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Today we will look into How to grow Adenium from seeds. This topic of adenium seed germination
is chosen here because the technique is slightly different in case of adenium seeds. Stay tuned..
Before we start the topic on the soil requirement for adenium seed germination, few quick points
on this plant. Adenium is a genus of flowering plants in
the Apocynaceae family and native to Africa and the Arabia. It is also called as Desert
Rose. It�s a commonly used plant for making bonsais
and also to demonstrate grafting techniques. There are many species and Adenium Obesum
is the commonly used variety and is called the desert rose and depending on the color
of the flowers, its called as rubra, alba and so on. Rubra means red and alba means
white. Well, coming back to growing adenium plant
from seeds, the seeds must be healthy. I got these seeds online from amazon and am trying
this for the first time. But I have done enough research to prepare this video and am gonna
share with you the best method. So, the seed starting mix is an important
factor in success to this process. The basic concept is making a highly loose or well draining
soil. Here I have mixed 40 percent cocopeat, 40 percent fine river sand and 20 percent
perlite. Mix it well and fill the seedling tray with this mix.
The adenium seeds should be healthy and purchased from a trusted source for best results. I
purchased these 5 seeds from Amazon. Okay, then lay the seeds horizontally, one in each
cell of the germination tray. You can also use small paper cups with a drainage hole.
Then add a thin layer of either fine sand or even the same potting mix to about half
a centimetre. Do not bury too deep. Then water the tray with a sprayer. If your
location is no humid, place this tray into a zip lock bag for better results or cover
with a polythene bag and keep in a warm place for about a week.
Normal time for adenium seed germination is about 10 to 15 days. Lets wait for the results
and as usual, I shall post the updates at our Instagram and facebook page.
So, there you have it folks, that was our episode on adenium seed germination technique.
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