We are in Thailand right now We are here… Is this JCC? Excuse me We are here for a cup of coffee part 2 (Part 1 in V LIVE) Right now, my heart is beating a little fast because The battery is about to run out Okay hey guys we are right now in Thailand Bangkok, Thailand And we are wearing some nice clothes today Because it’s a very special occasion We are here because we wanted to have a cup of coffee, part 2 Cup of coffee? It should be a cup of watermelon juice now No, a cup of Thai tea Okay, everyone! A cup of coffee, part 2! I am a new member of a cup of coffee Where are you from? I’m from Korea DOYOUNG, are you gonna drink a cup of coffee today? I want… Slowly, Slowly DOYOUNG, are you gonna drink a cup of coffee today? English please Okay, are you going to drink a cup of coffee today? Of course What time is it right now? It’s time to shine! I’m talking in English right now! Sorry, sorry They have it! They have it? Thai iced tea Local favorite Oh, okay okay Let me zoom-in for a second Thai iced tea, and JAEHYUN’s hand Wait, what’s wrong with it? What happened to your hand? I put in a lot of effort on the stage today so… MARK, they have Canadian… They have Canadian! I’ll just have iced tea Bless me achoo! So the concept is like, we are from different schools, right? No, no, no, we are all wearing… Yeah, but like before… Like now? Same school Same school, same class Today we are all wearing the same clothes We’re wearing clothes from Thailand From a school in Thailand And what I want to do today was ‘JOHNNY’s Fashion Evaluation’ Wait, wait, I heard that the origin of ‘JOHNNY’s Fashion Evaluation’ was in Thailand So I think it’s time for us to redeem ourselves Guys, time for ‘JOHNNY’s Fashion Evaluation’! Welcome back So, ‘JOHNNY’s Fashion Evaluation’, Today is going to be a little difficult, but like, you know guys I’m always ready for a new challenge Well, because we are all in uniforms today, I’m gonna start off with myself I have about … 1,2,3 buttons untied Because I wanted to show that I’m a little on the cooler side at school You don’t want to be too uptight I mean, I’m a good student but you know, I like to be cool and relax And that’s the whole point I want to show in my outfit today My pants are a little short so I’m not sure if I want to show that today But… I’m okay, I’m okay You want to..? Okay I want to show my shorts too You know, just take a look at my face for a second What’s the color of the shorts? The pants are blue, I’m not gonna go lower I don’t think you should This is as low as I’m gonna go today, guys I’m glad that the desk is high Wait, are we filming JCC right now? It’s a program within a program! Thai special Okay, we’re gonna go to JAEHYUN right now Me and JAEHYUN, we are like the cool kids Cool kids, stand up please Okay We’ve got black, we’ve got red We’ve got matching shoes You guys are buddies at school, I can tell that We’re like… Wait, how long have you guys been buddies? Our houses were close Not now, but before We lived next doors Neighbors, neighbors I can see that you guys have one button untied This is enough, this is enough This represents that we are the cool kids The cool kids! We’re the most popular kids at school The cool kids! Buddies! So, you said that unbuttoning 3 buttons determines you as the cool kid But they’ve got only one so… You guys have to clear that out MARK! I’m the ‘chill kid’ They’re the cool kids As I can see, if you go to the bottom below, I can see that you guys have very long legs I love the high socks These are trending right now in Thailand We’re gonna go… What’s your hairstyle today? Like, a little wet? You came from the rain, is that what you wanted to say? I was playing basketball but… You were playing basket ball I was sweating Are you a sports kid? Oh, you’re a sports kid I’m a basketball player Is your buddy also… I’m also a sports kid, but I just took a shower Oh, took a shower At school Look at how clean, look at that skin Rice cake skin Rice cake skin? Wait, let me check See? Yup! Mine’s like the honey The honey? Honey skin No, you have to taste it What? Is it sweet? Okay, now we’ve got the smart kids Okay guys Let me introduce them for you guys He’s like the class president Class president He talks a lot, he listens to the teacher Wait, is he in class 3, by any chance? Yeah Is he the vice president? Yes Oh! The vice president of class 3 Okay Please talk slowly please Slow, please We’re gonna talk a little slower This guy, well, we’re all pretty much friends but this is the guy… Who…? Please! Let us be friends! Wait, Who is he? Who is this guy? This is MARK LEE He’s a new student Does he go to our school? No, my friend You’re not my friend I don’t want to be friends! Before we go further in with this conversation, we gotta explain to all of our viewers That the cool kids always have all the buttons up Cool kids, we’re gonna stand up for a bit Cool kids group number 3 We have to explain why the buttons need to be buttoned We’re gonna do this a little differently though, We’re gonna rap it Are we gonna rap it? Because you listen to your teacher, That’s why you are buttoned up Hey, what’s wrong with listening to your teacher? You just laughed! You just laughed though! Wait excuse me In school, you need to break the rules To be… What? I’m sorry You have to be yourself Yeah, okay okay Be yourself, don’t break the rules, don’t break the rules, I’m sorry We should speak slower Because the captain is about to get angry Please introduce yourself My name is DOYOUNG KIM DONGYOUNG! You forgot the KIM DOYOUNG KIM, DOYOUNG KIM Alright, alright I hate this guy… The more hate means the more love I used to be a student that my friends like and also my teachers like That’s enough, just one! We’re all in the scam school, people! We’re about to get into a fight We’re gonna clear this out a bit First, TEN, we’re gonna sit down JAEHYUN we’re gonna sit down I want to sit! No, no you’re gonna stand Right now, you are the main character DOYOUNG, we’re gonna have a self-introduction Why you’re dressed this way, I’m curious Why you have your socks way up right now? Whoa, he got bigger! Don’t film from the above Okay I won’t film from the above I will film from the below! It’s time for us, cool kids, I think we should all agree on that we’re all cool kids Wait, so who is this guy? Okay! Bring it in, bring it in MARK, tell me how you feel Or rap it We gotta rap in the school, in the building right here In Thailand In Thailand He will show, that smart kids got swag Fighting Let me just explain, this ain’t a rap This is… fact We’re all wearing uniform We gotta tell little kids that there ain’t no unicorn Let me tell you where this all came from This guy’s from room number 4 We’re the kids who don’t get oh And he’s KIM DONGYOUNG He thinks (the rhyme of) ‘uniform’, ‘unicorn’ is the BAAM! But no reaction It’s the beginning! I got it You think you’re cool But let me take you to school This is the number one rule You’re staying in room number 4 with the captain who thinks he’s cool Yeah, you sit on that stool You look like a fool! You think that’s cool? I’ll give you a tool I want to You want to rap? You gotta close it! Let me redeem myself Alright Show me what you’ve got Show me what you’ve got! We have to order Let’s order I’m gonna get some red wine Cool kid! You’re too cool! Cabernet Sauvignon… 2016 please [Ordering in Thai] Since you lived in Korea for a long time, and I sometimes forget English as well… My daily life at school is like, I wake up around 3:30 AM Wait, didn’t you tell me that you wake up at… No, no, no, right now, as a student right now What time do you sleep then? 2AM You sleep at 2AM, you wake up at 3:30AM? Why? Because I wanna get my studies down After school, I also have after school activities I’m doing bowling, I’m doing basketball, I’m doing soccer, I’m doing volleyball I’m doing skiing, I’m doing hockey, I’m doing… I don’t know, all sorts of things I don’t know how I have all the time for this Have you done chicken leg fight (*One-legged wrestling)? Oh, no that was last year Didn’t you win? Didn’t you win the tournament? Yeah, that was last year That’s so crazy! I saw it in on TV, like you won the Chicken leg (tournament) That’s why I can’t show you my legs today Because my training… My muscles are still there Is it like… Is it like this? No, it’s like this You gotta get the lower part too But the important part is that it’s only the right leg Yes, because… My number one opponent was, he was left handed Every day, right leg training What kind of school life have you lived, JAEHYUN? I used to be a student that loves school activities So you don’t love… So I love school activities I went to a trip to Thailand I thought we were from here! I thought we were from Thailand But we came here for a trip! Wait a second! We need to tell people about family background I was born in a very… nice family Smiles, a lot of laughter Oh! TNT! My family’s kind of strict so I had to learn 5 languages 5 languages! Okay, what did you learn? I learned Mandarin And then what did you learn? And then, English Okay, you’re speaking English right now And Thai Okay, Thai And then Korean What’s the last one? And the last, Japanese Can you please speak some Japanese? This would happen when you learn 5 languages at once After school, I had to learn ballet What kind of school did you go to? Wait, we teach ballet in our school? My school has a British system so we have like ballet, drama, I think it’s a side club Do we not go to the same school? No, but like, he goes to his own separate club I didn’t sign for that You signed in for the wrestling, the chicken leg thing That was last year! So I have ballet, one polo, one volleyball, basketball, Wait, you took volleyball too? Wait, are you the blond guy from last year? No, I had red hair No, you had blond hair No You were the guy with really short pants Yeah Yeah that’s it I get along well with all the kids in school I’m very bright, energetic and very friendly I saw you talking with the teacher the other day I saw how you cried too And then I’m moving abroad next… Abroad? Next semester Where? Um, to Oxford To where? Oxford? Wow, this guy’s smart This guy’s impressive Thank you I was just gonna start my own business but… Thank you This is the highlight Look at how tall that is Two for MARK It’s so high it’s like my grades Real Watermelon Killer~ Hey, do you want me to teach you the manners? First you touch the tip of the straw Yeah! Tip of the straw And then you pull it up a little Don’t bend down, and just like… Oh, so don’t bend? Don’t bend Is there a ‘bon apetit’..? Am I doing it right? Is there ‘bon apetit’ in Thai? [Thai: ‘bon apetit’] Your manners are so good Guys, but you know what’s so amazing? These straws are made of paper Environmental friendly! This is like… Coconut? Let me film the insert shot And I will follow the arm… [Thai: ‘bon apetit’] [Thai: ‘bon apetit’] Coconut ice cream! You have to eat this coconut Sticky rice? This is the best menu Oh my god I think it’s sweet condensed milk Hyung, you should try this It’s like a taro This is my favorite dessert What’s your favorite? Coconut ice cream I mean, this sticky rice isn’t as good as what my mom makes for me That was a nice thought MARK’s mom, she’s so good at making sticky rice What? She does it as a hobby but… My friends come over my house just to eat sticky rice Oh, where’s your house? Is it Thonglor? Where’s your house? Is it Sukhumvit? Yeah No Thonglor was my town My house is Bang Khen Oh, really! Where’s your house? I think I’ve seen you walk by Bangkok Bangkok is a city When I was young, I saw you got on TV Really? Yes! No, wait, he came out on TV? TV Star is my friend What was my name again? Is it like TNT? I think she began the sticky rice market She just started experimenting with mangoes and rice and coconuts I’ve never seem my mom make it though My second favorite fruit was mango And she always knew that I liked eating rice My dad knew that I liked beans So he was like playing with beans He dropped it, and then he dropped it on the rock And then it slid, and then hot water started falling And then coffee! Oh! Black beans! I thought you were talking like the green beans! No, no, the coffee beans What did the rock do? They made it into a powder? They made it into a powder and then like hot water came out of nowhere And then like, black coffee Wait, wait, your house has a hole? No, it was outside Wait, where’s your house? Chiangmai? No, but you’re at my house Right here? Yeah This is your house? So we are at Chiangmai? No, no, no, what? We’re at the luxury hotel Wait, we have to start it all over again We should start it all over again This is just like Trueman show! We’re filming a Trueman show Again, let’s start with MARK Rewind 1, 2, 3, boom! Ah, today’s homework was very tough You did it? I mean, I didn’t finish it but like, yeah… Gotta go work on it What did you learn today? Why were you in such a bad mood today? I saw you from across the room and you looked pretty down My morning apple, I dropped it Oh and then you missed basketball What did you do today at school? I wake up at 7… School starts at 7 No, 8 No, because he had the privilege at school Smart kids! You always come early I am captain at school Like these guys… No, no, TV star! How do you say ‘student council’ in English? Student council (I am) student council, but This guy, at school, “I’m a TV star!” I can’t remember You guys don’t have to keep your buttons up but I just wanted to clear out, I mean like, in case you guys don’t want to get into trouble… No, I’ve got special permission What kind of rules does our school have? Because you’re a TV star, You can do anything! The basic rules of our school Buttons Button up But last year, (it fitted) right, but in summer, me grow Suddenly so fast grow And then pants so small Show me, show me No, no, pants so small I can’t relate to that Aw, that’s kind of sad That’s sad, that was sad We are about to evaluate the evaluator We are about to… start from the top to the bottom We are about to evaluate the evaluator He goes by the name of JOHNNY SUH A.K.A., the JCC, the evaluator, the fashionista Okay, here we go From the beginning Top, as you can see, very very high There, the oxygen is different The bangs, the eyelash, the nose, and the mouth And then you come into the collar As you can see, he has 3 buttons opened Oh, is that a… should I get the lips as a detail too? Alright, alright, okay You want the pose too I wanted to go slowly but okay Oye, so you kind of go slanted! Oh, you kind of go slanted! That’s because he’s too tall From the side, you can see the collar 3 buttons opened Alright, the collars do not… pop up Oh, he’s got a bracelet on his right wrist Show me Oh exactly two bracelets 925 925? You know what that stands for? Silver… Sterling silver Oye, oye, you come down You come down to the belt Oh, wait hold on, I’m not gonna go there Alright you go down, blue pants, blue pants They’re not just blue, they’re like, they’re like dark blue And then! Whoa, is that okay? Is the next step okay? And then you go to his shoes Whoa, you can see how powerful they are He has stockings on! Oh my god, oh my god Look at the socks, they’re just about right Excuse me guys, can I interrupt for a second? As an educated Thai student, he’s wearing the wrong dress code We’re not allowed to have a long hair He needs to shave all this off You’re not allowed to have like, the length is… Wait, but I thought you were like… The length of your hair needs to be like your pinky right here Oh really? What if my pinky is longer than yours? No like, with my pinky not yours Wait, but I thought he had special permission Yeah, because I’m a super star What happened to all the identities! Do you know ‘mishmash’? Normal Thai dress code is like, you need to cut your hair short Oh really? Like this short Did he just give us the wink? Oh my god You’re not allowed to unbutton your shirt You need to… Stop giving us the look! And then, you’re not allowed to wear jewelries to school, sorry You need to take this off right now Oh really? Oh my gosh You should take this off right now Wait, you didn’t button the second button though It’s okay Okay, sorry Ah, he is wierd! You’re not allowed to wear jewelry to school You’re not allowed to do that to other students too Dude, he’s flirting Alright, just from this, I could just tell that the evaluator is different I can understand why they call you the evaluator They call you the evaluator because of that Because of this Okay! Okay! A Cup of Coffee part 2 We, JOHNNY, JAEHYUN, TEN, DOYOUNG and MARK, This is what happens if you put the five of us together in one room Where we can’t leave and we have fruit and desserts and coffee in front of us This is what happens, and I hope you guys had a good time watching Because we had a great time I don’t know who I am anymore But it’s fine That’s what happens This was pretty much like… You know you guys gotta have that tea time with your friends, after doing all your work This is just for the break You guys need breaks too If you need breaks, you need friends If you guys have got friends, you guys should have breaks Wait, so who is this guy? It was fun to have joined ‘A Cup of Coffee’ as a guest member And you don’t have to call me back for the next season Wasn’t it fun? Please find another guest! Was it not fun? I’m all out of energy now It was so good to experience this Thai school uniform I think it fits me well And I think it fits you well This was fun It was really exciting and it was so fun to do… Role playing Role playing as a Thai student And I hope you guys enjoyed our video We pretended to be Thai students, wearing Thai uniforms today Is there a uniform brand in Thailand too? Yes, but what’s the most popular uniform brand in Korea? Ah, in Korea… It’s ‘Elite Uniform’, of course NCT DAILY! Subscribe! Subscribe! Don’t forget to like this And comment! Bye bye Bye bye!