and the immortal words of Hunter s Thompson I’ve always loved marijuana it has been a source of joy and comfort to me for many years I still think of it as a basic staple of life along with beer and ice and grapefruits and millions of Americans agree with me this is David being a stock and our journey in search of the finest cannabis in the world and the most high-end cuisine imaginable has brought us to our farm the legendary fortified compound of the late Hunter S Thompson right now we’re in the middle of an amazing multi-course marijuana infused meal being prepared by one of Aston’s top chef chris Lantern our first course is an Alaskan king crab the green was cantaloupe underneath the sweet avocado puree that has been infused sitting around the table I couldn’t believe the amazing group of people we’d assembled Anita Thompson Hunter s Thompson’s Widow and the caretaker of our bar more and more people are becoming interested in and powered by hunters work keeps true the founder of normal the nation’s largest and oldest marijuana legalization organization this really is only incidentally about marijuana it is really about personal freedom hey Marv why one of the leading experts in the world on making cannabis infused a sunflower oil specifically is unique because it has hundred where you’re going to feel a bit more kick Amanda and Hunter help to shop for all the marijuana we used in our dinner I really take a bubble bath with the nail all the edges good idea that this should be our independent easy be Chris’s personal caregiver and our resident cannabis expert who helped us find the flavors and the aromas that the chef’s needed to bring this dinner to the next level it’s a very extremely sweet bouquet and you also get the same taste when you’re sailing every step of the process from the grassroots politics to journalism to science personally I can’t think of a more exciting and amazing way to celebrate marijuana legalization in Colorado than being right here right now [Music] we’re here with Sheriff Joe DeSalvo you’re the sheriff of Pitkin County I’m the elected sheriff of Pitkin County and I was elected a little over four years ago tell me what the law says we kind of can’t do here in Colorado at our party Colorado residents approved legal marijuana through amendment 64 so just like you can buy alcohol in a store you can buy marijuana in a store now there are several regulations that go around that mostly around growing and selling public use is forbidden other than that in the privacy of your own home you could smoke you could infuse it you can cook it you could do whatever you like with it without any repercussions in long and that must burn you up with rage doesn’t it hardly yeah I think we’re proud of it it’s kind of a pioneering thing for us we’ve traveled to Aspen Colorado for the normal legal seminar normal is the largest and oldest marijuana legalization organization in the United States and this year with marijuana stores open all across Colorado and cannabis freedom spreading nationwide we have a lot to celebrate well if you smoke pot and you like it a lot this man should probably need no introduction but I’ll give him one anyway I’m with Keith Stroup and he is the founder and legal counsel of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws thank you David what inspired you to found normal well like most people in my generation it was the war in Vietnam everybody kind of began to recognize smoking marijuana as a symbol suggesting we no longer trust our government I worked closely around Ralph Nader consumer advocate Ralph Nader and I had never heard of public interest law in till that time I thought lawyers went to law school went back home practice law and got rich I didn’t you know I didn’t know but what Ralph showed a lot of us and especially those of us who would become radicalized and Vietnam or was you can use your law degree and your legal skills to try to impact public policy the writing is on the wall if we implement the Colorado and Washington legalization systems in a responsible manner there will be no turning back correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t think you’re the only chef [Music] I’ve known Chris Lander head chef and owner at cash cash restaurant in Aspen for a few years and there’s not too many people that really combine high-end cannabis and high-end cuisine in one person like he does this is a chef who’s been on the High Times Cannabis Cup edible judges team for at least two or three years so I’m telling you I think he knows what he’s doing did two stashes one in southern central France one on an island and Brittany and then the rest of the time I was in Paris it was my culinary school I was working 90-hour weeks arrived in Aspen in 97 I’ve been a cash cash since August of 2000 so we’re coming up on 14 years should be like now this is a lot like getting stoned and watching cooking shows at comics and you can smell the food and you’ll get to eat it so I’d say it’s acute a lot of always really enjoyed smoking marijuana on a daily basis it mellows me out it keeps me sane anything you can use oil with butter with it’s a potential candidate to be a marijuana infused edible and the hands of somebody who knows what they’re doing the possibilities are limitless now but people are really starting to think about marijuana in a different way as soon as I talked to Chris about this idea he was on board a hundred percent he was already thinking about what strains did we get how should we infuse them can we smoke compared with the wine he had all kinds of ideas the first place he wanted to go is talk to his personal caregiver be this it is my caregiver and my one of my good friends for my boys and be the regulation on medical marijuana is considerably Scripture there’s a project you do have to go through to get it which concludes the doctor’s visit with that you can give permission to grow your six plans to a caregiver B I know that you can help me find big flavors and the aromas that I’m looking for to take this dinner to the next level I know you like the bubble gum very extremely sweet bouquet especially on the front end you could pair that with a lot of things realistically something on the dessert menu I have a sativa here the golden goat star when you smoke I think the nice thing when they talk about stoner cuisine is that idea of sweet and sour hidden a couple of notes at once sure it worked really well that’s something like that all right cool we’re gonna go to the green dragon meat and a bar last night Chris B and I we had a tremendous time just going through all those strains and finding the flavors and the aromas that are gonna work for this cannabis infused dinner but that was all medical cannabis you cannot share your medical marijuana it’s not the same as the recreational since people from out of state are gonna be at the dinner we need recreational cannabis so we’ve come to downtown Aspen we’re gonna go to Green Dragon one of the top stores here in town and let’s go pot shop and we’re actually cooking a very very special high-end cannabis food eating dinner B here is Chris’s caregiver as his grower but we need recreational cannabis for this he brought some of the stuff that he grows that we thought had a nice flavor profile and we thought maybe you guys could help us find stuff that would would match that bubble gum for example it smells very sweet right now on the nose on the front end I really think the purple passions gonna hit the nail on the head with this it’s fruity dessert you’re talking about for a sweet finish this is an indica so from a little amount and just kind of in the night off indicas like the couch lock we Adam is gonna be your talent for your beginning of your meal you might wanna start with a sativa I think that the jaw cush would be another good strain sweet smelling a little bit of a citrus touch and once again it’s a sativa you know so maybe something that you could start your real out with and I think this would be really good is that either an order or an appetizer I’m officially both getting hungry and I really want to get stoned I think we’re on the right track we’re gonna start with the jaw cush which is a sativa the citrusy tones I’m thinking citrus beurre blanc I like that idea I like the idea of incorporating a classic French sauce that’s going to be infused with cannabis next we have a hybrid sativa dominant flow piney earthy right now we have vine ripe tomatoes going off we have cinnamon cap and lion’s mane mushrooms from Fort Collins thinking those kind of earthy tones is going to make something delicious with this next we have the red diesel which is a hybrid sativa dominant earthiness musty this seems very versatile to me spring onions right now are coming out of paeonia and surrounding area in the North Fork Valley broccolini Tomatoes again maybe for this dish and then finally we have the Purple Passion which is our only indica for dessert with the sweetie fruity characteristics I’m taking chocolate and put a gram of mousse au chocolat [Music] thank you we had a wonderful visit to the marijuana store just now and I fancy myself a little bit of a cannabis expert Chris is definitely an expert when it comes to cuisine but combining them and making a cannabis infused product for an edible there’s a little beyond us both so we brought in him our wife and she’s come to help us thank you so much for having me I’m very excited the most important thing is always getting the dosing right and having a scientist to help us gives us a lot of confidence that we can do that my background is alekhya ler cellular developmental biology as well as biochemistry right now I’m actually the CSO of a cannabinoid nutraceutical company called nature works so the first thing we’re going to do is decarboxylated the plant a lot of home chefs skip that step and they put the plant material directly into the oil but what we want to do is ensure that we get as much cannabinoids out of the plant material [Music] great efficiency we’re using four grams for each infusion what we put in here is four grams of flow decarboxylation is essentially removing that co2 molecule from THC a and then it turns into the neutral form which is THC so that’s why I don’t want to just pop one of these in my mouth it is mostly thta so you wouldn’t get as much potential as if you were to decarboxylated first and then we just set them in the oven at about 240 degrees for an hour and a half so it seems to me like we just filled our what if you have neighbors in an apartment I would say only people who are familiar will mainly recognize that smell so if you could smoke a joint apartment you’re fine to do yes so today we’re going to do four infusions with four different types of oil including butter with the butter though we’re going to clarify it first and clarifying is removing the milk solids and the water from the actual milk theft cannabinoids are hydrophobic so you don’t want any water in your extractions it has been an hour and a half the but that we put into the oven should be decarboxylated by now and do you see the color how it’s brown green instead of the bright green that is THC decarboxylated right right and then we can sprinkle on some every clear to started breaking down the cell walls in the plant so that the fat has an easier time of extracting the cannot wave out from inside is that that new Everclear lime we like you don’t like waste so I just poured some over clear in our in our blender and it’s bottle wash while that’s cooling we can warm up the oil we just need enough to cover the plant so I think we’re gonna start with maybe five tablespoons and then we can add more free to perfect so the first infusion is going to be the red diesel with our clarified butter the second infusion is job push sunflower oil special in that it has CLA conjugated linoleic acid it’ll act as an extra pep because it has enough take ages the next infusion is a V la Magra which is a extra-virgin olive oil from Italy with the flow and it’s if you ever make an infusion at home and you need to stretch it you can just add more plain olive oil you’ll maintain the same overall potency but you’ll have a little more material to work with and our 4/4 infusion is the Purple Passion with coconut oil so now we’re just gonna let these simmer for a couple hours on low heat because we’ve already decarboxylated we just need a warm enough temperature help the extraction we then pour them through a sieve with some cheese cloth or a mesh bag and that will remove all the plant material and then that’s pretty much ready to use [Music] after that we headed up to our farm I think anybody who is a fan of Hunter Thompson considered that hallowed ground and it’s a place I’ve always dreamed of just seeing so to be going there not just to make and share this amazing meal but to celebrate marijuana legalization is literally a dream come true for me and I’m so excited to share this experience with people who are part of this movement towards freedom and liberty that’s happening in Colorado right now welcome to all farm I’m glad you’re here there’s like a grapefruit I think that’s appropriate this is honors favorite fruit to give you a little tour of Elle farms I would love it that’s great one of the things I’m so excited about is that more and more people are becoming interested and empowered by Hunter’s work so I’ve left this room and the kitchen where Hunter wrote exactly as they are this is Jesse hunter about 35 years ago he was high on mescaline one night that he saw an ad for a peacocks and so eight peacocks have been having a beautiful home here for the last 35 years here our Muhammad Ali’s boxing gloves people had us hunter who his greatest heroes were he finally one day came up with Muhammad Ali Bob Dylan and Fidel Castro because hunter was not a fan of the internet or computers there’s something almost magical about having an original manuscript Hunter’s typewriter is still here any thing that would help hunter right all of us would do we all love to see him writing when that typewriters would start clicking it was like magic in the room and everybody sends too [Music] Hunter was a hurricane of a sort you know yeah all of us who knew him it was like he was spinning around I love dealing with him and he scared me to death we’re here at Owl farm and I know hunter s Thompson was a pretty early supporter of your work and normals work and I’m wondering how you guys first met I was at the Democratic National Convention in Miami in 1972 Norma was only a year and a half old and the first day that I was at the convention I smelled marijuana I had something somebody under the bleachers where we were saying it was clearly marijuana and I looked down and I saw this gangling figure that I had never met that I had seen pictures of him in Rolling Stone at that point and I thought son of a bitch that has to be another Thompson and I went up to him and introduced myself and said I just started a marijuana Lobby called normal I thought maybe we should get to know each other and of course he reached out the joint and said here he wants the marijuana and we formed a friendship that lasted his death all the interesting supporters we’ve had over the years he was the most interesting and frankly the most interesting friend I’ve ever had also one of the more challenging let’s take a walk up to the labyrinth you can see the base of the platform from the owl Farm shooting range 400 to dystopia practice it’s not a spiral and it’s not a maze you don’t get lost in it it’s a set path although I won’t partake in the joint with you I’ll just I’m glad that you are because hunter would certainly be sweating let’s start with a question you’re gonna start with just an empty mind going up at sunset to the labyrinth that anita built on the spot where hunters ashes were scattered after being shot out of a giant gonzo shaped cannon it really brought home to us why we did this dinner where we did and it really made me feel in a way that the spirit of Hunter s Thompson was with us we found the American Dream for those of them those people in prison in prison right now because of the marijuana laws let’s take a quiet moment for that for that idea and there are still are many and that will be beamed back to the kitchen I think I’m ready my appetite was more than piqued by the time Chris brought out the first course which was an Alaskan king crab with diced cantaloupe and a very special avocado puree our guests tonight are going to be able to pick the dosage that they prefer ten milligrams about half of this is considered a mild dose 20 milligrams is maybe a bit more strong but everybody’s biochemistry is different you can always eat more continue that the titration is like 45 minutes hour and a half that’s the hard part you got to remember oh I already have some of it hadn’t kicked in yet should you not want a dosed avocado puree we have made one that has no Chris thank you for also making a non infused puree we are going to have a double toast tonight because we paired a lovely wine with the first course but we’ve also paired the same cannabis that is infused into the avocado which is the lovely jock coach from our new friends at Green Dragons this is a non-medicated course just to get back on our feet this is our house cured and smoked saying we use ocean farm-raised sustainable salmon from Scotland that’s with a little rye toast creme fraiche and some fresh spring onions look beautiful yes thank you from there we had three more infused courses red diesel with the beurre blanc which is a classic result absolutely outstanding each one paired with a joint of the same cannabis that went into the infusion I’ve been to a lot of fun pop parties but I’ve never had a cannabis culinary experience that came close to that we have Colorado 7xb local spring onions and chorizo sauce a few low I’ll go with another timid spoon hmm the food was amazing whether you were stoned or not and I was certainly stoned you guys the cutting edge of the most significant social change in this country in a hundred years and that is really the petri dish of democracy is one state is the head of the pack and figures out things that’s all idea if you get 20 or 30 states that kind of agree on something maybe a big sense of the country how’s everyone feeling how are you feeling with your high I feel like the dosage has been what was advertised and and I wanted to keep things nice and light I smoked British the world and especially it is that you can’t taste the team you’re right this is a this is a purple passion that was infused with the coconut we have the same purple passion strain that’s infused into the desert we were at a special moment in time sitting next to Keith knowing everything that he’d gone through fighting for this isn’t the world and to see him sit back and think of his old friend Hunter s Thompson and know how much they both worked for this together it was emotional and it was amazing and it’s a dinner that I know I’ll never forget except the parts that I already forgot I just want to thank you all so much you come from all over the country you come here to Colorado and here and our farm where a hunter fought so hard for the same concept of freedom and living a fun life together among friends it really is being a full circle and two together and not am I going [Music]