Dream’s party looked absolutely dreamy — until a bug was spotted crawling towards the two-year-old’s cake Ew! Take a look at the cockroach crashing her birthday bash.    We wish there was a way to un-see this! Kylie Jenner, 21, posted a video from Dream Kardashian‘s second birthday party to show off the little one’s fairy-themed decor, but a bug snuck into the shot, reports TMZ Kylie was panning across the food spread, and as soon as she moved the camera from pastel cake pops to Dream’s blue birthday cake, there was movement in the left corner of the video A cockroach scuttled towards the dessert. By the time she moved onto the chocolate-covered pretzels, the insect was touching the frosting Yuck! You seriously can’t make this stuff up.  [WATCH THE COCKROACH VIDEO HERE.]    As gross as that is, not even a cockroach could ruin this birthday party, TBH! Bug aside, Dream had the perfect celebration Not only was the bash stocked with sweet treats, but the birthday girl looked even sweeter than the dessert table thanks to a baby blue dress Featuring a halter neck and a tulle skirt, baby Dream completed the precious look with a flower headband and a matching sash around her waist What a sweetheart! But she wasn’t the only one dressed like a fairy. The party also featured two women wearing amazing costumes, as well as fairy wings hung up on the wall for each mini guest  As if that wasn’t cute enough, the birthday bash also featured a teepee in the middle of the room Covered in butterflies and ivy, it was the perfect spot to set up a table and colorful pillows for the little ones to eat on So cute!  And now all of that perfect planning is currently being overshadowed by a roach! We’re sure that Kylie didn’t mean to catch the bug on camera — or even notice it in the first place — but maybe she should have taken a closer look at her footage before sharing with her 119 million followers