– Ahh hah. Ah- I did it! Ha ha ha. Ha! (bright, jazzy music) – Eyes closed! (gasps) Dig in! – Yum! – No. No. (giggles) Strawberry! – Tastes kind of sugary. – E.T. phone home. (gulps) – Mahala g–
(fork thuds) (giggles) Mahala g–
(fork thuds) Mahala–
(fork thuds) Mahala– Mahala goo-ga. Mahala.
(fork thuds) – [Voiceover] (laughs) – Banana split. – Banana split for me.
– No no no no no. Me! – Okay, mommy? Please do not yell at
me if I do this, okay? – [Voiceover] Oh! (laughs) (giggles) – Mm-mmm! Yes! Ahh! – (Voiceover) (laughs) – Ahhh!
(giggles) Me! Mmm. – Now can I open my eyes? Looks like these are meatballs. – Is that yolk? – Hm! – (Voiceover) (laughs) – Kinda too sweet. – Uh-uh. Eh. Mm-mm. No! – Mm! That’s yummy! – The bottom is so sticky! (baklava crunches loudly) – Chips. (giggles) (baklava crunches loudly) – I can not, I can not, I can not. Baklava, Wabkuva,
Kavubakuv, ka– (giggles) – Baklava.
– Baklava. – He just threw his sandwich!
– Baklava. – Did you see that? – I wonder what it is. I never know when I close my eyes. – Hmm. (kashata thuds) – Coconut! (spits) This one? Still no. – I’m not good at juggling. Whoa. (giggles) Whoa! (laughs) – Ahh (sings nonsense words) I have two! I have balls! – (laughs) Nope. Uh-uh. Even if I want to. (giggles) – There’s more dishes, daddy? No more desserts? – Hi-ho! Hi-h– (laughs) Thanks for watching another Kids Try on our new HiHo channel. The kids are going to be doing a lot more than just trying food. We want to hear from you
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