To think of only filler stood here over 1,800 years ago just imagine that Eric This is where I live it’s a big posh Roman villa because my dad’s got a big post-roman job He’s a tax collector and it must be a really popular job because people are always waving it in and this is my pet Quackers Maximus All my friends have pets some I don’t cats geese and even monkeys But everyone knows a duck’s a man’s best friend salad for breakfast crackers This fill is brand new. It’s got all the latest gear. We’ve got bath Water glass central heating and mosaics. We’ve also got a schoolroom where I study with my own personal tutor Unfortunately, I don’t really like being the only one in the class Sorry sir the dog ate it I’ve got to be on my best behavior today because dad’s big boss is coming to dinner in Various Lupus. He’s the governor Just look at all this amazing food We’re having in his honour do my stuff pine kernels cool pig Zara’s snails fattened on milk peacocks brains and flamingos tongues the bird’s wings Lucky we also have a flushing toilets. Excuse me Dad says I’ve got to wear my toga for dinner tonight This could take a while Come on in thank you Eric. Where is that son of mine? Hmm good job, the Romans had central heating