I am right now at Ningxia Night Market, Taipei, Taiwan Which is like the one that’s Taiwanese locally famous. At the shop that sells this drink Pretty much like jelly kind of drink like this It’s called AIYU (愛玉) This thing. Actually we should see like on this one My first it’s kind of okay But then after I got to know the story it behind this cup of drink, Aiyu (愛玉) I became kind of obsessed so.. I am at this Taiwanese gift / souvenir shop in Taipei I’m actually buying one home to Thailand and I am going to make it myself at home because I found this jelly drink Aiyu (愛玉).. Super Interesting. I’ll see you in Thailand and making it together There! Quick flight, ain’t it? Today we’re going to be making this Aiyu (愛玉) Actually, let me tell you something first.. Aiyu (愛玉) is actually traditional Taiwanese desert indigenous to Taiwan That’s why it’s all over there and people love it so much. 100% natural jelly that made from the special fig tree seeds I’m so excited to be trying this so we’re gonna try it together Then, we will have to just leave this may be in the room temperature or in the fridge for like Half an hour – like an hour and it would just set itself to be a jelly After this, we will have to go do the lime juice with honey So we got the honey right here like real, honey Then you have to get some lime I’m finding some cute plate.. Hmm.. cute bowl Can you believe this is actually made from those seeds, small seeds that we saw on that special fig Like the one they sell, you know. It’s good! Okay. Now we’re gonna go feed my sister in her bedroom Bamn! My sister pretty much didn’t like that so much But I like it because the fact that it is actually like really refreshing it’s natural, all natural. Fun fact about this.. If you just leave Aiyu (愛玉) right there and don’t eat it for a day or two two or three It’s actually like turn into the liquid form again. That’s kind of interesting to me Yay Yay yay so I’ve made Aiyu (愛玉) for the first time of my life That was kind of fun. I hope that was something new to some of you guys Hope you guys enjoyed! and I will see you guys in the next video