(marker scribbles) – [Narrator] Tic Tac Toy. (bell rings) – Addy, Addy. Addy, Addy, it’s time to wake up. – Maya? – You have to get up, Addy. – But I was having the coolest dream imagining what the toy cafe would be like. – But that’s why I woke you up. – Huh? – The toy cafe opens today! – OMG, I can’t believe
I completely forgot! We better get over to
the toy hotel quickly so we can see their latest addition. – Yeah, hurry up and get ready
and meet me in the hallway. (joyful music) – Ready? – Ready. – Let’s go! (store bell rings) (upbeat music) – OMG! This place is so beautiful! – Yeah, it’s even cooler
than I thought it would be. – Wow, check out all these toy foods. There’s so many Num Noms Snackables. – There’s Snow Cones and Dippers too! – I’ve always wanted to
try these Silly Shakes. – And there’s even a whole
pizza kit back here, Maya. – Let’s see what else is in the toy cafe. – Wow, there’s so many
cool tables and chairs and it looks like we
have counter service too! – Look at all these yummy baked goods. I’ve always wanted a Smoosh Cake. – And check out all these
DoughMis, they smell delicious. – Hello girls! (yelps) – Oh goodness! Where did you come from? – Yeah. – Oh, I just like to
have some fun sometimes. Hopefully I didn’t scare you. – Nope.
– Uh uh. – Well, my name is Lulu. Welcome to my toy cafe! What’s your name? – I’m Maya. – And I’m Addy. – Nice to meet you Addy. – You too. – Are you girls hungry? – [Addy And Maya] Yes. – Well, then why don’t
you girls take a seat and I’ll bring you something special. – I wonder what she’s gonna bring us. Do you think it will be
real food or toy food? – I don’t know but either
way, I bet it will be good. – Oh, there’s a surprise on
the table if you wanna check it out while you’re waiting. – There’s cupcakes. – They look scrumptious. – You can each have one. – Okay, thanks! Which cupcake do you want Maya? – I think I’ll take a chocolate one. – Okay, I’ll take the lemon one. (long sniff) – Mmm, it smells delicious! – Mine does too. Wait a minute, there’s a hair in it! – OMG. That is so disgusting. – What should I do? Should I tell Lulu? – Wait just a minute. These aren’t cupcakes we eat. These are Cupcake Surprise Dolls. (joyful music) – I think she’s a part
of the bridal edition. Isn’t she pretty? – For sure. I think I got the bride. – I bet those cupcakes are
making the girls thirsty. I think I’ll surprise them
with a refreshing drink. Which ones? Hmm, these two. – Look, there’s a little
hairbrush and it comes with the Cupcake Surprise Doll. Let’s brush their hair. – Oh yeah, great idea! – Hello there girlies! I thought you two might be getting thirsty so I brought you an
orange soda for you, Addy and a lemon lime soda for you, Maya. – Oh, perfect! Thanks! – Yes, sounds awesome. I am parched. – And I’ll be back with
some delicious burritos in just a few minutes girls. – Okay, thanks! (spits disgustingly) Wow, this does not taste
like lemon lime soda. Has it spoiled? – Ha, it’s lemon lime slime. And I have orange soda slime. I’m glad you figured that
out before I chugged mine. – But it looks and smells so real. – Alright, girlies. I hope you two have some
big appetites because I whipped up some really
big burritos for you two. – You’re not kidding. Those things are ginormous! – Luckily my appetite is ginormous too. – Well, perfect. One burrito for you and
one burrito for you. You two enjoy! – Let’s dive in Addy. – Eww. – What in the world! – Clearly, these weren’t
meant to be eaten. – Well, this is a toy cafe after all. Maybe it’s literally all toys. And if these aren’t real
burritos, these are… – [Addy And Maya] Cutetitos! – I’ve always wanted to open one of these. These tortilla blankets are so cool. – I know, to die for! – Oh, it’s a puppy surprise! – And I have a cute little piggy. – Look, mine has an orange
chilly pepper on it. – Mine has purple chilly pepper. – Who ever heard of a
purple chilly pepper? Crazy, right? – Yeah. – This paper tells you
all about your Puppito. – Awh, it’s called a Puppito! – I love that name. Oh look, a mine’s mild. – Mine’s medium spicy, but oh so cute! – Yeah, they’re definitely squish worthy. (tense music) (door slam) (bang on counter) – Who’s he? – I don’t know, maybe a customer? – Hello? Hello? (bell rings) – He’s not very patient. – Hello, and welcome to the toy cafe. I’m Lulu. How may I help you? – One double rainbow blast please. – Hmm, I’m sorry but I’ve never heard of a double rainbow blast. – What do you mean you’ve never heard of a double rainbow blast? They are one of the more
popular treats ever! – Well, I’m sorry but we just don’t have that here in the toy cafe. Can I interest you in a Pikmi Pop DoughMi? – Nope. – Okay. What about some bananas? – Uh uh. – A Little Lucky Lunchbox? – Next. – What about a Sticky Watermelon? – No. I had a double rainbow
blast on my mind all day! I’m very disappointed. – Addy, I think I have an idea. – Oh, well I don’t know what to give you. – [Addy and Maya] Excuse me, Sir? – Hello. – We heard you asked for
a double rainbow blast. – You’ve heard of it? – Yeah, we’ve had one once. – Really? – Yep, at the Super Cool Carnival. – Yes, I used to get
them there all the time, before they closed. I really miss that place and
the double rainbow blast. – Well, maybe we could help you. – Do you girls know how to
make a double rainbow blast? – Not exactly, but our grandma showed us how
to make something even better! – Oh, could you please try? – We’ll see what we can whip up. – Lulu, can we use your kitchen? We need to make some actual
food, not just toy food. – Of course, I want to
keep my customers happy. Do you need my help? – Definitely, Lulu. – I appreciate the effort girls! I’ll go take a seat and read
my newspaper while I wait. (whispers quietly) This seat will do right here. I can’t wait for my double rainbow blast. (store bell rings) – Well, girls. Welcome to the toy cafe’s kitchen. – Wow, it’s fabulous. – Thank you Maya! Now girls, where do we
start with this recipe? – Well, there are a lot
of secret ingredients in this recipe. Do you happen to have a
secret ingredient packet? – Hmm, what does it look like? – It’s a clear plastic bag
with top secret written on it. – You know, I think my chef
left one here somewhere. You wanna help me look? – [Addy And Maya] Sure! (drawers clank)
– Pots and pans. More pots and pans. Maya, check the refrigerator! – No secret ingredient packet here. – None here. – None here either. – I don’t see it in here either. – Maybe it’s gone. – I know where it is! Top secret ingredients have to
be in a top secret location. Follow me girls! (shop bell rings) (door creaks) (upbeat music) – Hmm, let’s check the scores. Hmm, can’t believe the
Brooklyn Dodgers won again. Where’s my rainbow blast? Moving at a snail’s pace here, hmm. (store bell rings) – Oh, that was so close! – You’re telling me! – I’m so glad he didn’t see
us and wonder what was up. – Now we need a bowl and a whisk. – And lots and lots of sprinkles. – Oh, and food coloring and frosting too. – Aye aye, Captain! Whisk. Frosting, sprinkles and food coloring. Alright girls, everything you
need should be right here. – And Lulu, can you
heat the oven up please? – Not a problem! (oven beeps) – Okay Maya, let’s get to work. (plastic crackles) A little bit of this. – And time to stir! – Ooh, it looks delicious. – Uh huh. (joyful music) – Alright Lulu, can you put it in the oven and start the timer please? – Sure thing girlies! (timer ticks) (store bell rings) (humming) (timer bell dings) – Oh, the food’s ready! – Wait, it’s not ready yet Lulu. – Yeah, we’ve gotta finish it. – Oh, I see! – And this part is top secret. – Can you turn that way and count to 10 while
we finish the surprise? – Okay. One, two, three, four, five, six. – No peaking Lulu! – Never! Seven, eight, nine, 10. Can I turn around now? – [Addy And Maya] Ta da! – Wow, you girls did it! These look amazing. – [Addy and Maya] Thank you. – What do you call them? – Triple rainbow surprise. – Wow, way to go girls. – [Addy And Maya] Thank you, thank you. – Well, let’s get these
to the customer stat! – Stat? – That’s fast for medical speak. I don’t know why I know that. Come on! (store bell rings) – All these young whippersnappers
causing havoc in my city. – Ladies and gentlemen. I mean gentleman. Presenting, Addy and Maya! – [Addy and Maya] Here we are. – Addy and Maya’s – triple rainbow surprise! (joyful clapping) – Yay! – Ta da! – Bravo girls! Bravo! It’s amazing! – But you haven’t even tried it yet. – Alright! – Blow out the candles first. – Very well! (gasps) – Now take a bite! (joyful music) – Well? – I can’t believe it! I just can’t believe it. – Uh oh, are they not good? – No. (gasps) It’s fantastic! – [Addy, Lulu and Maya] Yes! – This is the best treat
I have ever tasted! (store bell rings) (joyful music) – I can’t thank you girls enough! You guys really saved
the day and toy cafe. – It was fun. Super hard but fun. – So fun. Do you think you’ll add some
real food to the toy cafe now? In addition to the toys of course. – I ways thought real food was so boring in comparison to toy food. But if you can make food
as fun and as colorful as the triple rainbow surprise,
then I don’t see why not. – Awesome. Well, we better get going since you’re closing up pretty soon. – Lulu, do you mine if
we grab some to go foods from the shelf over there? – Of course not. I actually packed you
each a little doggy bag to take home with you. I thought you might
want a late night snack. – Thank you. – Well, thank you girls
for all the help today. (loud gasping) – I got Cotton Candy, a Strawberry Squishy and a Candy Dispenser. – So cool. Let’s see what I got. A DoughMi, a Num Noms and a Shopkin. – Maybe next time I’ll
throw in some cookies. Like, real ones that you can eat. – Well, thanks so much Lulu and goodnight. – Goodnight girls. Thanks again for all the help. Hope to see you back soon. – Maya, I really love this place. – Yeah, me too. I think we’ll be back a lot. – For sure! (joyful music) (door closing gently)
(store bell rings)