Hola I’m Gustavo Arellano with L.A. Times food and we’re at Le Mirage Pastry in Anaheim, drinking some Turkish coffee, eating baklava and talking to Maher Nakhal. He’s the owner of Le Mirage Pastry and he makes some of the best ice cream in Southern California. This stretchy, sweet, gorgeous construction called bouza. Bouza is the oldest ice cream in the world. When I opened my store in 2005, I’m thinking of that time to open the bouza. I want to bring the culture Syrian and Damascus culture to United States. Damascus is now in war, people suffering moving, leaving. That’s the only way we can show. That’s what we can do show. I want to see people impressed — what’s this ice cream? Okay let’s go see you do some bouza and let’s taste some. Ready! We boil the meal. We’ve prepare the sugar, prepare the sahlab. Sahlab is coming from the herb. We get it from the desert. Makes it the sticky. The pistachio, I got it from Turkey. We call it bouza pistachio — very green. This is the bouza that’s already
prepared. OK. Already cooked and prepared. Now you’re going to put it… this is ice cold right now. It’s like a big barrel, super cold. So how did he learn how to do this? Oh, it’s a big story in Damascus. It’s easy to know I was in Syria, I was a kid. The machine is coming from Damascus,
the only way they do it from there. So you think this is a workout right now? You haven’t seen the full workout yet. You don’t have to go to the gym. This is just the beginning. It is. Yeah. We scrape it in the bottom. So now you’re scraping the bottom? Now I leave it like for 10 minutes. It have to be dry. What is it called in Arabic? What is it gonna do? We call it the “cacca” the pusher the hammer. The hammer, yeah. Again I’m going to flip it over. This is ice cream. Wow, that’s ice cream. That’s
amazing. That’s the bouza. I love how it has a whole layer of pistachio that’s embedded in there. Catch of the day. But even more pistachios, wow. More pistachio, cover the white
stuff. What does that extra layer do at this point? Okay. Make it layered, when I roll it, it makes it layered. Pistachio white, pistachio white. OK. Make it very good round. It has to be tight. As tight as tight as possible, yeah I’m seeing it. You’re really rolling
it in. Exactly. This is just remarkable. You see all the different layers of pistachios. Some people they can’t go to Syria. I said ok, we have it here why you gonna go to
Syria. When they eat ice creams here they think they are at home. And you finally brought the bouza here to the United States in 2018 just last year. Exactly. That’s you know my dream to open it, to show where this is coming from ice cream. What is that? Thank you so much, Maher. I really appreciate it. Thank you. This is Gustavo Arellano for L.A.
Times Food. Come here La Mirage pastry in Little Arabia in Anaheim. Get the bouza. This is very heavy. Oh my god. Give this to Cody Bellinger, he could hit even more home runs. 15 pounds.