I forgot to take out the eggs… Today we are in the kitchen In our mini kitchen and we are gonna make Vanilla cupcakes with buttercream icing. *sighs* Vanilla…Yes, I’m a big fan of vanilla. And because it’s Easter aaaand… I want my mother to see that I’m celebrating somehow, I said to make some cupcakes And tomorrow I will make a vlog and I will film how I make…the eggs 🙂 I mean, how I dye them. In the meantime I got the… I was about to say “dressing gown” In the meantime I got the apron I will do close-ups with my vlogging camera I have a paper and a pen because I am never sure about the ingredients that I use or I used and I…I don’t know, I’m stressed when I make something. And we put the hair up because I don’t wanna eat hair. So, I’m not making anything traditional here I chose to make cupcakes because my man doesn’t like sweets, we are just two and You know how they say Give honey for the ass`s mouth. If nothing will come out of this, we have Kinder eggs. So cupcakes! Can I taste? At least to know how it tastes like. I forgot to add the sugar The recipe says that 24 cupcakes will come out of this Let’s see! I think we will put two rounds in the oven Found it! And now, We film! Ready! The cupcakes are ready to go into the oven. Is the oven ready? It is ready! We will wait a bit more. We’ll be back. Look at them! How good they look! Mmm God, how good they smell! So, I have one more round left and then we make the icing. They have browned enough Isn’t a bit raw? Does it matter? So, 100 grams. We have a 100 grams here. And I didn’t put my hair up. Oh leave it. And sprinkles! “Add the vanilla essence – 1-2 drops” They have cooled down. And now I will put them in the fridge until tomorrow. To see the icing consistency. I hope they will be good. Without the icing they are wonderful! the *icing tastes like…buttercream so yeah, it tastes like butter. And I hope tomorrow I will dye the eggs and film as well. Until then, goodnight and see ya tomorrow! I couldn’t leave it and I made a chocolate icing. The bag got broken. It came out through two ways. Happy Easter! It’s snowing! We have the egg in the stocking. 4 minutes have passed The moment of truth. We’ll put them again because I want a more pigmented color. I don’t know what is this. Yes, it kinda looks like a leaf. Somehow. It’s not color’s fault. It’s my fault. I forgot to add vinegar. Haste makes waste. They look a little greener. You can see the difference. So do not forget to add 5 tablespoons of vinegar when you dye eggs.