Aiko: Hello world! Aiko: Where I’m from, this is what Christmas is like in Japan and Canada Aiko: Today is christmas day Dad: Christmas day? Aiko: Christmas day Dad: What are you gonna eat today? Aiko: Chicken Kentucky Dad: Chicken Kentucky Dad: What do you normally eat for… Dad: …what do you remember eating for Christmas Dad: in Japan on Christmas day? What kind of stuff do you eat? Aiko: Like um… Aiko: Kentucky… Aiko: and um…. Aiko: Cakes Aiko: and like… Aiko: there’s no more japanese food Aiko: and then Aiko: yeah Aiko: Well, it’s yummy! Aiko: So, this year’s Christmas was the last day of school Souta: Hello Souta: I am Souta Souta: today-we-have-to-do-the-closing-formula-of-junior-highschool Phone: Today we have to do the closing formula of junior highschool Dad: So what does that mean, Aiko? Aiko: we did um…just closing formula in um…highschool Dad: What does that mean, a closing formula of highschool? Aiko: Well that actually means like, Aiko: taking your stuff from school Aiko: and all your stuff Aiko: and then cleaning the Aiko: um, school. I mean, your class Dad: and…but you go to school on Christmas day? Aiko: yeah Dad: Ok, what are we going to eat now? Aiko: Um…kentucky Dad: No Aiko: Christmas cake! Dad: Do you like Christmas cake, Souta? Souta: Uh, I like chocolate cakes Dad: It’s vanilla cake Souta: eh? Dad: Vanilla Aiko:Shortcke Souta: I don’t like shortcake Aiko: About the christmas cake…um…it looks like a birthday cake Dad: Ooh that looks like a nice cookie Dad: Ok where’s your candles? Dad: Don’t eat it yet. *Clapping sound* Aiko: The christmas cake had strawberries and whip cream Aiko: and they’re soooo yummy Bye bye Pilot: A beautiful morning on Vancouver Island, fresh snow on the mountains. Dad: Where are you going? Aiko: Canada! Dad: And what day is it today? Aiko: Christmas day.. Aiko: …again Aiko: So on the flight, actually it was Christmas night when I went Aiko: So um…the next day I slept Aiko: but it’s still Christmas in Canada! Aiko: So um, it’s two Christmases in one day Aiko: And um, I got Aiko: more presents Dad: What’s going on Aiko? Aiko: I got presents from grandpa and grandma Aiko: So, I think, Canada is closer to the North Pole so they get lots of presents Aiko: and then I think um Aiko: Japan’s..oh wait Aiko: Japan’s not close to the North Pole Aiko: so they get like, less presents Dad: Let’s open it Aiko: I like it. Jacket Dad: What did Shoko get? Aiko: In Japan like, you just get it from Santa Aiko: you don’t um…get… Aiko: get um… Aiko: presents from your grandparents that much Shin: WHAT!? Shin: WHAT IS THIS!? Aiko: We can’t find out if we don’t open it Aiko: Well, when I think about Canada’s Christmas dinner Aiko: I mean like Aiko: it isn’t just Canada but… Aiko: um….like a turkey? Aiko: That’s what comes into my head first Aiko: Thanks for watching! See you next time, bye. Aiko: What’s Christmas like where you’re from? Shin: where I’m from… Uncle: In Canada this how we eat whipped cream! Uncle: Turn your head back