Hello from the market in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia. My sweet tooth is needing to be addressed so we’ve come to the market in search
of some desserts, some sweet treats. They have these carts here that you can go to
that are selling all sorts of little things. I want to get a whole bunch of them to sample
and sit down and just eat them all and show you what they are and try them together. A banana fritter please. Banana? Yeah. Like this? Three?
-Sure. Pieces.
-Yeah, three is fine. And one of these please. One of these. And one of these. One of these. And one of those. One of these. Could I have one of each? One of each, one of each. Could I have one of the green bean. One of these. I’m also gonna get one of those,
all three, one of each. Please. Yeah and then one of those and one of those. Both. Ok.
Please. This little ray of sunshine is called Pisang Goreng. ‘Pisang’ means banana so these are little bananas that have been sliced up and then deep fried. Banana fritters. It’s still warm. I mean what’s not to like about deep fried banana? The crunch is really nice. The bananas aren’t super sweet but it’s just enough sweetness that it feels like dessert. This is called Kuih Bom, or sesame seed ball,
and the texture is really interesting. It feels really squidgy,
kind of like a little bouncy ball. Oh! It’s filled with…looks like coconut palm sugar maybe. So inside the sesame seed ball
I’m tasting peanut and sugar. I love the consistency of this. This is Apam Balik, a Malay pancake. Looks suspiciously like a sweet slice of pizza as well. Who doesn’t like pancakes or pizza? Or a pancake shaped like a pizza? When they’re making this, they pour it into the pan and stir it all around and then they add peanuts and sugar. Ah! It’s so good! It has this spongy consistency and the peanut butter, or peanuts,
are so creamy inside. It’s one of my favourites. This is Pais Pisang. If I open up the banana leaf, it’s steamed coconut milk with banana
inside the steamed coconut milk . Look at that. Here goes. Whoa, that tastes like such strong coconut flavour and I can see the banana just peaking out the middle. I think one more bite, I’ll find the banana. It looks like a little bit like a boiled egg. The consistency of the steamed coconut milk, oh man. It’s so soft on your teeth,
the mushiness of the banana. This would be good if you didn’t have any teeth. No, but it’s really soft and sweet. So much coconut flavour. Mmm that is absolutely delicious. This is my first time trying this:
one of my new favourite things. Wow. Another sweet treat found in the banana leaf. This one is a little thinner, a little longer. It’s called Belabat Ubi Kayu and inside – more steamed goodness. But this is steamed tapioca with molasses. Oh this is sticky. Oh, look at how sticky that is. Wow, look at that. It’s stuck to the banana leaf but,
man, does that feel satisfying when I pull that banana leaf back. Wow. I’ve absolutely no idea what this will taste like. Let’s find out. Oh I like that! Mmm it has that same glutinous texture. Really dense, jelly texture. Like flubber or something. And the molasses makes it sweet
but of course not too sweet. If you kind of picture a really juicy,
thick fruit leather or fruit roll up or something, this is like the better version of that. Who knew? This might look a bit like a
barbecue-covered chicken wing but I promise you in belongs in the dessert video. This is called Kuih Sawalla and it’s glutinous flour cake with palm sugar. It’s very heavy, I gotta tell you. It feels dense and bits of it are crumbling
so I better…I better bite it before I ruin it. Oh..mmm! Oh my god, the texture is so good. What I love about this and a lot of these treats, it’s not crazy sweet. It’s not overboard but the texture is so unique. It’s that glutinous texture. Can you see? It’s so spongy and the way that the sugar is just kind of… tastes like caramelized. I need another bite. That is filling. Wow. Look at how big it is. Wow, that’s good. Totally unexpected taste. I was definitely picturing
BBQ sauce with chicken inside and I’m glad it was not chicken. It’s way better. Clearly I should’ve brought my own drop cloth. I gotta be honest you guys,
I got nothin’ for this one. Basically I walked up to the dessert cart,
I saw this, I pointed at it, I asked what it was, and she said, ‘It’s a donut’ which…I mean I guessed it was a donut
given its donut like properties. So I don’t really have any other information about this but it was kind of an added bonus. She said, ‘Oh, no, it’s not on the menu.
This is a donut.’ So we’re gonna call this a Malay donut. It does feel very squidgy. Very satisfying squidgy, I might add. Let’s find out what a Malay donut tastes like, shall we? Oh my god, it’s covered in sugar. Do I have, like, a big ring of sugar around my mouth? That’s how it feels. It tastes like a…a spongy but moist donut, very fresh. I think like everything here this was
most likely made today, like hours ago, ‘cause it tastes super fresh. It is covered in sugar so when you bite in all around your mouth
makes contact with little sugar granules. But I mean what else are you looking for
if you’re biting into a donut, right? Like eat…eat a carrot if you don’t want that. It’s so sweet. Unlike a lot of these other desserts,
this is super sweet. I love the squidginess though. This feels like lifting a barbell at the gym. This is seriously heavy, you guys. It’s making my…my wrist hurt. I mean, ok, it’s not that bad but it is really heavy. This is called Pais Ubi Kayu. It’s steamed tapioca with sliced banana and shredded coconut on the outside and when I first saw this
I think I was drawn to it because one of my favourite desserts
at home in Canada is a lemon square. This kind of looks a little bit like a lemon square, right, except shredded coconut instead of powdered sugar. And it also reminds me a little bit of,
in Australia, Lamingtons. So, if you agree, leave a comment down below,
but that’s why I was drawn into this and it’s super heavy so I think I better
take a bite to take the… the weight off the ‘old wrist,
if you know what I mean. Not at all what I thought it would taste like. I thought it was gonna be really sweet but it’s not. But it has that amazing glutinous texture
that I am obsessed with right now. Shredded coconut is a nice texture. It tastes fresh. Can you see how dense that is? No wonder it’s so heavy. The texture of the coconut,
the shredded coconut on the outside, is really nice in contrast with the
very smooth squidgy centre of the inside. So I like the way that those two textures
kind of play off one another. Oh, I found the banana! Ok, for some reason I thought that the banana
was just mixed in the flavour. There actually is a slice of banana inside. Ok this changes everything. Hold on. Oh yeah. Ok it just went up 100%. I love bananas and the banana is really sweet. That is really good. Can you see the banana inside? It’s like a little jelly box to hold this precious little slice of banana. And coconut to throw you off the scent on the outside. It’s a hard job but somebody has to try
all of these Malay desserts. I am now ready to slip into a sweet,
sweet sugar coma. I hope that you guys enjoyed seeing
all of these desserts, these sweet treats, sweet kuih in Malaysia at the market
here in Kota Kinabalu. If you like this video, give it a thumbs up
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