hi it’s Mieka Fasting weight loss and I
am on a journey from two hundred and seventy three point two pounds to 108
three point two pounds that’s 90 pounds I’m aiming to lose in front of
your eyes on YouTube I am doing alternate day
fasting with omad at the moment yesterday I ate a meal and I finished by
9:00 a.m. and now I’m going 36 hour fast now I did eat yesterday morning and I
get to eat tonight but it’s still 36 hours so I’m still
calling that alternate day fasting omad so what did I eat I ate two pieces of
salmon which was a major fail I am not good at cooking salmon for some reason I
need to look up how to cook it but I made myself eat it it was overcooked
basically seasoned good but overcooked um I had cottage cheese probably half a
cup I had jalapeno poppers I guess I made I
just um yeah I baked the hell opinions with cream cheese and cheese in it and I
had some boneless wings from the grocery store they prepared it
that was my meal and then I had dessert which was a coconut oil white chocolate
nut cluster thingy it had all of those things I just mentioned it also had chia
seeds almonds and pecans yeah that’s what I had and that’s all that
ate for yesterday yesterday morning um let’s see exercise I did not do the full
hour and a half of exercise Nikki I don’t know if I get a point for that or
not um I need to know if I get a point for not doing that exercise it was old
mad but I was thinking it was a 36 hour fast I don’t know so let’s see
I did do 30 minutes of light cardio and I did my 500 lower body reps and that’s
all the exercise I do okay dang it where’s my marker again oh I
don’t know how I keep losing my marker um okay my alternate day fasting with Omad results for a day for I am to 25.8 dang it I didn’t write it down No yeah it’s either of 0.8 or point –
I’m pretty sure it’s point eight okay sure 2.2 pounds is that right yeah that’s – I
think that’s – 2.2 pounds six seven eight yeah I’m happy with that okay and
that’s because of this super long 36 hour fast so I’m gonna eat tonight at
9 p.m. God willing and I will see you tomorrow
with the weight loss update