[Music] – This is delicious.
– It’s good. – This is delicious.
– Thumbs up for delicious. Ah.
Thumbs down if you’re not really sure. Any thumbs down?
– No. – No. [Music] – With the syrup, we have
a little bit of a luncheon. The syrup that we make
goes on pancakes, and everyone’s
parents can come. [background conversations]
– This syrup was from the tree. It’s really good. – We tapped this tree
and named it, um … – Sap.
– Yeah, sap. – And there here we had a boil,
and now we have the maple lunch. – I think once students learn
what nature has to offer, it becomes much more
important to them. [Music] – Do you know where
this bison meat came from? How many ever heard of
the Oneida tribe? They’re right
in Green Bay. – They smell good,
and it tastes good. – Mmmm.
I want more now. – I thank you all for cooking it. [Music]