Hey guys! This is Heather from HealthyVeganRecipes.net.
I hope youíre excited! Iíve got a fantastic dessert for you today. It is one that I found
over on a site that I loved called manifestvegan.com and that is run by a lovely lady named Allyson. And she has come up with a pretty brilliant
recipe which is base on acorn squash. It is a chocolate squash custard. Totally vegan
and totally gluten free. That is one of her specialties coz she makes everything gluten
free because she canít, she canít do gluten. For those of you, who are looking for some
amazing gluten free recipes, head over to her site. Iíll post to that down below of
the video and ñ so Iím pretty excited about this recipe because it is perfect for holidays
which here in Canada is thanksgiving this weekend. Everywhere else, you can have a practice run
at this dessert and figure out how you want to do it, how you want to play it. She says you can have it hot out from the
oven or if you put it in the fridge for one or two hours, itís really nice because it
turns firm and you can have like a slice of it. Now, Iíve just taken mine out of the oven
and thereís little spoonful thatís just been looking at me for a couple of minutes
just begging me to eat it so letís give it a try. Hmm.. I donít want to sound biased because I did
just make this but its amazing! Really rich chocolately flavor and she said when itís
hot, it has a texture like pudding, totally right! So Iím excited to try it as cool as
well because I like chilled dessert but out of the oven ñ fantastic! So, yeah! For those of you who just want the
recipe, Iíll post a link to that on my site as well as her site and for those of you who
wants to see how itís made, I will show you that! The first thing youíll have to do is bake
yourself a squash and this is an acorn squash, it kind of looks like an acorn when you look
at it. Iím sure this would work with any type of squash you wanna use but I use acorn
because that was in the recipe. Youíll notice that there are some holes in
this squash and thatís just from my fork. Before I put it into the oven, I poked it
several times that just helps the squash cook more quickly. You can also cook your squash whole if you
prefer, it will just take longer because the heat needs to get in from the outside as supposed
to being able to come in from both sides. One of the keys to doing this is to rub some
salt on your squash so I rubbed some salts on the inside as well as on the skin. Just
helps the squash soften up and I always like to bake the seeds from the squash as well.
This one I just season with a bit of herbamare and some paprika. Theyíre really tasty! Ok! So squash baking out of the way and you
might want to give that squash a little while to cool down so that itís easier to scoop
the flesh out, not necessary but just helpful. So what Iím gonna do first is pulse up the
topping ingredients. One of the Allysonís readers made a very good that if you do the
topping first in the food processor then you can move on and do the squash without having
to watch out the food processor. So Iíve got all my topping ingredients together
in this bowl and they are some very delicious things. Pecans, a little bit of coconut oil,
she said margarine but I didnít have any so I use coconut oil and thereís very little
in there so Iím sure it doesnít make a difference. Some sugar, some sorghum flour which is a
gluten free flour and I manage to find some in bulk at my grocery store and I ask also
for some ideas on substitutions for this flour, she says she often uses buckwheat flour and
when you feel this flour it actually does feel somewhat like buckwheat. So thereís the sorghum flour there, it got
a little bit of a pink color and its fairly smooth but it does has a little bit of ñ
a little bit more fiber on it than your average wheat flour so it is very similar with a buckwheat
flour texture. Now, thereís not very much flour in this
recipe whatsoever so I think that you would probably be safe with just about any flour
but buckwheat would be the closest in terms of texture. And so youíll gonna pulse all of those things
together in your food processor until they get to a nice crumbly texture and then set
that aside, thatís gonna go on top. Now really with the ingredients such as those I got going
on here I get tempted to stop and just eat it on its own. Alright! So throw your squash into the food
processor and get it all puree until itís nice and smooth. If you get a little bit of
skin in there from the squash, itís ok! Itís not gonna kill you, donít worry about it. And then throw in the rest of the ingredients,
once the squash is smooth because you wanted to pulse those ingredients in until they just
combine and you can find all of those and the exact measurements, Iíll post them on
my site, HealthyVeganRecipes.net and Iíll also post a link to the original recipe on
manifestvegan just down below the video. The one thing I wanted to mention is that
Allysonís pumpkin pie spice which I donít tend to have around but all pumpkin pies spice
is made up of is mostly cinnamon so I use about three quarters of a teaspoon of cinnamon
and then the rest is a mix of nutmeg, all spice and ginger. And nutmeg and all ñ nutmeg and ginger you
can do with the same amount, just like an eight of a teaspoon each and just a pinch
of all spice. You donít need much of it coz itís pretty powerful flavour. So again you want to pulse all of those together
in your food processor until you get a nice smooth, chocolately, squashy deliciousness. Ok! So there is my chocolate deliciousness
and you wanna make sure because thereís some flour in here you donít over processed this
otherwise it will get kind of stiff. And it never hurts to get a little tasting
spoon and take a taste to make sure itís as delicious as it looks. Indeed! Ok! So your
gonna take this mixture and put it into an oven dish otherwise known as a ramekin and
get the oven going, youíre gonna put it at 350F. So get the squash mixture in here and then
top it with the topping we made earlier and then put it in the oven to bake, thereís
the topping. Bake that at 350F for about 45 to 50 minutes. So Iíve been patiently waiting for these
guys to finish baking. I did spent some quality time with the spatula getting every last drop
out of it from the food processor and I highly recommend it. Anyway, the timer has gone off and theyíre
finally finish and you can check them out right here. Looking gorgeous so again I will
post the recipe on my site HealthyVeganRecipes.net and Iíll also post a link below to the original
recipe over on Allysonís site at manifestvegan.com. So I hope you guys give it a try and I will
see you guys next time.