what up dreamers was good it’s your boy JRE I’m super excited to show you because today I bring you a video a beautiful video a date with 80s wait you went out of date with 80s yeah isn’t there like eight people ain’t beautiful people but before I get started with this video I just want to say this video is sponsored by spot dessert bar and amino spot dessert buyers an amazing place where I bribed 80s and thank you Mark Lee for inviting us without him this wouldn’t have happened so please do me a favor and go follow them on IG instagram at mark lee 8 tell him that dre sent you go comment all over his pictures so follow him he has cute pictures of his son beautiful family awesome pictures and desserts now probably make your mouth water and he’s also the founder of the 8mm the heart has also big shots of me no because without them this wouldn’t have happened as well so thank you for your support and go download a me know go follow me at jr e camo or search dre you could find me what’s good double thrill be sure to download a me know and follow him because there might be some extra footage over there you know I’m talking about but I’ll explain that a little bit later go down on the me know and I’ll explain more at the end of the video so stay to the end of the video there’s a big surprise stay to the end of the video and I’ll explain more about the extra footage you should have liked this video share this video and subscribe and this is a date with 80s enjoy [Music] all right everybody I am here at the spot dessert bar with Mark can you explain yourself a little bit my name is Mark on manage partner and sponsor for founder designer at 8mm which we do a lot of collaborations originators order finger hard concept or parallel so basically we’re here today to explain some of the desserts that we’re going to be giving to ATS and if we can like explain one by one don’t be dope the whole idea is to give Dre eight desserts explain what they are how it tastes and they will be able to match each dessert with each member of a tea so we’re very excited to try to talk about a showcase that to the members today so the first dessert that we have is our baby our signature since 2009 we call it the matcha lava matcha so basically what this is is a warm dark chocolate cake filled with matcha ganache in the middle matcha ice cream matcha powder and crispy chocolate pearls um the way how we would like to explain this is that there’s like a lava effect inside and this is for a member that is super sweet I’m gonna try it out alright now is he a sweet guy yeah is he a warm gentleman so here you go the matcha flavor into the chocolate so [Music] so this is the harvest people call it a pot plant a dessert that doesn’t look like dessert unique different and um Instagram mobile people would say chiffon cake raspberry strawberry blueberry Oreo crumbs deconstructed cheesecake strawberry jam whipped cream and Oreo crumbs or parsley on top serve with raspberry sorbet and raspberry foam we have a Earl Grey tea and you’re gonna literally like Florida water the plant what do you think this matches with them kind of like it’s basically like you look like you’re raising a plant taking here a plan mother okay just like you know how you take care of a plant yeah just a little bit no same thing with the real plant you don’t wanna give up the whole whole bucket of water right you can get a little messy y’all gotta go in this is our another signature warm honey butter toast okay serve with condensed milk ice cream like super crispy outside and then like warm and soft inside so um I mean I mean I feel like the gold the golden it’s the gold toast it’s like gold so I’m trying to figure out who I should put this to so you wanna cut by the cubes and eat everything together ice creams in there strawberries in there whipped creams in there we should have done like ASMR with this okay my favorite video ever you playing this like all these recipes like oh me like overall for each two confirmations Bob work with my chef yeah his name is uh chef Eng – Chuck mmm he’s iron shovel Thailand oh so I’m gonna have dreams about this tonight golden toast it is our newest summer dessert whole frozen summer this is not this isn’t a normal shaved ice that you would eat lychee granita Oh with milk pudding on the bottom and there’s watermelon queues with minutes probably one of the most refreshing desserts that we serve here should match with a member that is refreshing here um I just scoop down yeah may eat the whole thing together one bite make sure you get the pudding the lychee well I like that too oh my god Oh looks so good right now is 85° in New York so this is like perfect yeah everything of the most controversial ingredients show every user that spot its durian durian durian is well known fruit it’s known for being the smelliest yeah but people say it’s super delicious so what we have here is a white chocolate durian chocolate mousse oh it has banana cake on the bottom banana cake here and this is our like a newest ice cream banana milk with graham crackers okay is there any member that that is so into fruit ladies and gentlemen this eats my Dre he’s eating to you for the first time ever he promotes my was good mom overly picky with food okay it’s good so I yeah we got call me like that yeah I’m just uh banana milk one of my personal favorite so if you guys know punana will you like a banana milk so the yellow shape tastes just like that well graham crackers eternium flavor of white chocolate mousse and banana milk it’s gonna be really funny to to see how the members were you to react to this if you have a feed and one by one later on time these you’ll never forget this flavor for now durian you’ll never forget oh I mean I mean we’re in the business for that we want to provide them a unique experience tastes and flavors and this is hella you need so this is cookie cam cookie camp yeah this is childhood memories outlet dreams it’s a half baked marshmallow cookie pencils in their cookie crumbs our signature condensed milk ice cream and you drizzle chocolate sauce some tall oh okay should I do with you oh please do please do mom yeah here like I think all the members like this one wow you had practice this is what I do how they do it that looks mad steamy I don’t know if y’all can pick that up just stretch part of marshmallow you see that I thought yeah that symbol as a guest it’s to the point got some pretzels in there too right sure marshmallow condensed ice cream they’ll be and a chocolate what is this one right here oh okay milky puffs no keep up okay why the hell keep up keep up oh so this is a hybrid of puff pastry right itself is very flaky soft and very light light taste served with the white chocolate honeycomb milk ice cream brûléed bananas and cereal it’s a combination of cereal milk bananas and honey why that’s like a lot of put into one there get the banana up there ice cream yeah little messy [Music] damn okay just because of the flakiness with the corn flakes and the banana and ice cream I mean try the white chocolate honeypot yeah see it even has like a little extra something definitely one of the face for sure I’m gonna give it to one of my faves this is mango tango mango – another one of our newest summer desserts so this is a combination of two popular street desserts in Thailand okay what is the one is the mango sticky rice uh one is ice cream one we have coconut milk coconut sticky rice mango coconut ice cream and the King’s Hawaiian oak any like this oh you know the king of Hawaiian one right yeah so that’s we butter that you know we toast it together so it’s like the whole combination of that okay that would be like the taste of Thailand tango sexy dance Oh hold up tropical tropical cops’ll cuz that see if you don’t say and mix it anything yeah just that alone oh you’re making a sandwich inside of your mouth I’m weird that’s definitely trouble no it this is good this makes you want to go on vacation it does it makes me actually want to go like through a Philippine so either whoa good that’s good [Music] [Music] all right so if you could individually introduce yourself hi everyone I’m Joe all making a cheese pie [Music] I’ll see you you’ll say oh oh [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] okay heads up guys okay I know y’all had a long day in abusive media yeah very good experience now my video I just want you to eat oh really no relax we got you Pizza New York Pizza relax you know yeah first time your first time yeah how you like it it’s very good [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] do you know oh yeah [Music] [Music] in our readers I think I think our second [Music] yeah you already eviction right yeah I fear this video and what is your favorite our song of new yeah I like utopia Oh [Music] what do you like to watch on YouTube what would you see like watch that’s what we’re doing yeah you gain medium oh yeah PS you know PS a soccer player hello hello hello can you hear me oh oh oh I love watch it but I can’t play I was I used to be like that I couldn’t watch it play no way watch it because [Music] [Music] oh yeah this is the one I kept watch them so huh Oh your clues have a bigger heart yes yeah the owner you made it Noreen oh great yeah yeah yeah what is your goal yeah yeah portable yeah okay please happy Friendship forever yeah we’re very happy yeah someday we want to be very bold or many in America we want to go oh hey and that’s that’s one of we can see even core supporters oh yeah I will make happen yeah okay let’s go together always forever support let’s perform in there together we’re yeah last question you know my you know something is kept another another special feeling oh yeah magic it’s magic yeah so see it’s many ah Dre what you have to cut it off there why’d you have to cut it off I’m saving dessert for last that’s why or part 2 basically hope you guys enjoyed that video big thank you to my music tastes and KQ entertainment also big big shout to everybody that helped me Cristina Oh was good thank you for helping me and thank you for bringing your amazing camera by the way such amazing footage go follow our instagram right here Thank You Ruby for helping me out you’ve been amazing go follow Instagram right here too also they love 80 and yes they are a teeny so go follow them on Instagram cuz without them this video wouldn’t be as epic as it is cuz they captured a footage thank you to mark Glee for hosting the boys with his lovely spot dessert bar again go follow them on IGN now for the surprise thank you for waiting thank you for being here at the end of the video let’s surprise again first you have to download amino yes download amino follow me on amino @j each ml or search Dre you’ll find me once you follow me check my stories out yes amino hash stories go check out my stories cuz that’s what extra be sure to check out my stories for an inside look for the next episode basically not only that I want you to guess which member gets which dessert be sure to answer in the comments in this story an amino Jerry what if they do get it right you get it right out pick a winner and that winner will get a signed 80’s album yes that’s right I signed a key album yes touched by a teach them self so go out there and download a me know follow me and participate and I will announce the winner on part two thank you guys for watching like this video share this video and subscribe boy JRE keep on dreaming dreamers dream believe do repeat if you have a dream out there put some hard work into it it might just come true I swear if this video gets so many likes this video get so many likes and comments I’ll try to release part two as fast as I can I’ll try to edit my little fingers as fast I can’t just for y’all oh yeah so next I’m everybody please hey you better subscribe [Music]