(upbeat camp) – From Bewitched to Bea Arthur, T.V. nerds like a lot of things, but there’s something
they love above all else and that is correcting people. This is Um, Actually. (classic 80s music) This is our very first themed episode. All our questions today
will be about T.V. shows. Thank you all for being here. How’s everyone feeling? – [Joan] -[Janie] -[Rekha] Nervous! (group laughs) – Has anyone on this show ever
gotten just a score of zero? Is that an okay thing to happen? – It has happened, and that is okay. Yeah, if that happens you
wouldn’t be the first. – I just wanna know if there’s
people just as dumb as me. – You’ve set the bar low. – He’s like, “No”! I feel like everyone relaxes
after getting one point, it’s like cool. – As long as I prove I know one thing. – Truly, you can see people’s unclench, the moment one point comes in, like “Ah.” – I’m ready for it. – [Host] Great, well, none
of you have played before, or you haven’t seen this
before, viewers at home, the game is very simple, I have
here a stack of statements. These are incorrect statements about the T.V. shows you know and love. It’s up to you to identify
what’s wrong and correct me. All questions must be preceded with the phrase, “Um, actually”. If you don’t say that I
won’t give you a point. And you can interrupt me at any point, as soon as you spot what is wrong. Pretty simple, do you guys
feel ready to jump in? – Yeah! – Let’s do it. – [Mike] Okay, well let’s get started. Our first question’s about
The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. – Um, actually he’s so
much more than a butler. He’s like a friend to the
Banks, he’s a confidant. He helps their kids through problems. – You literally quoted two things in The Golden Girls theme song. – Yeah. – We thank him for being a friend. – What I’m getting at is: Thank you Geoffrey for being a friend. – Yeah that’s not what we’re going for– – [Joan] Okay. I think
it’s right, but okay. – Um, actually it wasn’t a race. It was something else. – No, no. He was an Olympic runner and cheated in a race. Janie? – Um, actually his middle name
wasn’t Barbara, it was Janet. – No, but you’re close actually. I will say this: His name is wrong. So I’ll give you the point unless someone can tell me
what his name should be. – Um, actually his
middle name was Beatrice. – Uh, no. – I’m also just guessing women’s names. – Um, actually his last name is Beatrice. (group laughs) – No, but you’re actually weirdly closer. I’m gonna give it to Janie. It was his last name that was wrong. His name is not Geoffrey Barbara Hudson, his name is Geoffrey Barbara Butler. – [Rekha] Oh, he said Butler! – So he’s more of a butler, yeah. – It’s kind of a Ellis Island where you get a name
that is your profession. – They had to shorten it too. – In medieval times
everybody had last names that were professions, so yeah he just comes from
a long line of butlers. – I knew he came from
a long line of butlers. – Well, we’ll give that point to Janie. (group cheers) – Thank you! – Here’s a question about Friends. – Yes? – Um, actually it was Joey
that shoved it in his mouth? – No, but you’re close to– – Um, actually did Ross and Joey eat it? – You know what, that’s close enough. Ross does do that. All other characters avoid
eating it, except Joey. He does not avoid eating it. – He eats all of it. – He thoroughly enjoys it! – And he’s got big pants or something. – That’s the way I remember it. I remember him going layer by layer. – And he eats the whole turkey too. – Custard, good. Jam, good. Meat, good. – That’s right! – Everyone else is avoiding
it but he is whole hog. He is all about it. – Whole hog. With truffle. – Well, we’ll give that point to Rekha. Ross and Joey both eat it. Here we go: – Um, actually Benson
is a spinoff of Soap. – That’s correct! – [Rekha] Yes, it is. – Well, Joan buzzed in first. – Nice job. – Ton of other spinoffs from Happy Days, that’s not one of them. – Not a lot more of Soap spinoffs. – Yeah. – Wasn’t Jerry Seinfeld in Benson? – He was in Benson, yes. – Insane. – Insane. – Insane. – We all know that’s insane. (group laughs) It’s like the craziest
thing to ever happen. Jerry Seinfeld was on Benson. – Well, we will move on
to our next question. We are tied and pressing
forward, one-one-one. – Wow. – I know the name of the
song, the M*A*S*H theme song. It was called Suicide is Painless. – Um, actually that’s not
the name of the Lucy album? – There’s a Brand New Baby at Our House? That is the name of the album record. – Um, actually, the I Love
Lucy song is sung on the show? – That’s correct! – [Rehka] Yes! Ricky sings it. (group sings I Love Lucy theme song) – Lucy’s expecting. – It was Lucy’s last birthday. Which, there were many
episodes she was pregnant. Pregnancy takes awhile. – And he milked it. – And their beds still don’t touch? Okay. – Okay… – You in a twin bed? Okay. – Yeah, who in a twin bed? – They weren’t allowed to
say the word “pregnant”. – I know that’s why I
said she was “expecting”. – Everything else was true, they did later release a
record where you could hear, “Oh there’s a brand new
baby (at our house)” and “I Love Lucy”. Does it feel like there’s
a weird fourth-wall breaking thing for characters
to sing the theme song of the show that they’re in? – Jerry Seinfeld doing like a (mouth instrumentals) – Before they cut it’s like (mouth instrumentals) (women laugh) – Carrie what the? – [Janie] Then you just see
Jerry run off to the corner and do that before every commercial. (group laughs) – Well that was a point for Rekha. We’re going to move on to
our first shiny question. (luxurious harp) – This is a shiny question, it’s worth the same number of points, it’s just a little bit different and a little bit less common. We’re about to play a game
called “Doctor, Cop, Esquire”. So on the other side of this board there are faces of T.V. characters. It’ll be up to you to identify whether they are a doctor,
a cop, or a lawyer. Or some combination. Whoever can get the most
correct will get the point. Yes, Rekha? – You mean Medical Doctor? – I do mean Medical Doctor. – Not like Ph.D? Not
like rocks or something? – A med school. – Yeah. (magic wand sounds) – And that’s it for this
episode of Um, Actually. Um, actually it’s not. There’s way more of this
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your free trial today. I’ll be right here. Well, I’ll be over there. I mean I’ll be in both places at once. Because this is just, there’s more… Technology– (magic wand sounds) Here’s a game we’re calling
“Once More, Without Feeling”. So what I’m going to do is read the lyrics of T.V. theme songs with as little rhythm, affect, or
melody as I possibly can. – That’s awesome. – [Mike] And see if you can identify the song without any of the song. Cool?