorite dolls into class! Teachers are people, too!
And Olivia Cactus is especially young at heart! She still can’t let go
of her old childhood dolls! This Barbie is her lucky charm, which is why the teacher brought it to work! To hide the doll from view, she uses a stand! Glue an opened-up ring blank onto a paper holder. Put cardboard into the holder. And put Barbie into the ring on the other side. But the girls noticed the doll
on their teacher’s desk anyway! That’s unfair! Since they’re not allowed
to have toys in class! Jessica’s not too upset! Her Barbie’s wearing a special dress
made just for school! Tear pages out of a notebook. Trace the doll’s neck and waist on the paper.
Add seam allowances. Draw the top of the dress. Add flaps for gluing it together. Cut it out. And glue it together on the doll. Bend and glue darts. Make a pattern for a maxi skirt
on two sheets of paper. Fold a paper skirt. And glue it to the top of the dress. This notebook dress is perfect! First of all, it looks great on the doll! And second, you can draw on it.
And even take notes! And when the teacher complains, Jessica tells her that this doll
is just part of her notebook! We write formulas on it to memorize them better! But you can’t trick Olivia Cactus! She takes the doll away for her own collection! Jessica’s sad about the loss,
but Cindy has something to cheer her up! She has a doll, too! In a very unique dress! Cover a doll with decorative fabric tape. Make a top and a skirt. Put on some shoes. Cindy wants to cut a piece off the doll’s dress! What are you doing? Chill!
It’s just tape! Stick it into your notes! This Barbie is so useful!
It’s a doll, but also a school supply! And Olivia Cactus will never know! Jessica’s sharpening a pencil
when she gets a brilliant idea! She’s working very hard on something!
What’ll it be? A space shuttle for Barbie?
A time machine that’ll take us to graduation? Finally, her invention is done!
It’s a handy backpack for Barbie! Pick out a pencil sharpener of a good shape. Cut two pieces off cord to be backpack straps. Melt the ends. Glue the straps to the sharpener. Cindy puts the new backpack on her doll! Now she really looks like a student! But this invention has one more function! Jessica sharpens her pencil
without taking the backpack off! Even Olivia Cactus is impressed!
Since she’s a big fan of dolls! It’s unfortunate that Barbies
mess up the girls’ ability to focus in class! The teacher is teaching
and Jessica is listening! She’s so focused that she even falls asleep! Come on, don’t sleep at your desk!
Cindy has a special couch for napping! Coat the lid of a watercolor box
with white acrylic paint. Cut a sponge into blocks
according to the box size. And glue together a soft couch. Cover the couch with felt. Decorate the seams with thin white cord. And make a top cushion the same way. Sew through it to make it look realistic. Cut a cake pop stick into even pieces. And glue them to the bottom corners of the box.
These are couch legs. Glue the soft couch to the lid. Make a roll pillow out of another sponge. Adjust the shape. And cover it in felt. Decorate it with cord. Put two roll pillows and a pillow
with pompoms onto the couch. What a cute, soft pink couch!
Jessica wants to lie down and rest! Are you serious? It’s too small for you!
It’s Barbie-sized! Place the doll on the couch instead! Jessica wishes she had a pillow like that, too. But there’s more surprises ahead!
The couch has bright paints inside! We’ve also got a little table
made out of a palette. Remove the top from a paper cupcake stand. Coat the stand with acrylic paint. Cover a small round paint palette
with the same shade on the reverse side. Cut a circle the size of the palette’s base
out of scrapbook paper. Attach it with double-sided tape. And put the palette
on the stand to make a table. The girls create masterpieces
with their doll furniture! Couch paints and a palette table
are crucial in art class! The best part is,
the teacher can’t even criticize them! The girls do their work with no toys in sight! Cindy took her doll out on a walk!
Careful, the teacher will see! Just take some crayons and draw instead!
But Cindy has her own crayons! Artsy sneakers for her Barbie! Wrap doll sneakers with masking tape.
Make barriers around the sole. Break up a crayon and microwave it. Pour the first layer onto the shoe’s sole. Make a few different colorful layers. Lengthen the shape
by adding another layer of tape. When the wax set, remove the tape. Even out the colorful sole. Cindy shows off her doll’s bright shoes!
How stylish! Sneakers instead of crayons! But Jessica’s still worried about the teacher! And Cindy puts shoes on her doll! Her Barbie does a rainbow dance,
making a drawing in her notebook! Olivia Cactus notices dolls
on the desk again! Cut that out! She takes the doll away!
And Cindy has nothing left! But these colorful crayon shoes
will come in handy for Olivia’s collection! The girls can’t share their glitter glue!
They can’t stop fighting! So the teacher has to take the glue away
to stop their argument! And this glitter glue will turn
into a colorful mattress for her favorite doll! We’ll need two packages of glitter glue. Cut one plastic lid in the middle. And hot glue it at an angle. Attach it to the second pack. Trim the edges. File down the sharp edges. Put the glue back in. Now Barbie’s got a cool beach mattress! Olivia Cactus turns the glue
into a fun summery mattress for her Barbie! She can relax there after
a long day at school! But that’s not all yet! A ballpoint pen can turn
into an interesting accessory! We just need something for the top! Olivia Cactus tries
to find something in her desk. Finally, she finds what she needs! Trace a dish on scrapbooking cardboard.
Cut it out. Divide the circle into even sections. Mark a flap for gluing it together
on one section. Draw triangles. Cut out the section with the flap. And cut off the bases of the triangles. Use a ruler to help you
bend it along the lines. And hot glue the umbrella together. Cut out a zigzag pattern
from scrapbooking paper. Fold it with a ruler. Make cuts on the bends based
on the sections of the umbrella. And glue the trim onto the umbrella. Decorate the top with a pompom. And glue a ballpoint pen inside. What a cute umbrella! It can take notes! And help Barbie from burning up in the sun! Olivia keeps her Barbie’s beach zone
hidden from her students! She’s so caught up in it that
she doesn’t hear the school bell ring! The girls remind her that class is over. But Olivia Cactus is too busy in doll world!
Still, we have to say goodbye! The teacher gives the girls their dolls back! It’s time to grow up, Miss Cactus! Did you like the ideas for
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