hi I’m Megan as head of admission I often get asked about students can admitted to Manila in this series I speak with the individuals who make up our student bodies and explore their stories so you can see for yourself what I think is amazing is that you come from a very small town yet you have been to so many continents and and you’re just in your very early 20s how did you go from from the southern to the Brazil through multiple places around the world I do ask myself the same question actually I grew up in the city which was really really small really really Catholic we’re really about like the community the kind of city that everyone knows everything about it anyone out of my high school that was mostly into research and like just be the best student in class just like studying as much as I could and I want to go to college I had the opportunity of participating in Student Union’s like in political organizations or the organization they were trying to do good the community that we were part of and that started like to illuminate like my choice in a sense that I was doing chemical engineer at a time and it was really passionate about math and about chemistry but a whole new field of like I actually like working with people and I actually like doing community work I like I think as cheesy as it may sound I like having a sense that the work that I’m doing is contributing in some sort of way to the place that I belong to so through these organizations I became so much involved in social entrepreneurship and like student organizations overall that after that year I decided to drop out to kind of spend all the time that I had on those without any idea what is going to happen and eventually one thing connected to another and then I was going to the UK for the first time to participate linking and national program and and then like hits it’s almost all the friends they like it all happened you know in a span of like two years and eventually after after leaving a job I decided that I want to rethink my education and that that’s where I’m at never showed up back at the time University asked me to compromise and I felt that I didn’t need to and then I left and eventually part of my decision on coming to Minerva was especially because we never didn’t ask me to compromise then he’d tell me about a place in San Francisco that is significant for you I think a favorite place for me is a place that brings me peace that enables me to connect with myself so my favorite place in San Francisco is the Sutra box it’s close to the sea and when I get there I think it just feels so peaceful and if the city would there is a cave in Sutro Baths when you’re getting inside everything is a little bit darker and you can hear the sound of the waves crashing against the walls and that is the most soothing sound that I’ve ever heard itself is through school I’m going to read something up to you when you might be a little bit surprised class ends every day at 12:30 right before lunchtime what is your go to lunch I love sleeping after lunch so I go to the market by burrito a burrito and sleep how would you describe your behavior as a child oh I was a demon unlike a little demon like my mum if you forget in a room – my mana not so much out of it you’re getting here it’s funny stories okay you’re very calm now so something changed I have no idea what to like I think I have a little personality impersonate your favorite emoji what if something only a roommate would know about you that I am more introverted than then I give away most of the time who is dunce s don’t–i is my cat chose this for the first gun that I had that I lived with for like it what’s the average time you go to bed every night midnight what sounder artist are you currently playing on repeat whoa James may describe what an HCS and which is your favorite it is a way of thinking about the world my favorite one is lead principles which are related to the principles of leadership and how you apply it anymore you do what or who inspires you I don’t have a person but the quality of the person that that I really admire is the person works through piece specifically if he or she works by bringing people together this is the Rubik’s Cube yeah quite anniversa everyone has heard about it sometime it is actually super simple salt I’m going to teach you today but an algorithm is in the Rubik’s Cube is when you identify where a piece is where you want it to be and what are the movements that are going to take it from where it is to where it where it needs to be Oh [Music] ready yes here to the right yes all right yep all right and then you’re done first oh really cute I did without using my mind okay oh yeah exactly which most of us do I am kidding and I am Innova because of the amazing people who are here