today we’re gonna be swapping ice creams between Korean ice creams and American ice creams everything is something fun because I’m an honest stack it’s mostly on a stick or it’s in a thick plastic package that you can open up it just screws I’m coming with an open mind and an empty stomach I feel like your iTunes gonna be great but America like we got it online it’s amazing it’s an America it’s a classic it’s orange vanilla this one’s called marijuana okay marijuana it’s a melon flavor very simple rectangular cubic shape this is also a very classic one but it’s still like really really cool to the music mmm always like on the tops a lot more softer than it’s possible I think I feel like mine [Music] hmm oh this is good or something inside vanilla I feel just the bottom okay I like that outside texture is kind of like icy and the inside is a cream let’s bomb I really write I love this it’s soft its delicate it reminds me before all the hoeing began innocence it’s very like vaguely Melanie it’s delicious it’s creamy it’s not like brittle like if it’s just water-based like I think there’s maybe some dairy in this it’s really delicious I can’t tie both amazing I’m actually very Korean biased but I really like this one fast and Swiss America oh it’s not too sugary so delicate sorry it’s like a pasta at me guys at me I don’t know what to say Korean one it’s called Peggy Bop literal translation is pig bar I have no idea why it’s called pig bar is it bacon this has nothing to do with pink it’s basically strawberry filling with vanilla ice cream covered with chocolate from this is strawberry shortcake carboy Shortcake cream on top tell me the name of your true love this is the one I want you to spit all this it’s the truest ice cream bar of all time this crumbles on the outside it’s like very like vanilla strawberry flavor they look like good brothers yeah they’re long-lost brothers [Music] cereal I love club I don’t know if it really tastes like strawberries or a shortcake or a cake but it definitely tastes pink and I know pink there’s jelly on the middle list which is kind of confusing right I like rope I like this too he’s green fancy this really fancy this tastes like something you would serve at a restaurant I’d like this one off they’re gonna go slightly different version but it’s like a chocolate bar with strawberry filling throw a little bite I need to decide okay so not saying that one tastes all natural but this is very artificial to speak great this I think maybe because it’s artificial it all sort of like melts in your mouth as one flavor we’re wearing this you’re getting like different textures so I don’t know you know what I’m gonna go with the pink this one yeah since because my favorite color I can’t decide so I can still like this one too I think you think it’s best it like is so pretty it’s very good Mr Graham Yeah right about to say that that’s the thing that put it over the edge I think they’re both really good I don’t know but I feel I mean yeah I don’t think of it a tie I have the shoe American classic the God of all ice cream is the ones that’s greater than anyone that’s ever existed an Ice Cream Sandwich is it really literally the coal ice cream sandwich there’s more like branding that the format is the name Simon code is as you can see it’s like guppy shaped yeah kind of like a cold fish yeah we’re gonna say it looks like a goldfish and it has a little tasting kind of I know I almost don’t want to bite into it I took a soft version of coing okay so my biggest question is like what is the deal with red beans it’s it’s so popular in Korean desserts yeah me personally I’m not a big fan of red beans most of my finger friends kind of freaked out when I said like oh do you want like ice cream but there’s red beans inside into that one oh it’s so soft a little while so good oh man take my money oh yeah yeah have you been into the red pina more it’s actually inside Oh so you might have to take a second pipe and you don’t have to ask me twice O’Hara football mhm here we’ve got a little bean and then have a little bean okay it’s good yeah the bean flavor is very mild and it’s like plots up kind of like cinnamon a uh-huh I like that the sandwich part not to incite but I scream pepper the sandwich part kind of reminds me of the chocolate graham crackers I have a little bit of saw here but not in that not in a bad way this one I like it she’s young she’s fresh she’s ready for the world she just got her master’s and like cultural art or something she’s about to make the six digits yeah she’s not to make this such digit cuz she just got married and she’s in the stock yeah I love it she talks she’s in it I I like this better nice and –which yeah I think I would choose that over at this even though flavor-wise it’s it’s very different I can yeah I can’t pick on flavor but this wins on pure give me yeah convenience and size you could double your money exactly Wow [Music] what’s up yeah we are presented by topical this is actually my favorite it’s creamy chocolate flavored ice cream which is in a plastic container I thought so no mess whatsoever I have seen some crazy in my time at BuzzFeed I’m so intrigued by this right now do you ever have a I see of the kid oh it’s it’s like bad bigger it’s a lot thicker and mhm mhm yeah she’s thick we got the peanut chocolate shell you have the vanilla ice cream you have the waffle cone you have I think there’s like fudge sauce filling and then at the bottom you’ve got like frozen chocolate at the bottom oh there’s like five different layers you’ve got to get there it’s the whole ice cream I’m sold and right there as you can see there’s a little plastic handle and then you pop that I’ll pop that and then you pull it oh my boom boom and then you drink and then you and then you eat it well not really drink it right oh well scrub mm-hmm look like chocolate the hard part is you have to rub it or twist it or bite into it to melt it I just hope they don’t run this into a gif I would bite into the shell on the top okay yeah hmm oh yeah that’s really good ice cream would be so satisfyingly messy like if your ice cream isn’t all over your hands and face did you really eat ice cream you did some great peanuts I’m not gonna lie it’s good I really like the combination of the nuts and the chocolate mmm almost reminds me of sneakers mmm you know yeah that’s like Snickers like twin sister oh yeah you know I could see that I like this I mean that’s good but this is yeah poppy cool kind of takes the cake I think so actually like this it’s like I’m gonna choose that one yes but this is a close second do drumstick only because I think I electron steak it’s gonna merican yeah first of all this isn’t the original jazz bar or sushi bar so original joe’s bar looks like blue shark with deck yeah a little popsicle stick inside of it and when you bite into it it’s a pink inside and it’s orange a strawberry flavor it’s like blood no it’s like the inside of the mouth basically this is the newer version more safer to eat version in America we have great white pops okay go to somewhere but it’s a lemon pop it looks like a shark but it’s a lemon pop and it’s white like a great white shark now this is red white and blue true America this is a bomb pop this is like such an American thing and once again now I know it doesn’t look like it’s gonna create a mess these things are messy but to live for driver you get it all over your face if you’re a little kid it’s like you would think the red and the blue would mix together to create a purple it’s like a dark grey purple and it just gets all over your face on your tongue and it’s super sticky incredibly I’m not supposed to fight this one yeah it’s more like a licking thing okay just so by the look of it just looks like a dice you know yeah I never know what white flavor is an ice cream oh my that I don’t know what it is find out oh the red part tastes like cherry but very artificial flavor but I can see how it’s very American like when you look at it it’s very you know well the artificial part is American to accept lemonade ish I thought like America yeah I don’t know what Buddha’s like that face the blue it tastes like just blue ice cream maybe they just like got tired yeah they put all the effort it was like you know what guys it’s the bottom part it doesn’t have a distinct flavor mm-hmm like I know it says orange and strawberry it just tastes kind of like frozen tropical and all of this I think it’s perfect packaging yeah like the last a long time I think it’s really really sweet but like not too sweet cuz I’m like I’m not a sugar queen yeah that’s a classic but you don’t get messy with this they both taste artificial though kind of like fun and like interactive that’s why I like it I’m team jealous Ulysses going longer I like it it’s very lemony though it is light – like it’s basically just water and sugar I think yeah gosh am i hypocritical I just rep for America and I’m really enjoying you know sometimes in life you know you have to yeah you guys try something new if you like it you have to go for it now I liked a lot of both like the premier I don’t think there were any bad ones whatever creating college there is their major for ice cream packaging and design is the best of the best and the Americans are playing catch-up and it’s embarrassing joy’s it seems like you’ve enjoyed a lot of Korean ice cream I think Koreans really have the sugar game down yeah like Koreans just really have the flavor palate the it’s just really good and like I think American sweet though delicious though bomb don’t at me but we can work yeah can’t wait to go to Korea yeah you know I got stuff all you are choice T fever dream leave your dream [Music]