[Quirky music playing] You don’t see a lot of female and Malay person flipping prata in Singapore usually. Mostly it’s all Indian guys. There are occasional times where people who have never been here they come and they would be like For people to suddenly come and say For people to suddenly come and say
“Can I take a picture with you?” “Can I take a picture with you?” It’s very awkward to me. I was about five years old At that age, flipping prata seemed very fun. I liked to play with the dough and all that stuff. I’m very sure that we were all nuisances. HR: At first they were not interested in learning but they liked to disturb NH: Basically I was the first one who showed interest so I think after that my parents saw that this could be a thing, you know. So they started coaxing all of us to make prata. HR: So when they could flip the prata very well they started to help me (at my stall) after school until now. HR: When I learnt to flip pratas at first I was using a towel. When I could really control the towel then I started to flip the dough itself I started flipping pratas when one of my prata workers left without any notice. I went to the Indian stall I observed how they flipped pratas. From there, I tried to adjust till I got a good, fluffy and crispy prata. [Calm music playing] NH: When I started helping my parents to be honest, I didn’t really like the whole hawker vibe. So I actually started working in hotels for about six years. But eventually, (I realised) in a hotel you always have to be professional. When you’re in a hawker center you’re actually more free to do anything you want. Nowadays only (my brother and I) are helping my parents we float around, we go to the penyet stall we go to this prata stall. So I don’t flip as much as I used to. I actually miss flipping it’s actually quite fun. HR: For me my family is very special Because in Singapore, it’s very difficult to get one family, all of them can flip prata Whereas my family, all of us five children, and me and my husband also (can flip prata) NH: Of all the things, I’m actually quite proud that (flipping) prata is a skill I cannot really get anywhere else I managed to get that from my parents so I think it’s about being born into it