hi I’m Alex and these are some of my all-time favorite dessert recipes so this fun fact is actually one of my all-time favorite desserts as a kid my sister can attest we used to make this all the time it is the best we keep it in the freezer eat it all week long oh my god it’s so good I know it seems basic but trust me there is nothing better than this like frozen peanut butter pie I just make this pie with a graham cracker crumb crust which you can absolutely do but for this tasty video I decided to switch it up and use chocolate sandwich cookies to the purse is super simple it’s just some cookie crumbs and butter and then you line the pan with that and then you’re just gonna bake that quickly to set so now on to the delicious part every part is delicious but this is like the most let’s just part so this filling is almost like a frozen mousse kind of thing so we’re lightening up the peanut butter with cream cheese and whipped creams and powdered sugar get sick like light and fluffy texture so we’re making like a peanut butter mousse so you definitely want to use softened cream cheese here cream cheese is a little bit tricky to work with because you can often get pretty lumpy so we’re breaking down the process of mixing up this filling so then you’re gonna pour that filling right on to your already baked cookie crust smooth that out a nice little design on there you could like kind of like add some little things you know what I mean like add some swirls like do you it’s like an art project on those you know no stop read says it looks like a Gundam style wait how do they do that again is it that do you know the dam what’s up Eggman stuff oh no it’s a government so this is what you want to do to your pie so won’t go Gangnam style your pot and then you’re just gonna pop it in the freezer to set the hardest part because you have to wait there’s like something that happens in the freezer magic or science where there’s five sets but like it’s so much better than even just like a cool pie like the frozen aspect of it it’s like the perfect like silky ice creamy yet not quite as dense consistency and now that all you’ve left to do is top it so I just spanked myself so I taught this with a little bit more of those crushed cookie crumbs that we use for the base again if you are using the graham cracker crust you can do whatever you want you could even just not top it with anything because it’s delicious that is but there you go if you love me as much as I love this pie subscribe to ready to Jim actually fun facts this is what the team made for me my first birthday at tasty because I knew how much I loved this pie [Music] y’all hurry know how much I like banana bread and cheesecake this is just same same but different so this was actually a sequel recipe from a recipe that Alvin had made for a cookies and cream stuffed bundt cake bundt pans were kind of like a thing so I wanted to play around with a bundt pan and a new flavor I guess an old flavor but strong flavor in a new way so because I’m obsessed with banana bread and cheesecake I decided to go with banana bread and cheesecake how original so the banana bread for this is classic one I’ve used for a lot of different videos at this point the way we’re switching it up here is the methane so baking it in a bundt pan and filling it with the cheesecake so of course for any banana bread you should use ripe bananas the darker the better this will just make sure they had all that natural sweetness that you want in your banana bread never throw away your black bananas so a tip from Lexus is that if you have dark bananas that are getting too dark and you don’t feel like making a banana bread at that point store them in the freezer don’t throw them away that’s banana blasphemy so again super simple you’re gonna pour your banana bread batter into a greased bundt pan if you don’t have a bundt pan I don’t know what to tell you then you can’t do this recipe because it specifically calls for a bundt pan I like big butts and I cannot lie spread that out to make sure it’s on an even layer then you’re gonna bring in your cheesecake filling that we already made and it was cooling spread that out with a spatula and then pour the rest of your banana bread batter on top while you’re baking your bunt you’re gonna make the caramel which will go on top of this bundt cake which is something you should not skip because it really puts this one over the edge so for the caramel you’re gonna start by cooking down your sugar you want to make sure it gets a golden brown and caramelized before you add the butter in so throw in the butter that’ll melt down transfer it off the heat and then throw in the heavy cream once the caramel all mixed up it might be a little loose but once you cool it down it will thicken right up so now that our cake is all baked it’s time for the fun part flipping it over should pop right out if you remember to grease your bundt pan and then you just pour your caramel drizzle right all over that thing so this recipe it’s pretty fun because it’s like a stuffed cake ring so it’s not actually like cheesecake more as like a cheesecake filling so it’s still like the flavor of a cheesecake topped hanging as’ and sweetness you don’t have to set it like you would have to set a cheesecake because it’s just the filling this was really really quite delicious I have to say I’ve done a banana bread bottom cheesecake I’ve done a banana bread ice cream cake I do a lot of banana things it’s one of my favorites [Music] I love a good cream puff so this is a recipe I actually made around Valentine’s Day because it’s kind of like sexy so we haven’t done a couple of different variations of cream puffs so I decided to do just another variation of a cream puff and I thought it was really cute to do a strawberries and cream puff but then take it step further with a chocolate strawberries and cream puff a lot of plays on words here so cream puffs can be a little bit tricky to make but you break it down it’s really not too difficult just takes some time but it’s Valentine’s Day but Valentine’s Day which is what this recipe was intended for then you should be willing to put in a little extra time right so I started by making this filling because it’s gonna need time to kind of cool so this is like a basic cream puff like a custardy filling so as custard filling is egg yolks heavy cream sugar and cornstarch so once the custard starts to thicken up we’re gonna add in those chopped up strawberries and then we’re gonna transfer that into a bowl to cool I really wanted to use like our strawberries because I love fresh strawberries I just wanted it to be like as close to like chocolate-covered strawberry would be just in kind of a new way but if strawberries are out of season or you just don’t want to use fresh strawberries you could also replace that with strawberry jam and incorporate strawberry into the felling rock wave so now we’re gonna move on to the choux pastry which I’ve done a lot of times here and it’s always a workout so prepare yourself but again you get your final workout in before you go meet your date for a Valentine’s Day you just gotta get the method right you’re gonna start the heat melting down your butter and your water and once that’s all liquefied you’re gonna add in your flour and start to mix so you’re gonna keep mixing this on the heat until it’s like a homogenized dough and then we’re gonna turn throw that off and in vanilla and one egg at a time so you wanted on in the egg slowly off the heat because you don’t want the eggs to cook while you’re incorporating them into the dough it’s gonna take some muscle power because you want to make sure every time you’re incorporating an egg that the dough it’s like fully mixed so don’t move too fast here just make sure you’re taking your time make sure you’re really incorporating the dough and getting it as smooth as possible and there you have it so we’re gonna turn for that into a piping bag I actually did it in a ziplock bag and didn’t even use a tip because it was a little more user-friendly cuz not everybody has access to a piping bag and piping tips so you’re gonna pipe that dough onto your parchment lined baking sheet into kind of a cool round thing if you want to you can take a finger and get it a little wet and dab down the tips of what you just piped and that will help you get like a really round perfectly shaped cream and then we make so once you put these in the oven magic will happen they should puff up into these cute little round balls of love just in time for Valentine’s Day seriously though you don’t have to make this on Valentine’s Day you can make this whatever you want note that I like ever do anything for Valentine’s Day bitter or anything if you want to take me out for Valentine’s Day subscribe to our youtube channel and now the fun part we’re gonna fill these little cream puff puffs with our delicious strawberry custard filling you’re gonna want to make sure your custard is completely cooled down before you pipe it so first you’re just gonna poke a little bit of a hole in the bottom of the cream puff shell and then we’re gonna take this even further and dip the tops of these cream puffs in some melted chocolate so that they get their chocolate strawberry [Music] I’m the Puff Daddy of cream puffs I’m the puff mama like Puff Daddy but like puff mama I’m puff mommy okay who wants to take me on a date [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause]