Namaste and welcome back to grow with the Janne family. We got our food ready because we’re always hungry when we do Indian food So Jayden grabbed a sandwich and IG grabbed a bagel not Indian Street food watch it was Food but some snacks for us while we watch this delicious food It’s called rare Indian desert foods cooking underground Rajasthan style So we have seen Rajasthan raid. It looks beautiful and Wonderful is to go see which I think our list now is too big for us We have to come for a long time to visit all those lovely least a year. I’m doing Enjoy the food. And you guys always ask where’s Jaden and Jaden doesn’t we don’t tend to think he would like this So we’re gonna try one with Jaden because he eats cheese Kind of Indian boy doesn’t eat rice rice is good. I mean you can’t not right. Yeah, no one loves No steals food from Daddy. So no one likes it spicy Jaden Jaden’s like mama. I was a picky eater as a kid and Plain Jane But I’ve I do not I have come out of my shell and I love me some Indian food not like plain That’s why I’m not good Yeah, yeah angie was not feeling well last couple days and she hates that she has to eat just plain bread Jane toasts just a banana just very plain pinto Lightly. Yeah, she keeps trying to sneak other side like stop it till your tummy gets better You can’t eat whatever you want, but they want she yeah, this is stuff for a favor Lee took Hannah to the Indian shop We still have to put that video together yeah, it was yummy some yummy goodness that we tried there and Yeah, Angie likes to try the good stuff. So Before we chat too much about the lovely food that we love to eat. Let’s watch some the ground Rajasthani food. Yeah ready Jay It’s kinda like pancakes. Let’s see if it’s pancakes ready This is a moment of truth, is it good? My first foodie mission into India brought me to two of its most massive cities Delhi and Mumbai this city is holistic Now I’m back with a special focus on northwestern India starting our journey in the semi-arid deserts of Rajasthan every home But this kind of food I’m here for food. I’m talking old style desert cooking in the ground now. They’re gonna cover it on top Wow Ajith and Uday are leading the way they’re the driving force behind overlander India with the mission of demystifying Raja stands many gems including certain complex foods Civilization and things are gonna get spicy. Wow, that is so much spice, but don’t worry I’m leaving some room for dessert the ceremony’s known as the emulsify which literally translated into English means opium ceremony Desert cooking Rajasthani style Before any feasting can begin Ajit has invited me to be part of a welcoming ceremony with some locals welcome to the village sir That’s a welcome. Tikka for you Oh a Welcome tikka. What is the significance of this wherever you are being welcomed into somebody’s home. You’re welcome like this Wow Sometimes you would garland somebody but that’s if it was a bigger occasion like if you were coming to attend the wedding or something This is in that way given occasion Thank you very much we’re inside a mud with the village head who’s about to offer his version of a welcome drink This gentleman is mr. Padam party and nice to meet you. Thank you so much for having us We are here actually to witness a very old ceremony the ceremony is known as the emulsify which literally translated into English means opium ceremony in The West you would open a bottle of champagne over here This type of ceremony traditionally uses real opium, but since opium is now illegal in India We’ll just use molasses and pretend it’s opium. All right Hello gentlemen, what do we have here? It’s for the opium ceremony what is being poured in there? Basically one part OPM three parts molasses then mixed with water and then it’s going to be filtered So now he’s going to offer it to the gods since I’m not wearing a turban with my left hand I would cover my head with my hand with my right hand if the ring finger I would offer some to the gods as well And then I would consume it directly from his hand. I watch how you doing here okay ring finger to The cards. Yes. Should I do it in the same way? Yes, absolutely I so he pours it onto his hand covering my head with my left hand And then slow it’s over yes The flavor is like a little bit of aspirin that’s been diluted in water It’s a bit bitter. It feels like one puff of a cigarette. Are we done here then? Yeah, we are pretty much done How do I say thank you err to say. Thank you and Yvonne Yvonne Thank you very much Now that I’m all buzzed up on molasses we’re driving to the middle of the desert to the Overlander campground today We’re sampling some old traditional Rajasthani recipes recipes that Caleb Delivered completely on flavor ajit we have had our Molasses. Yes, no one else is on the menu for today So what we are going to do today is cook lamb in a very different way We are going to cook what’s known as a cut in lamb The cooking is going to be done under ground gonna be these can yes. Whoa, these are just like the trees This is cattle grazing land so you can see cattle. You’ll see camel’s Back to the cut during war the soldiers will use this method of cooking underground. They left no trace of it What’s all right you’ll be making another lamb which is known as juggling lamb. It’s made with five ingredients in the West It’s like five that seems normal in India. That’s like there’s nothing that I don’t think If you got stranded somewhere anywhere you were you would have these five ingredients available, all right. Well, here we are I guess your team is gonna get to digging Yes I need some guidance today. Amen are you doing? We’re making a hole it’s two foot by two foot and then two feet deep Yes, we’re gonna fill the bottom with coal and put the leg of lamb and cover the hole with mud again And we’ll wait for that to us. Oh, it takes two hours. It’s kind of a slow cooker From here the hole will be dug off-camera Once the whole is done Buddha walks me through how to perfectly spice our land right here. We have the leg of lamb We’re ready to prepare this. These are the spices that everybody knows cinnamon cardamom black pepper cloves coriander turmeric, I mean It looks like ground coffee all these spices combined create the guam masala, which is right here Fragrant aromatic came very fresh take a pinch. Yeah Yeah a little hot so if you taste the marinade it’s very very sharp, but the end result is very much After scoring the lamb this baby is going to get an avalanche of seasoning and it starts simply with some garlic and the basic marinade Spices which is gonna be mixed in heat and we put it on so we start with chilies coriander powder Which is a kitchen term, this is a kitchen term Oh Smile, isn’t it? It’s not sharp at all pretty intense to me. It’s intense, but it’s not hot hot All right, we’ve got banana lead tin foil these and then perhaps the most interesting part of this to me I’m actually surrounding the whole life with all these roti visibility’s no tea also act as a buffer It will not let your meat get burnt. Now. You’re gonna put on So much spice there’s as much seasoning as there is no time is it impossible to over season this you can over season it It’s always good to overdo it then under do it Once it’s soaked in masala. The lamb is encased with even more rotis banana leaves and tinfoil leaves This bundle is slid inside a damper lap sack protecting the lamb from burning Finally our lamb cooking apparatus requires a handle for easier retrieval. You’ll see what I mean soon. So what’s happening here? Just a little bit. The hole is now moist The hot embers coming in and then in with the meat wrapped in this soaked gunnysack, he’s got kind of a wire handle on here The embers are heating up that wet sack and now they’re gonna cover it on top, right? Wow the lamb bundle is topped off with even more embers and finally sand to lock in the heat with no Thermometer the only issue remaining is having no idea if it’s actually finished cooking While we wait ajit introduces today’s second main course, what’s our second course today? It’s called jungly meat jungly means wild crazy to book five key ingredients ghee Which is clarified butter red chillies whole and in powdered form coriander seeds garlic crushed as well as all and salt and of course then we have lamb we’re gonna start off by putting Once he has heated up a little bit. We’re just going to put everything else in together Oh Beautiful instantly frying up. We got the whole chilies in there chili powder. And what are you putting in now? About 45 minutes later Our jungle moss is ready served on a fresh warm chapati or Indian flatbread Spritz it with some lime and prepared to have your breath take it away All right, I’m gonna scoop up nice piece of meat super hot and just soak up some of those amazing spices Cheers. Oh, Nice to die for so simple, but so delicious rich incredible heat It feels really complete for just being a handful of ingredients in there. This is gonna be joining our meal with the cod lamb We’re gonna wait just a little bit for that. Take it up. I’ll take that About two hours has now passed the lamb cut is finished or just maybe finished who day seems to think the lamb is at least probably How do you know if it’s done I don’t know we’re just trying to dig it up and see how it looks huh Yeah. All right. So we’re removing all these hot embers you’re gonna use to pick to get around this loop of a handle Yeah, I mean, it’s pretty amazing Everything, okay. Okay good All right, perfect. Well, no wonder we need the wire on there it would suck to get out Otherwise, we can see the bottom here. It’s not even burnt all the way through the gunnysack, but hopefully it’s cooked all the way through When a removes the wire burlap sack and leaves leaving us now with just the moment of truth Do I have an ending for this video? The winds are roaring. The gods are praising us for our great efforts This is the moment of truth. Never good I Need an ending to this video. Alright, so he’s cutting off some of this meat. I’m seeing little bits of it. Yeah Oh my thank you. Who’s the god of? I’m gonna have some with you. I love the old leg. Yeah, pick it up Cheers. Yes Mmm, all right. Oh, it’s stunning. That is so delicious. It’s nice It’s very tender just a ton of spices working together, but it is nothing shopping it you’re right You know not overpowering so you can see here. The roti is just caked in spices the outside They’re still kind of drying and almost like it has a little crispy edge to it the insides of little soggy Soaking up all the spices. I want you to enjoy it with me I mean, I did dig the hole but you did everything else and also I didn’t take the He’s like are you done I think when one what was that last one in focus no, no. No. Yeah. I don’t think I Don’t think anybody behind care Feeling a little full I mean bad for the others we set out an entire spread to legendary Rajasthani dishes Delicious food. I’ve tried not only in India But anywhere what should people know about Rajasthani food understanding food is so diverse every home has their own recipe But this kind of food not too many people know about how would you read this? Simple food is some of the best food I’ve ever had. But to me it’s not simple at all It’s taking a handful of ingredients and really elevating the food the most important spice amazing It’s not on any flavor and yet it is just melting in the mouth and the meat is just falling off the bone Mouth pleasure at least have the happiness in my life comes from mouth pleasure Thank you so much for this experience, I mean desert cooking. Yeah, this is how you do it I didn’t know what to expect but you’ve outdone yourself Hey, Dude Thank you to Overlander for this custom tour, but they do amazing tours here in Rajasthan. Thank you so much Thank you for being here before you guys this video was made possible by one trip Vietnam one trip is the highest rated So was not not expecting this Well, yeah Jaden’s I was expecting a few different foods not just two different dishes I was expecting more things But I was also not expecting literally under the ground I was thinking like I don’t know like street food. You couldn’t find anywhere unless you went to like a special place I don’t know I was thinking like some kind of like timing or like cave that was underground like but not like literally like digging something up right like it’s like Something like that but like that my mind Amir in like a weird place Yeah, you wouldn’t think you’d find like kind of like street food. I guess I was expecting What were you expecting I was expecting it to be under it like like new by the wall and stuff In a cave mean Underground like that kind of underground. Yeah, I was I don’t know. It’s not what I expected at all But um, it looked good We don’t eat lamb But no the way they put the spices and did it with the seasoning and then we kicked it around the chapatis I mean the rotis that I thought was pretty amazing. Yeah that it kind of like absorbed it and then it wouldn’t burn And you didn’t know if it was The part is digging it up and hitting the hole and then digging it up and it wasn’t waiting to our redo that Then you’d have to put it back in the hole redo it and cover it back up and wait some more You can tell Jin’s reaction Will have to do a differ food that a variety of stuff in it Look at I mean just have to be like red. Yeah didn’t didn’t likes bananas mangoes Yeah bread he doesn’t eat your bodies he doesn’t eat rice He loves his shoes Do anything literally little krishna if you haven’t seen we’ve done some little krishna videos. He’s like little krishna, but he Don’t know if you’d eat a whole butter jar, he eats a lot of cheese definitely right he loves his milk So yeah, but yeah This definitely was an interesting twist is not expecting. But if we ate lamb I guess would be delicious Yeah. Yeah, I mean it looked like it was cooked. Well fell off the bone it was seasoned nicely It was wrapped in chapatis. I like that little salad thing. That was like onions But I guess I was expecting a you know Like a bunch of different things the the drink at the beginning to was quite interesting. That’s something I Telling you it doesn’t eat anything but we do so this is like digging underground they talked about because of In the army, that’s how they kind of cooked him. That way. Nobody knew they were cooking There was no like smokestack that would let set off. You know there. There’s the Indian Army there they are they’re over there I get that that’s amazing and I wouldn’t have never even thought of that In my family now, I grew up in the big city in Los Angeles But my family lives in a small little town in, Connecticut And every year they do a pig roast and it’s a huge deal Everybody from around the town all the friends all my cousins and their friends and their friends friends Everybody brings something to eat, too But my cousin they do the pig roast and it literally is a big pig nose Everything still is so on yet and they have it and a big thing and they rotate it. They do not put like he said Five seasonings is like a small dish in India you usually put more seasoning on than that this doesn’t have all that like salt pepper maybe and maybe a couple little Seasons but it very plain like I feel like when we click me from here and stuff here The American Way is definitely more like bland. No not as many spices or even seasoning I feel like and so on this stuff That’s how I have taken. I Like stuff with seasoning if it’s usually not with seasoning. I mean, I’ll eat it, but it won’t be my favorite I guess maybe it’s because I kind of reminds me of being sick Maybe you don’t like the plains – I know I know and you like stuff, but it can be Seasoned well and not be spicy. Yeah, enjoy spicy and hotness Depends on how hot and how spicy I can tolerate some that a lot of time Yeah, I mean then I have to get like you don’t We know yogurt. Yeah Nice mango lassis is a US But That’s kind of what I would do. I would still eat it Even if it’s like really spicy because I want to eat it like you like time right I do Because you sometimes make these curries that are like really spicy Not intentionally not intentionally, but like they have good flavors in them. And I really like them So I’ll just keep putting yogurt and rice and drinking milk enough We know some of the tricks to keep it to not make your mouth on fire Jaden obviously won’t eat any of it. But anyway, I hope you guys like this video and Don’t forget to subscribe. We’ll do some other food videos with Jamie And someday you’ll understand that yep enjoying the wonderful growing Jan family and we’ll see you all tomorrow I