– Welcome back Wave Three Listens. Congratulations are in order for my friend Matt Rountree. Not only for the work he does for the American Heart Association but he tied the knot, Matt got married. – A month ago, yes, a month ago today. – Congratulations to you. – Thank you. – And you still look happy,
it’s been a month. (laughs) – Very happy, it’s been great. Married a great woman, there’s
some photos right there. Her name’s Katie and she’s
just a wonderful wife. We got married down in
Charleston about a month ago, so it’s been great so far and I had a great photographer to capture the moment as well. – [John] Very pretty, nice, nice venue, nice location there. – [Matt] It was beautiful. – [John] Congratulations to you Matt. Alright, many, many years together too. – [Matt] Thank you.
– [John] I hope you guys stay very, very happy.
– [Matt] I appreciate that. – I can tell you’re thrilled. – Oh I am, she’s a wonderful woman. – Okay, congratulations. Let’s talk about the
American Heart Association and their mission which is to help you and your family stay heart healthy. And today we’re talking
about heart healthy lunches. – That’s right. – Okay, so, you know
what I love about this is you’re smart enough to know, it’s not easy and you’ve got
to be a little bit creative to keep kids interested
in eating nutritious food. – That’s right, you know, going back to school here in a couple of weeks and some schools have
already started back. You know a lot of things we try to do is to educate people on eating healthy while it being fun at the same time. It’s not just about water and apples only, there’s ways that you can have
a little bit of fun with it. And that’s what we want to
do to keep kids interested. – Alright, so parents,
Mom, Dad, watch closely. We’re gonna see a little bit of magic here courtesy of Matt Rountree. Okay, Matt, first of
all, these are basics. And these are foods
that are heart healthy. – Right. – And as you said have a little fun with, mix it up a little bit, show
us what we’re talking about. – Starting off, just simple substitutions to make a healthier sandwich. You know, we’re gonna start off with some of our wheat bread here and you know, one of the
things that’s usually really healthy for us is to try to go with some of the leaner meats. Here I have some chicken and
I also have some roast beef. And either one of these
it’s like just being able to start out with lean beef or a lean meat is gonna be something that’s really healthy for you. So we’re gonna add that
onto our sandwich here. One of the things that’s a lot of fun is getting kids involved. So one of the things that we like to do is encourage something simple like getting your favorite cheese and actually just cutting shapes into it. So, you know, we’ve
got our cookie cutters, you know, that you see here and just letting the
kids again get involved. It might be a little messy in the kitchen, but again, it’s gonna get them more highly engaged in order to actually encourage, you know, a little bit of fun, you know, whenever they’re making their sandwich. Another thing is is too, a
lot of people like lettuce on their sandwich, kids
sometimes like that. We actually recommend whenever
we’re building a sandwich, we actually recommend
shredded carrots instead. It gives you that same crunch but it’s actually a high nutrition value. – [John] Yeah, from what I understand if a vegetable has a lot of color, usually more high nutrition. And with that bright orange,
does the trick right? – [Matt] It’s actually gonna
be really good for you. So just let kids build their own sandwich. Put as much on their as well. It actually tastes very similar to lettuce when you put it on a sandwich and it’s actually much better for you. So that’s what we kind of recommend in order to build a smarter sandwich. – [John] Alright, that
makes perfect sense. Let’s talk about drink options
a little bit, of course. This time of year hydrate, hydrate, water, water, water. – Right, absolutely. – What are your recommendations? How do we get creative with fluids? – Well that’s a great question. You know, a lot of parents will give like a dollar or two dollars and say you know, “Go get a sports drink or go
get a soft drink at school.” We don’t recommend that because
it has so much sugar in it. Instead, in order to recommend
something fun and healthy, we recommend packing just
a regular bottle of water and you can usually
get these little single packets, you know, at the grocery store. And you can usually get a half of dozen of them for about a dollar,
so they’re really cheap and they’re a lot of fun. So you know, what we recommend is just giving them some of these. I actually keep some
of these at our house. And it let’s them have
a little bit of fun. You just put it in there, shake it up. And they’re not necessarily diet drinks. You know, a lot of people think “Oh well it’s diet, my
child’s not gonna drink that.” No, this actually here is strawberry and this one’s grape, and there’s 10 calories in both of those. So you can see that we
can have a lot of fun in drinking and at the
same time staying hydrated. But doing- – [John] Staying away from the sugar. – [Matt] Exactly. – [John] Okay, munchies. This is a tough one here, so are these actually heart healthy? – [Matt] Yes, actually, you know, there are healthier options, you know, it’s not necessarily,
everything’s into necessarily heart healthy, but
they’re healthier options. You know, we’re talking about chips, I don’t know if you’re a salty guy but I’m a salty guy, I love salty foods. When we choose saltier options
like baked chips or pretzels, you’re actually cutting down the amount of fat in your child’s diet by 50%. That’s really important because nowadays kids are expected to have
a shorter life expectancy because of a poor nutritious diet which is why we’re here today, and lack of physical activity. So, they’re not gonna live as long as their parents if we
continue this route. So what we’re trying to
do is educate individuals on eating healthier options of
some of their favorite foods. And cutting down on those portions. – [John] Alright, and of course, you know, fruits, veggies, all great,
no question about it. Can’t run from that. And I love the taste of grapes. – [Matt] Right. – [John] This time of year
you get some good one too. – [Matt] You know, fruit is really good. You know, we recommend that kids can have as much fruit as they want. But the main thing is making sure that you have fun with it. Again we recommend allowing parents to go back into the kitchen
and create their own dips. Parents will sometimes,
you know, put snacks, snack cakes and things like that in it that have a very high sugar content for their foods as kind of a dessert. We recommend either grapes
or we recommend apple slices. Which both parents like, or
both kids like in most cases. And then on top of that,
create your own dips. – [John] You said, “Let em dunk.” – [Matt] This is the fun part. Let em dunk. You know, we have two options here. You know you have peanut butter and you have low fat yogurt. Both of these are fun options, but what makes em even more fun is a little bit of sprinkles. So, you know, just let them go in and make their own and then create little fun things as well to do. And that in of itself is gonna make a healthier option that kids are actually gonna have fun with. – [John] Alright, this all makes sense. I appreciate the creativity. Now, you’ve got a heart
walk coming up here right? – [Matt] We do. – [John] Kentuckiana Heart Walk, let’s talk a little bit about that. – [Matt] Well, you know, that heart walk is on Saturday, September 17th. It’s at Waterfront Park. We encourage everybody to come down, we’re expecting more than
10,000 people to come. The great thing about this event is that when you come down and
you support the mission through donations or
through the walk itself, you’re actually funding research and education efforts
right here in Kentuckiana. In fact, we have 1.5 million dollars in active research grants right
here in the Louisville area. And so you are giving
back to this community. You’re doing a lot of great things and we really would
appreciate your support. – [John] Now for those who want more information about the
American Heart Association Matt, where would they go? That website right there? – [Matt] They can go to heart.org or to the heart walk website itself is heart.org/kentuckianaheartwalk. We are registering individuals right now and are forming teams. We’re about six weeks away and we encourage you guys to do that. Because, again, it supports
not just our mission but the Louisville community as well. – [John] Now I’m curious on
this Kentuckiana Heart Walk, here now, will your wife
and you now walk together? – Oh we’re definitely gonna be walking. Yeah, actually she’ll be there, she’ll be volunteering as well so it will be really great. It’s a great event, I don’t know if you’ve been there or not, we’re actually changing some
of the program events up. We’re actually gonna have
a band there this year, which we’re gonna be announcing very soon. And we also have a lot
of other fun activities and of course Shane Ann Kogan
from Wave is gonna be there Mcing the event and her family which, you know, she actually has a son who’s a CHD survivor
so he’s gonna be there and the family’s gonna be there, so it’ll be great. – [John] Perfect, perfect,
love hearing that. Alright thank you so much.
– [Matt] Thank you. – And again congratulations to you.