My Name is Hattie Owens, and I live in Millerton, New York. Remembering last summer, the summer of my
12th birthday, the summer and learned to lift the corner
my universe… My family runs a small-town boarding house Angel Valentine is a boarder My best friend Betsy left for Maine My uncle Adam’s school closes He is 21-years-old and mentally disabled He’s obsessed with I Love Lucy Give him a date, and he’ll tell you the day Then I met a new friend… Her family owns the carnival that comes to town At the Fourth of July picnic, everyone stares at Adam. Adam has a crush on Angel, but Angel has a boyfriend. A wonderful summer… Until a frightening experience that Adam isn’t capable of handling… ends in disaster. Find out what happens to Hattie and her uncle Adam in Ann M. Martin’s Newbery Honor book, A Corner of the Universe.