(upbeat music) (metal music) – Katie. Welcome to my home. I’m sorry, boys, but we’ll have to our
pinochle game on hold. Come on in. – Why’d we even start the game? We knew Katie was coming over. – I don’t know.
– Might I remind you that it’s rude to talk
behind people’s backs. – Oh, yeah. That was, I didn’t even say a word. – Katie, please, come on in. – You have a lovely
home, Scream and Eddie. – I said, like, two words. – Here’s some biscuits. – Oh, thank you, these
will go great with dinner. We’re having mac and
cheese, mashed potatoes, turkey meatloaf, and
cherry pie for dessert. I hope you’re hungry. – Yeah, sounds delicious. – Say, why don’t you help
me finish up in the kitchen? – Yeah, definitely. – Right this way. (he laughs sinisterly)
(knife scrapes) So Katie, as Joey mentioned, we’re all so pleased with your success. You’ve quickly become my best seller. – Hell yeah, she is, yes! – Wow, well, that means
a lot, coming from you. – And it’s amazing that
you’ve been able to do that all by yourself. I wish I knew your secret. – Yeah, no secrets. I’m just, I think, a natural sales woman. – Katie, we all have secrets. I’ve got a really big one, actually. – Katie, it’s his knife. Oh, I should have put
something in her ear, God! – My cherry pie recipe,
it’s a family secret. – Mm-hmm. It smells really good in here. – You do like pie, don’t you? – It’s not my favorite. More of a cookie girl. But I’ll eat it if it’s there. – Do you know what the most important part about making a cherry pie is? – The cherries? – Following the recipe. – Mm-hmm. – I mean, you have to
follow it to the tee, otherwise the pie won’t come out right. Now, some people, they think they don’t have to follow the recipe. They’ll add their own ingredients, ingredients that simply
don’t belong in the pie. Now, we spent a long time
perfecting this pie recipe and we simply cannot
tolerate outside ingredients, do you understand that? – Oh, man, this guy really loves pie. I get it. – Yeah, I get it. – If I found out that my pie
contained outside ingredients, do you know what I would do? I would throw it into the dumpster. And that would be the end of that pie. Do you understand? – Yes. I mean, I’m clean, no
extra ingredients on me. Bathroom, where is your bathroom? I have to pee. – Straight through the dining room. – I like clean fish. Where, what is she doing? – What, does she think
we’re gonna shoot her? – They’re waterboarding her. Oh, my God, I can’t
believe I did this to her. – Cheryl, are you trying to get me killed? – Oh, my God. Oh, she’s alive! Yes, yes, holy, holy, holy. – Is-a camera on my phone. Guess it’s normal. – God (laughs). (man knocks on door) – [Man] Everything all right in there? Dinner’s ready.
– Shit! Yeah, one sec. I’ll be right out. (suspenseful music) – No, no, no, no, no, I need to return those
to work, I can’t … Oh, Katie, don’t. I didn’t give her an earpiece. God, that was my biggest mistake. (she gasps) – Did I surprise you? – A little bit, yeah. – My apologies. Let’s get going. – After you. – No, you first. – I don’t know the way,
I’d prefer to follow you. – I insist. – You know what, let’s
go at the same time. – Fine, let’s go together. – Could you just give me a
little more space, it’s just … It’s fine. Come on, la-bo-her. I go, you go, I go … Thanks for watching that preview of Kingpin Katie. If you liked it, guess the frick what? There’s full episodes you can
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than everybody else. – Just one little sip.