if there is overwatering in the root areas of this adenium plant then the plant leaves may get dry. because you can see this plant trunk and leaves are very thick all this type of plants has a capability of holding the water in their body so in that case, if there is no water in the root-soil, this type of plants can survive for a long time when you see that the root-soil has totally got dry then pour water on the roots area then again wait till the soil get totally dry. so now the question is, how can you know? we cant dig the soil every time to check it you could see many weeds around the roots area of these plants. like this one when the root-soil is getting dry then this weeds is also started to getting dry then give the water after giving water then wait for it if you fix a time of giving water like 1 week later or something then there are many problems like like in the summer season it needs more water but in rainy and winter season it needs less water than the summer season you can keep these plants in a shady area in the rainy season, then the plants will be very well it can’t stop flowering, because i have seen it flowering like all the time. but you have to keep these plants in a shady area in the rainy season, where it can’t get the rain because if it gets water all time then the roots area may get rotten but this much blooming, it totally depends on your care. if I say, spray vitamin to get more flower, of course, its help a little bit but if you don’t take good care of it then they will not blossom that much so you have to take good care of these plants this plants will die if it gets an excessive amount of water so it’s better if we use stones, coconut hasks cutting into cubes pieces or compost making of kitchen waste instead of soil see these are compost, made of kitchen waste in this compost, it has nutrients for plants and also it stays dry. many times we see that by mistake we overwater the plants or we keep them in the rain in the rainy season and it gets rotten in sone area like it happens with my this plant you can see, this part I will show you pulling out this plant, that what kind of soil I have used here these all are stones Boulder Stone also, you can use these many sizes of gravels if you use this then it looks beautiful and it can’t store the water see you can see its totally empty and clear means if you give a little bit extra water, it goes through it without any blockage, but you can see how much roots it has now what I want to tell you see see this part carefully this root part was not there at that time this total portion was a big root then suddenly one day I saw that the upper portion is fine but the inner portion has got rotten then what I did, I just stop watering it. because for some reason this plants is being overwatered this is the first rule when you see that any part is starting to get rotten then immediately stop giving water then you can sure about that, that the plant doesn’t die. think if it has its own capability then why we give excess water whatever what we have to do now first, we have to stop giving water it’s basically a fungus infection for this, you can use any anti fungus pesticide like I used bavistin powder. it works very well you can mix this powder in 1 to 1.5 spoon quantity with 1-liter water and then spray over the leaves and the roots area many time we see fungus in the soil also. in that case, you can mix some powder with the soil when prepared it otherwise, you can use neem cake with the soil. it will also work as antifungus. it works as a nutrient for food and also as an antifungus and antibacterial kit doing these things you can see it will start improving mine also improved this way itself now it doesn’t have any problem this problem did not happen in these plants you can see the roots area is totally dry I will give water when it’s needed. now many people asked that, what we should give them as a nutrient or fertilizer I would say that if it seems very necessary then only use N.P.K or N.P.K 19-19-19 or 20-20-20 also, you can use our local fertilizer 10-26-26 but in a very small amount, like half spoon quantity mixing it in 1.5-liter water but if you use 19-19-19 and 20-20-20 then use half spoon quantity and mix it in 1-liter water and spray over the leaves and soil you can give these at an interval of 15 to 1 months if you want you can use this cow dunk dust on the upper portion of the roots in a 1 spoon quantity spread it over the roots area you can use it once a week when we give water here then this dust go down there and do its work here I am going to add some small stone this is cow dunk dust we have to give it 1 to 1.5 spoon quantity don’t use too much fertilizer at the same time see this plant this plants branches used to be very long. so keep this iron wire as a stand to these branch because when this branch is blooming then it’s going downwards so I used this wire here as a support. then I saw that these branches were growing very long that’s why I have cut these branches now I will tell you about the cutting when you cut the branch, use a very sharp tool after cutting it nicely, you will see sticky gum type liquid coming out from the cutting are, let it remain on the cut area its help the plants when this liquid is got dry then used some liquid candle wax and put in this cutting area so that the water can’t go through this cutting parts then these parts will not get rotten if you don’t use candle wax, then you can use any paint here then it will also protect this area from water