Hi everyone, thanks for joining me. Um, so today’s video is I wanted to share something with you the For me has been really really beneficial to I would say maybe my vegan journey And it’s something I always promote people that when they first go vegan They should educate themselves and that’s why I did the whole video on the best Documentaries with veganism I’ll leave a link to that up above or down below Because I think education is one of the most important things you can do I think is one of those ones it’s going to allow you to Do this for a long time? It’s going to keep you on the path and I think it should be something that if you’re making this change You should be passionate about and try and learn as much about it as possible And also as well, I guess part of being a vegan is not only new making your change to live that lifestyle But trying to help other people move down that path and obviously in my opinion even though veganism is about the animals and it is a Lifestyle, I do like to look at it it’s coming from it from three different angles because again if we want to try and get as many people to adopt this lifestyle as possible We need to realize that there going to be some people that have different Motivators and others some are going to be caring about the environment some truly will offer you about the animals and some people will be about their health and I’m not saying that when one comes from one direction, they then can adopt the rest But some people were gonna have a true motivator. There’ll be some people that care about animals, but They wouldn’t adopt a vegan lifestyle. They don’t care about animals unfortunately enough to make that change like they care about cats and Dogs and pets and that they have don’t have that connection when it comes to pigs and chickens or thing They don’t see them as having value. So adopting a vegan lifestyle They wouldn’t make that change for the animals. However, they may care about their health and Even though you would say that they’re not going vegan. They’re going plant-based whatever it is if we can get people to adopt that and Dyer That makes a huge difference to the vegan movement if we can get everyone to go plant-based ok That makes a huge difference to the vegan movement It makes a huge difference if the animals if it not buying those products are not you know that affecting the supply and demand chain the fair buying The vegan products supposed to meet dairy and eggs that is going to make a huge impacts We need to realize the true potential when it comes to educating people on all three aspects And one thing that I want to share with you, and it’s something that has helped me Learn more and try and educate more people about it because a lot of it there’s a lot of misinformation out there So the more information, you know the more that you can share and there’s gonna be some people that are gonna generally care what you have to say when it comes to nutrition, so I wanted to share this book with you that I have here called how not to die and It is one of my favorite books, I’m really interested in nutrition as it is, I think it’s amazing The impact of what you eat what you put in your body How much of an impact that has on you and just how amazing? This human body is how it adapts how it changes, uh certain things in your body. I think the whole thing is incredible So reading this book And learning about it all You know, I enjoy it. I mean, there’s gonna be other people out there that enjoy it too There’s gonna be some people out there who have just adopted a vegan lifestyle and they’ve been hearing about the health impacts I’ve been hearing about dr. Gregor. Maybe they’ve heard seen videos of Mike the vegan or happier for vegan or Even vegan gains and they want to learn more about it because sometimes those videos they put a bit of information They might leave links other things, but sometimes it’s hard to understand what these people are talking about and sometimes if a site Studies sometimes you can click on it and go looking for it and it goes a bit above your head Unless you’re someone that’s you know studied further into maybe even researching or maybe even deeper into biology Maybe you’ve done a nutrition school something like that. Sometimes if you haven’t done that it can be quite hard to understand all of it So this is why I like this book because it kicks off. It gives you an easy terms and you can really understand What is actually going on in our body? What is going on when we eat animal products? What effect that hasn’t know what effect it has eating a plant-based diet has on our diet has on our life Our bodies and obviously if we’re trying to help promote veganism It makes sense to learn as much as we possibly can on what we’re trying to promote and I’ll see I mean, some people are gonna say well morals and and talking about like the vegan animal side of it. It’s subjective Okay, and sometimes it can be quite hard to be talking to someone and say and what they’re doing is wrong It can be quite hard to argue that Still we’re gonna put the point out then it’s still something that I try and promote and I’ve done a whole series on excuses Why people go vegan? I’ll leave a link to that up above where I’m trying to help change people’s mindset on how they think and feel by these animals how the move towards that direction But sometimes there’s gonna be people that you can’t make the argument Because they have their own opinion and they won’t listen to anyone else’s. However if you can come up them with science and show them that their studies the show You know The more animal products you consume the higher rates of chronic disease. There’s studies showing The higher intake of dairy the higher the intake of osteoporosis Their studies shown a higher egg consumption is higher rates of cancer diabetes and if things are this explained and you know educate people on the effects of these animal products having on a health the fact that you know, there’s links between milk and people getting type 1 diabetes and also a Immune like problem where that the body’s is actually attacking its own pancreas attacking its own Receptors that produce insulin because of these proteins examing proteins the idea that casein protein has the ability to turn on cancer in our body I GF or meat these foods IGF levels go which again increases the cancer being able to grow and our body different things like this was just incredibly Interesting it’s incredibly like it’s amazing to know and to understand how these foods have an impact on body But where the true power comes in is once we know it we can pass on other people I know there’s been a lot of debate with this whole definition of veganism whether we you know, Only a true vegan if you you know, you basic out and do part activist and whether people think that’s right or not besides the point but if you have the ability to know more and be able to educate more people you could then help more people to go vegan and if you want to try and make a difference you go and vegan is incredible and what you’re doing and Have that is making a huge difference. But the more people that we can get to go vegan It just compounds it and we make more and more of a difference So more people that we can get to go vegan. And the other thing is we all have someone that we care about with one we lucky and when we learn about it we Realized what these products are doing to their health and if we can help those people change Like that video I did before where someone close to me obviously had heart disease. I have a heart attack had the bypass surgery there the reason why that’s happened is diet and lifestyle related and me trying to spread this information if I knew this sooner I May have got could have made a difference maybe maybe not but the information I could have passed on and that’s why I think that this is an incredible book and I definitely recommend all of you whether you’ve got it or you haven’t to get it I Will be leaving links to this in the description down below a UK version and a US version depend on where you are Make sure you check that house. Another book that is meant to be really really similar to this one is the China Study I haven’t read it yet. But a lot of time when I’ve spoken to people how awesome this book is They’ve also recommended the China Study I will leave links that down below because Apparently I’ve heard of a China so we have no really apparently it’s on long this similar line It can be showing all over the science and the links between chronic disease and our diet So I think that’s gonna be an interesting book for you to read as well But that’s it for today guys If you liked the video give it a thumbs up if you loved it consider subscribing and I’ll see you in a next one