Happy Holidays! Happy Holidays. So we’ve got some different plum puddings here. Mid-20th century turned plum pudding into jello. Two different variations of the concept. They smell actually really good. They smell nice – although this might really if you didn’t see it wiggling a little like this one kinda looks like a Christmas pudding. So one of the things that I always look forward to with plum pudding is setting it on fire. (laughs) Not today! This one’s got some cereal in it, which gives it more of a pudding-y texture. And perhaps a slightly ‘dog food’ appearance. That’s actually really good. It’s really good. It’s moist, you’ve got raisins and all that. If you didn’t know any better, you could tell someone this was oatmeal. Yes! It does have kind of an oatmeal texture. Wiggly. Wiggly oatmeal. There’s a lot of nuts and raisins. And… jello…? Because why not. It does taste a bit like plum pudding but it needs booze. It really needs brandy. It needs the sauce. Very festive. Gets a thumbs up from me. Me too. Tastes like Christmas! So, shall we try the red one? Absolutely. This one has definitely more of a jello-type consistency It’s a little red. Cranberry sauce. It looks like a tin of cranberry sauce. Ooh, I like this one. This is my favourite. Hm. It’s got like… cinnamon and cloves. No? You don’t like it? I’m okay with it. It’s like a plum pudding so I guess it’s got… it’s probably got candied peel and stuff in it. Ah, it’s the candied peel. Ugh. It’s so… candy-riffic… it’s.. yeah. Delish. Mm-hm. I’d say thumbs up for this one too. This one gets a double thumbs up from me. I feel like with this red one – the spices, the cinnamon and stuff, it’s kind of weird because it’s suspended in the jelly so you feel it It’s like eating like a cake that’s wiggly and super spicy. The red one I’d give kind of a solid six and a half? This one’s an eight, maybe even eight and a half … Yeah, I’d give this one an eight; this one’s getting a two. A two? Oh dear! I would serve this at my Christmas day meal. Absolutely. Which would you serve at Christmas? I think I would serve this one. The fancy molded one. It seems more Christmasy. This one just tastes like jello… with stuff in it. But the colours are so Christmasy! …Yes.