Hi! Welcome to HomeMade Healthy. I’m Lisa Magary. Today we’re making s’mores cupcakes. New York baking company sent us silicon baking cups for our cupcakes. So we’re going to try those out today. So first we’re going to make graham cracker crust of our s’mores. We take a cup of ground almond butter. You can do salted or unsalted. If you do salted you don’t have to add salt. But this is actually unsalted. So one cup of that. Then we take one teaspoon of vanilla. One teaspoon of baking soda. And sea salt since I didn’t have any salt in my almond butter. One egg. And a third of a cup of honey. Actually got this recipe as a chocolate chip recipe. But we tasted and said it tasted like graham crackers. So that’s what we use it for. If you really love cinnamon you can add cinnamon. Today we’re just gonna do it without the cinnamon. Ok now all we have to do is mix this up. It’s gonna get loud for a second. You want to scrapes on your sides. Make sure you get everything incorporated. Mix it again. It’s gonna be sticky. But that’s okay from the honey. Alright so we take our silicone baking cups and we’ll just squish a little bit into the bottom. We’re going to bake these at 350. Just push it in. We’re also going to make homemade marshmallows for these which is pretty fun. Alright and once you get all of these filled we’re going to go to put in the oven for about 10 minutes on 350 degrees while they’re baking will make our marshmallows. And while we’re making our marshmallows will melt our chocolate. And we’ll have beautiful s’mores cupcakes when we’re finished. Now we’re going to make marshmallows. When I started this paleo lifestyle I learned how to do this and its really fun and easy. So I take 3 tablespoons of beef gelatin unflavored. Get the orange can. The green can doesn’t actually make gelatin. So I want to put it with some cool water in your mixer. And I go ahead and add a teaspoon of vanilla to it too at this time. And you’re just gonna mix it real quick. Excellent. Now we’re going to go mix honey and water on the stove and get it to about 240 degrees. And then we’ll mix it back with our gelatin and make wonderful marshmallows. Okay now you need to get the stove. Get a candy thermometer. You take a half a cup of water, which i had the panel hot, and you want a half a cup of honey. The original recipe i tried a cup of honey. That was so sweet. So what you’re going to do is just kind of whisk this until we get to 240 degrees and i’ll show you what that looks like. Okay we’ve heated up our honey and water and now we’re going to add it to our gelatin that we had mix and let it sit. So I’m gonna turn the mixer on so you’re not gonna be able to hear me. But I’m gonna let you know that’s what we’re doing. And it’s going to mix for about 10 minutes and while that’s mixing i’m going to put the chocolate in the toaster oven to melt. Alright now we have our marshmallow. It’s done. We’re just gonna put on a dollop. And this will thicken as it cools. I’m going to put a dollop right on top of our cupcakes. On each of them. And then you can let it cool for a minute but if you’ve got your chocolate ready then you can just do your chocolate right on top. So now they just have to cool. They are delicious. And now i have marshmallow on me. Anyway thank you so much for watching. Check out my blog at lisamagary.com and we will see you on our next episode of HomeMade Healthy.