Hi welcome to our Clean Foodies channel
today I’m going to show you how to make the most simple
almond cookies we have you only 3 ingredients
totally gluten-free and vegan, you have 1 cup of
almond flour we have fourth of a cup of maple syrup this is water we have here
a fourth of a cup of water and some aluminium free baking powder
I’m gonna mix it all together ok our batter ready, I have here an oven tray
align it here with some baking parchment you don’t need to use any oil at all and
I’m just going to scoop tablespoon onto this
baking parchment
you can of course double the ingredients and then you will get
double the amount of cookies I’m going to put these cookies into the
oven for two hundred degrees Celsius or four hundred
fahrenheit for something like 8 to ten-minute the moment they get it
brownish on the top we will know that they are
ready good our almond cookies are ready
can you imagine we have here only three ingredients
we have here almond flour maple syrup and baking powder and they are just yummy
okay so now we let cookies cool down a bit
and we can just take them off they are yummy for the full recipe if you want it
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