As one last little treat for our brunch here
at Turnbull Wine Cellars, we’re going to show you how we like to make
sorbet. We like to take fresh grape juice that’s just
been pressed off straight out of the tank and since we don’t
have a lot of time here, we like to use liquid nitrogen to freeze it.
Now remember, liquid nitrogen can be dangerous. So at home, you want to make sure you
take the appropriate safety precautions. Here, at Turnbull, we always wear a face mask
and protective gloves. I’m going to pull a little bit of liquid nitrogen
out of the tank and then to stabilize my bowl
that I’m going to incorporate this liquid nitrogen into,
I’m just going to take a regular, old kitchen towel,
twist it up and create a cradle for my bowl
so that it’s nice and stable and I’m going to slowly
incorporate this liquid nitrogen into my grape juice
and just keep whisking until all the liquid nitrogen is dissolved.
And what I’m looking for here is the appropriate consistency
and I’d say we’re just about there. So, I’m going to take my bowl
and I’m going to incorporate a little bit of fresh spring berries
at the bottom of it. I’m going to take my scoop of Sauvignon Blanc
Sorbet and I’m going to incorporate it right on top.
We’re going to take a little bit of raspberry coulis
and drizzle that just over the top. And then, to finish it off a little, fresh
sprig of mint. I hope you guys really enjoyed this
fun and creative way to make sorbet. Now, hopefully, you can ‘wow’ your guests
with an exciting, creative brunch. For these recipes and more,
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