Hi boys and girls! Ms. Booksy here with Chapter 8 of Alice in Wonderland. At the end of Chapter 7 Alice and her friends, Drew and the Cheshire Cat, had just flown away from the Queen. Let’s see what happens next! Here we go, Chapter 8… Alice, Drew, and the Cheshire Cat zipped over the Queen’s head and into safer territory. Drew quickly sketched a door leading to another garden. He flew through, followed by Cheshire Cat, but when Alice got to the door she realized it was way too tiny for her! Oh no! I’ve grown giant again! What’s going on?? … You guys go on ahead. …I must find the cure to all this growing and shrinking! BOOKSY: Alice began to walk through the garden looking for an apple or a cookie like the ones she had eaten before. Oh, there’s a plate of tarts! Perfect! These are the Queen’s tarts! Hands off, you dessert thief! Sorry! I didn’t know! All rise. Today the honorable judge, the King of Hearts, will hear the case of the missing tarts! But the tarts are right there. So, whoooo stole the tarts? No one, they’re right there. It was the Knave! The Knave of hearts stole the tarts! No he didn’t! Then why did YOU say he did?? I didn’t! CATERPILLAR: Don’t you remember your poem? Your honor, the evidence… The Queen of Hearts, she made some tarts on a summer’s day The Knave of Hearts, he stole those tarts and took them clean away! The King of Hearts called for the tarts and beat the Knave full sore The Knave of Hearts brought back the tarts and vowed he’d steal no more! CATERPILLAR: So, you see. This GIANT lady says the Knave of hearts stole the tarts! OFF WITH HIS HEAD! No! Please don’t off with his head. It was just a made­-up poem! Silence in the court! That means you, Alice. But— Quiet! Or it’s off with YOUR head! Her head is much too large to off. Hey! That’s not my fault! Maybe SHE stole the tarts! What? Me? I’m trying to defend you! She DID steal my cookie. BOOKSY: Oh dear, this was getting way out of control. Alice didn’t steal any tarts! Well, she was going to, but she didn’t actually do it! And she had never met a Knave of hearts before, but she was pretty sure he didn’t steal any either. Besides, weren’t the tarts right there and not missing at all?? Your honor, we can all see that the tarts are right here, as in “not stolen”. So, why don’t we all just forget about this whole thing and move on. Who wants to play croquet? QUEEN: It’s you! You’re the girl from before! You were much smaller then. Exactly! It was SHE who stole the tarts! Your honor, White Rabbit, Caterpillar, animals of the jury, you have all seen me before. You all know that, for whatever reason, I keep changing size! It’s not from eating… well, I DID eat that one cookie. And then that other one… but those cookies were magical! Or something. I don’t know! Will the Mad Hatter please take the stand. Oh great. This guy again. BOOKSY: Kids, as you know, the Mad Hatter and Alice did not exactly get along. The Hatter bowed before the queen and then began the silliest nonsense Alice had ever seen or heard. He’s just making up this song, no fair! The real song is B-­I-­N-­G-­O! Eeenough! I don’t like this song. Off with his head! KING: Order! Order in the court! The animal jury will decide who is guilty— Alice or the Knave. The animals of the jury whispered, barked, meowed, squeaked, and ribbitted among themselves. Finally, they had their decision. We the animals of the jury think it was Alice who ate the tarts. The knave of hearts is as skinny as a card. Nobody ate the tarts. They’re right there! Wait, I’m confused. I thought they were stolen. They WERE stolen, but now they’re here. And none are missing? Nope! Well, why are we arguing about this? I wonder why does anyone do anything here in Wonderland? It’s all so silly! What did she say about Wonderland??? Oh, poo to you! You’re nothing but a card. Why don’t you GO FISH! OFF. WITH. HER. HEAD!! BOOKSY: The Queen sent her entire pack of cards on the attack. They all came flying at Alice, as if someone had shuffled them and thrown them in the air, ninja style! What? Huh? I think I’m back at home! Is this real? Ouch! And I think I’m my right size! Oh, this is wonderful! But how did I get back? Was it a dream? No, it couldn’t be! But what if I wanna go back to Wonderland sometime! It was scary and confusing sometimes, but it was also kind of fun… Oh well. Time to eat! I’d love a cookie… or maybe a tart… Shhh! And that’s the end of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, but we’re not through with Alice yet, no sirree! Make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss our new series, when Alice Goes Through the Looking Glass! Click right over here to subscribe, and comment!! Tell me what you think will happen to Alice next! And what was your favorite part of Alice in Wonderland? I wanna know See you next time kids! Bye!