The ingredients are as follows 400g all purpose flour. 1 glass milk. half glass cooking oil. 1 glass water and sugar. 1tsp baking powder 1 egg. 1tsp yeast 1tsp Wild Blueberry (black seed) 1tsp khaash khaash (white seed) Add the milk. followed by cooking oil. half glass of water now the sugar the egg yeast mix them well then the rest of the ingredients will be added. Everything is mixed well. The way I wanted it. 1tsp baking powder mix it again. Add the all purpose flour. the dough is ready. let it rest for 4-5hrs. cover the top as well pre heat your oven. dough is ready for this process make small doughs. ball shape make small/large ball shape. now spread the dough…to make the circle shape. make it nice…. using a fork poke on it add the black seed and khaash khaash. as per your taste. place it in the oven 250 deg for 15 mins then lower the heat 30 minutes, the underneath of roat is cooked now turn on broil mode. for heat to come from top. 3 minutes.